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21 Dec 2012 13:42:30
sheffield wednesday looking at keith watson of dundee. a good right back.

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Why did he buy Keiran Lee - just because he had some money in his pocket ?

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Why get at right back when we av buxton, whos been our best player all seadon, and we ve got lee who has looked good whenever ive seen him

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We already have two good right backs although we have hardly seen Lee play but a friend of mine who is an Oldham fans was raving about him last season and said he was the outstanding player in their squad so why do we need another right back. The right back position is not a priority.

What is an urgent priority is quality in midfield; we have been weak in midfield for since Chris Brunt and Glenn Whelan left. Everybody says we need strikers but if the strikers we have, got better service from midfield they would score more goals, although a quality striker would be a great asset.

But good teams attack as a team and defend as team, we don't and that is down to the coaching.

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Spot on post .
Midfield is the area we need to concentrate on a couple of experienced players in there and I think we wouldn't struggle so much.
Hopefully Gray can improve the coaching side, not had one since TB left !

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Lee is the best rb in the championship! but dj fails to realise this :(

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Hurray some one who speaks common sence

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Lee is not the best right back in the championship at all joe mattock and jermaine johnsson are much better

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The last poster HAS to be Dave Jones ..... hes the ONLY one that thinks that !

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I think he was joking mate.

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How come we keep looking at righ backs and we always decide Buxton is better any road.

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I was joking too mate

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Good stuff. :)

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21 Dec 2012 10:49:18
Jones says Rodri could be sent home early, he has struggled to come to terms with the style of play and has not settled in Sheffield. Hope he does the same with Hemroyd because he has just struggled to turn up.

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Another Cantona moment for the Owls?
.... remember when Francis said he wasn't going to sign Eric cos he hadn't seen him play on grass !!
Rodri will probably set the world alight at another English club in next 18months !

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Not surprising - must have noticed a change from playing with Barcelona. Barca would not match Jones' exacting standards ! Failure to adjust !!

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Barca C team would promote better football than DJ.
If I was Rodri I wold want out ASAP.

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It doesn't really add up does it. I don't feel he's been given a fair chance at all and I'd back Barca's judgement against DJ any day. I'll bet the guy can't wait to get out.

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I don't why people moan about Bothroyd, if you had chance to get 20000 a week for doing nothing you would take it

He has been consistently rubbish week in week out, he gets his wages, goes home in his Range Rover and laughs his socks off

The REAL Culprit in this absolute joke is Dave "Arrogant" Jones, he brought him in, yet chooses to let Rodri go home.

I tell you this even with MM's backing and support in the January transfer market, even with Stuart Gray it will all end in tears and disappointment.

Please find a buyer Milan who wants to bring success to Sheffield Wednesday and not just a profit like you do!

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Hear , hear !
We should all be extremely grateful for MM saving us , but what is important now is our future and that will obviously be with a new owner.
Even MM would be honest and say that future won't be with him.
It cant be for obvious reasons !
Because of that we will only be treading water with minimal investment until he can find a buyer !

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Absolutely spot on mate. MM's owned several clubs in England and left every one of them with a bad taste in his mouth. Pompey went to the dogs financially and Leicester only improved when new owners came in. He's only had a grip of us for 5 minutes, let's see what people's take on him is when he's owned us for a couple of years.... We'll be wishing it had been someone else that rescued us last year. We need someone with a view, a target and buzzing with ambition. An owner that wouldn't stand for the damage that the current manager as done since his arrival and would pack his bags and out him personally. An owner that's a leader with morals who respects the job and knows what the fans want and is he'll bent on delivering success.

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Yes because we had investors queuing up to save us from extinction didn't we. I haven't forgotten how desperate we were then even if others seem to have.

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Yes MM saved us big time, but u know as I do that know our fans are fickle. But the persons that promote the negative vibes just keep going on.
I just hope MM does not acknowledge these donkeys and helps to to save our club, as he has done before.
Lets move on, preferably with out the clowns that linger on.

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Its the first time I've ever left a post like this but being one of the donkeys/clowns I object to what is said in the post above. Its not a case of being fickle. No matter how much we owe to an owner who came in and began the process of turning our great club around, its just not realistic to expect loyal fans to sit idly by and see the performances emerge as they have in the first half of the season and say nothing. If I was inclined to be abusive with my comments that inclination would be slanted more towards to those who follow that owner with blind and unquestioning faith. MM may have started to turn our club round but you can't be happy with the way things have gone and are going. Stuart Gray's influence and skill is going to have to be considerable if the second half of the season isn't to mirror the first half and we go back down to League 1 passing our City's other club as they come up. At the end of the day lets remember MM is a businessman and this club is part of his overall business; that's it. His eyes don't have blue and white veils in front of them like ours. And after that, which makes me feel better, a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year to all my fellow posters: here's to the best Christmas present we could have, eight Gray inspired points out of twelve from Charlton, Bolton, Burnley and Huddersfield: I'm not greedy, no, really I'm not.

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Well said last poster, nobody is beyond criticism,no not even MM !
I am eternally grateful but I am not stupid.
When I am paying good money out I want value for money, in so far as I expect our club to be doing the best that it can. That might well mean we lose more than we win but if it's the very best we can do then so be it.
But like it or not , the truth is that having bought the club, MM is now doing the LEAST he can get away with until such time as he sells .
If you want to blindly follow that simply because MM performed the rescue carry on. But there will come a time when ALL FANS will have to look forward NOT back , I've reached that time now, the rest will very soon !

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The clown/fickle poster is the same guy who keeps posting about "negative vibes" ?
Does he not watch performances and results?
They're not vibes ! They are real unfortunately, AND they are really , really NEGATIVE!!
If the chairman was positive, and the manager was putting out a team that looked like we could progress at some point, then the fans could feel positive !
The mood is set by those in power not the fans who turn up and pay their hard earned ! As such they're entitled to be angry if they wish - and that is not fickle !

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Thankfully being angry isn't the key skill required to run a football club though many fans probably think it should be. MM is certainly not beyond criticism because he saved the club and fans have a right to express their frustration at the current situation but the poster who suggested that after 2 years of MM we'll be wishing that someone else had saved us is conveniently forgetting that no one else was vaguely interested in saving us.

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Just keep wingeing on here. It should sort out all of our problems.

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If somebody had said to me before we went into administration...
"MM will save the club and we will be promoted this season. However, we may not do so well in the championship next season".
I would have definitely welcomed him with open arms.
I'm also sure that you experts would have also.

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Well I said 8 out of 12 so that's three down, five to go. It was a bit tongue in cheek. Seems there might be grounds for optimism as a result of Gray's arrival. Now was that really the Gray factor or not, what do you think.

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Every club needs a decent coach & perhaps we got one again now? At least we had some shape to team!
Certainly 1st half looked better , nerves showed a bit last 20mins but natural where we are.
Hopefully those other 5pts+ over hols and a couple of quality intros will settle nerves.
Only cloud on horizon is Bothcrap nearly fit ! Hope thats fit to travel .... Back to QPR ?

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Agree about shape buts whats bugged me all game is if Gray can come in and in TWO DAYS see whats needed and make a difference .... How good is Dave Jones really ?

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Well said re Gray's two day effect if that's what its down to; seems hugely coincidental if it wasn't. But lets not knock it. Does make you wonder though don't it!

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Define: Supporter
A person who approves of and encourages someone or something (typically a public figure, a movement or party, or a policy).
A person who is actively interested in and wishes success for a particular sports team.

Define: Supporter
Somebody who constantly complains about everything with regards to the team that they support and quickly forgets how the chairman used his own money to save the club.
The person is also associated with knowing exactly how to run a football club, how to select the chairman, the manager and the team.

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That dictionary of yours is brilliant , it sounds just like me !
Where did you get it from I want one for Xmas ?
Smile - we just won again !

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A supporter is somebody who wants the team they do support to do well.
When they pay their money they are entitled to an opinion.
Whether that opinion is the same as yours or whether you agree with it or not is as irrelevant as your "definitions" !

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Replying to the above post

Supporter. The club's lifeblood who pay to see the team play week in week out, whose money goes to paying the wages at the club of all players and staff

Also known as the punters who just need to keep paying and have no opinion

No Supporters No Club. Fact

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Yes, I am extremely happy about today's results, Reda being back and McCabe being selected.

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No club, no supporters. Fact.

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There is a reason why MM is in the position he is in and you experts are not.

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Opportunity you mean !

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MM is an expert but us who have watched football week in and week out for 30-40 years don't know anything?
We might not all be master tacticians but we know football.

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Don't think so. Goes a bit deeper that that.

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I am fairly certain MM did not waste any time complaining and trying to show his football and business knowledge on forums, resulting in him being head hunted for his management prowess.

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Hey I am not implying that you nothing about football despite how long you have watched the Owls. But, I am implying that you know nothing about running a football club. I am also implying that to call for MM to move on is not in our clubs interest.

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Ooo that tea lady is crap. Lets replace her cos she is rubbish.
The Bovril is pants, lets get rid of the Bovril man, he is rubbish.
Hey I am just supporting my team.
Hey, I just PUT THE CAPS ON, end of.

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When do you go back to school ?

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