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21 Aug 2013 21:16:23
Liam Palmer needs to start in cm on Saturday with semedo or prutton. He gives his all every time he pulls on a Wednesday shirt and he had a decent game playing out of position Saturday

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Certainly gives hs all but distriution was poor on Saturday, thought Maguire passed ball better than other midfield players

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Coke played better than him against l**ds

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Not good enough at this level! I'd give mccabe a bash with coke and prutton, antonio ont right, helan on left and only because there is no one better nuhiu up front! We are lacking a quality yaya toure type midfielder and a goalscorer, prob won't happen but Billy sharpe would be perfect, as for the cm, I haven't got a clue and fear we may have to make do with what we've got, but I'm sorry liam palmer ain't the answer and he certainly for me ain't better than mccabe, prutton or coke

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Mm saved the club, and for that we should all be eternally grateful. But he has played his hand now, like a previous poster mentioned, SWFC is not loosing 5m a year its just minus 5m on paper, so mm can have a reason not to invest in the club further untill he has a formal bid at a satisfactory level that makes him his money. Its not going to be mm who fronts the dosh to fight for a playoff spot. he's just confident we will stay up and he's happy with that. but its not really a good idea to come out and say ' hey fans, yeah actually I'm just looking to make around 10mill out this and that means I don't want to spend any extra money whatsoever untill I manage to get a buyer so yeah. think of it as a game.

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Pity he's still about 2 seasons away from being any good? and some one feed him for flowers sake! he gets knocked of the ball when the other teams player just looks at him?

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I think Helan is an absolute shocking
Player and don't know why we signed him. I think the midfield is poor and reckon McCabe should be playing alongside prutton. I also think players such as maghoma, jj, coke and zayette aren't good enough at this level.

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Are there any of our players that you rate?

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Helan looked half decent in his first loan spell but has been very poor since, I wouldn't have bought him. I know mm wants to sell, so doesn't want to waste his cash but at his rate we could get relegated then his investment will be down the toilet. except small periods of the QPR gme our performances this season have been shocking so far, can't pass or retain possession and our movement is non existent that's why were creating no chances. very worrying

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22 Aug 2013 16:46:12
Your name's not meldrew by any chance

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Why unearth does everyone think prutton should be in our side, we had the chance to offload him in the summer and didn't for what ever reason, players like him are the reason no one is coming in. He's too old, slow, passing is terrible, his tackling isn't much better either. He is worst centre midfielder of a bad bunch.

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Yaya toure type midfielder haha, you really think that affordable or achievable for us, he's one in a million, can literally do everything a cm should perfectly, I rate McCabe and in sure hell be a quality player

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None of you have a clue. If I'm not mistaken palmer put a lovely cross in to set up a goal can't remember which game this season and I rarely see him play a bad pass. Helan is the signing of the season for us, he's fast strong and gives his all as does palmer. McCabe really needs to play more whenever he starts he makes some kind of influence. Maghoma is up to this level he's not done anything special yet but he had an injury preseason and hasn't played much yet give him chance to settle. Prutton just watches as the game passes him by and coke is average league 1 player at best. Madine needs to realise he gets paid to play football and jj has about 3-4 good games a season. Anybody who follows home and away must be able to see this

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Good post m8 an I agree with everythin but the helan comment. Not done much this season yet. Looked really good at times last season but can be clumsy when runnin with the ball. Very ungainly

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Signing of the season, he's about as good as Mohammed sidibe. Helan can't pass, can't link up with play, can't tackle, and 1 of the worsted touchers I've ever seen. As for Liam palmer used to rate him in league 1 and did well for tramere but he's league 1 at best.

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Palmer is an awful player who pulls out of every challenge.

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After four games, you think palmer isn't up to championship quality, even though he's played in different positions in those games and he has an assist already, you should be a scout mate

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Are there any that are championship quality, doubt it

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21 Aug 2013 15:24:18
another 6'2 striker linked to swfc

montenegrin striker 32 years old

uto xxx

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Would'nt be surprised - that is the way DJ wants to play. No wonder he is not overfussed about midfield creativity.

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Andrija Delibašić - that's the man we r linked with - talk sport - not wrong about 6, 2ft 32 year understand he scored 7 goals in last 2 season with rayo vallenco? spelt wrong most likely. doesn't seem his our man to score goals! especially if him and nuhui play upfront together

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6 ft 2 isn't exactly a signal were going to be playing route one, he's not a giant

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Rob staton has said wednesday aren't interested in him

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He has so far

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Look on owls news now and it says that we are in talks with him because he is searching for another club. Another reason we are after him is because he is free

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No chance, not big enough

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21 Aug 2013 05:19:28
No no no no no Jon stead in talks with Wednesday I've hered please don't be true. Not saying its true just what I here's in the casino last night

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He signed for Barnsley in the summer

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He signed for Huddersfield in the summer

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Funny that. Could have sworn I saw his name on the bench for Huddersfield at the weekend. Surely he can't be playing for both

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Please if you going to make stuff up make it believable! He only signed for Huddersfield last month! You can't move twice in 1 window

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No, he signed for Huddersfield!

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I think Jon Stead is a good player but he doesn't score many. And yes he went to Hudders

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Yes signed for hudderfield on first of july

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Noticed that all the comedy links are ex Blades?

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