Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive December 21 2011


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21 Dec 2011 21:03:10
A little piggy told me earlier that on BBC radio Sheffield had announced that Ben Marshall was going back to Stoke in January is there any truth in this or was he telling porkies.

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Lies nothing has been decided yet

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Seth Benett did say he'd spoken to someone with conections to Stoke and they had said they wanted to take a look at Ben in Jan to see how he'd progressed, so we have to see what happens.

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I Hope so ha ha ha ha season over scum bag

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21 Dec 2011 13:20:18
Vital Wednesday site just reported Danny Bahtt signed for rest of season _ great news , now for Ben Marshall

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21 Dec 2011 06:21:02
Marshall set to finalise deal with former owl now boss of Leicester in £1.3m but good news is the owls are expected to snap up Roberts from Huddersfield in a £500k deal as he is In last yr of contact a top replacement for Marshall!
JJ has bust of with megson which can confirm he's out along with Morrison.
Beevers will be sold to Doncaster town .

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Nothing on Leicester's rumour site about Marshall.

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Doncaster town ? at least get team name right mate and marshall has a good chance of staying i think

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Rumour around swfc is that marshell is looking for house in sheffield?

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