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21 Aug 2012 21:42:54
Top top top of the league!

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Never felt more like singing the blues the Wednesday win united dont !!!

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Great result - we do seem to be leaking a few goals though but DJ will sort that out and what te heck as long as we keep scoring more than they do uto at last a team to be proud of owls rule

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Jj man of the match last night & sat

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21 Aug 2012 21:08:17
Rodri for player of the season?!

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Can see COG bein player of season but if JJ is consistent will b his

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I can see its way past your bedtime !

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Slow down, he's only played 1 game and u think he's the next messi

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Player of the season after 60 mins ?
Keep calm and carry on

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Something tells me cog is on his way out. DJ has had to play him due to his form but the first sign of a dip in form and hell be out the team and probably on his way. He won't keep Madine out and the other strikers are all DJ's buys - Maguire, Rodri + whoever else is brought in. Expect that's why cog is playing out of his skin. Playing for his Wednesday career.

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Very good point mate.

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Agreed, feel for COG because he works hard for his shirt but I don't think he can sustain the momentum of goals long term in this league. Who will DJ go for up front though, COG is an asset for holding the ball up and his strength, do we go for another player like him but a better finisher or a quick striker as we also lack a bit of pace up front. JJ was so quick last night the strikers couldn't keep up with him, Antonio now slouch either!

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Think that is true about Cog, his close control is not what DJ wants, his price will have gone up on displays this year. Something has raised his game a notch since last year and what I like about DJ is he is prepared to modify view when a player does well. Takes a brave man to buy 2 full backs and play those who were in side last year. Madine clearly prefered up front last year but team this year shows no one can take place for granted.
Beevers also had best game in 3 years, so somebody is doing something positive.

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I hope not! I was a big fan of COG last season and he looks very sharp so far!

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If we sign another striker Madine will go he does not fit into DJs plans at all COG will get more game time than him at this level

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21 Aug 2012 17:18:54
leon barnett in sheff wed free trans from norwich

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Owls winning 2-0 rodri scored waaay uto

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21 Aug 2012 15:36:52
Apparently us and charlton are after n'guessan winger from millwall source sky sports pete twitter

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Is he any good?

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Ye he scored 4 in 7 apps for charlton while on loan last season

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Looks like he's going to charlton tho, soure

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Think he is league 1 type does not seem to fit mould of other players signed recently.

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N.guessan not good enough even when he was at Lincoln there fans thought he was overated then leicester and now millwall all couldnt wait to get shut.We are looking at better quality than him.

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21 Aug 2012 15:11:45
n'guessan in for the owls?

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Not for me, I would be surprised if we bought him.

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Im guessan we wont sign him

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Nice joke >>

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21 Aug 2012 15:02:36
wednesday interested in danny n'guesson from millwall source sky sports news

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21 Aug 2012 14:27:31
Danny Baath could be returning to Hillsborough as Stale Solkannen continues to reduce the size of his squad.

Time to come back to the Massive Danny...whether on loan or on a perm deal.

UTO - The Massive March On !!

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Adam Hammill would be a good purchase aswell.

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I find it amazing that anybody would still think that Danny Batth and Hammill are anywhere near the standard of player DJ is signing or looking to sign to take the club forward.
If you watched Batth last season you would have seen his good work for us - but you should also have seen his limitations . And that was Lge1.
Great job for us last year but he will never be any better than a regular Champs player, same for Hammill.
Just ask yourself why they're available?

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On this logic, Antonio was a poor signing then as Reading didn't even play him in the Championship. Wolves have a large squad of ex prem players, so some of these could do a job elsewhere at Championship level. Both players mentioned are young enough to improve, as is Antonio for instance.

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To the person that said Danny batth had limitations in league 1. I've never read anything as stupid. Danny was quality last year for us. Ched rapist Evans was a premier league pedigree and when they came to our patch last year he was in Dannys pocket. So keep your ignorant STUPID comments to yourself

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Also said he did a good job for us, is that stupid as well? I'm not slagging him off .
All players have strengths and weaknesses, and I judge on what I see week in week out.
Two obvious limitations that Danny has are a lack of pace , and he's very slow to turn, so he's vulnerable when players run at him. Not such a big problem in Lge1, as he didn't come up against many pacy fwds, but as he moves up the leagues he'll come up against better quality fwds and they will find him out.
If he's as good as some fans seem to think he is ask yourself why he hasn't found a place in Wolves team or queues forming to sign him?

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DJ just said on RS that Batth is NOT the type of player he is interested in. Batth will not be coming to S6

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Jones said Tonight on radio Sheffield it would be not be something they would be looking to do

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To the person sayin Danny batth has no pace. He may not have much pace but if your old enough to remember. Sol campbell at arsenal? No better defender and he had no pace. Where is john Terry's pace but he's top level and has been for years now

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Danny Batth wets the bed when faced with pacy forwards

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Agree Terry not the quickest but he could pull a pint & two birds while waiting for Danny to catch up !

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Batth put rhodes in his pocket at there place and is the perfect partner for llera ! one left the other right ! and id say we will definatly sign him now djs put the smokescreen up ! he did the same with antonio and rodri !

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To everyone slagging off Danny Batth I'd rather have a Centre Back partnership of Batth and Leira because we've conceded 2 goals in each of our first 3 games and all 6 goals was down to poor defending.

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You don't need pace as a centre half, just be able to read the game and control the back line.

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Batth decent bloke and played well last season, this does not automatically mean you play well at a higher level. Those who have watched football for years realise this. Some respondents on here seem blinded by a few games at L1 level. Jones has clarified sitution re Batth which will hopefully stop some making fools of themselves on here. Antonio wass great success in L1, finding it a bit more of a struggle in Championship those wh asvocated paying a million for him need to take note. Antonio is young enough to improve and has scope to do so.

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90%of all goals scored are down to poor defending at any level

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Again - after Saturday. Batth looks to be a stronger right side central defender than either Gardner (early days but fear he will be injury prone and poor concentration), Beevers or Lewis B whenever he's been asked to slot in. I'd have him on loan this week - he isn't the quickest but can be relied upon.

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21 Aug 2012 11:27:51
Spoke to my mate who works for The FA in SOHO and hes herd rumours this morning that we are working on a swap deal of Madine for Rhodes + £2.5M - think i would be happy with that - has anyone else heard anything on this ?

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Hes wanted in the prem doubt this has any shred of truth

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Ring your mate back straight away and tell him the FA moved out of Soho 2yrs ago and he should check if he's still getting paid ??

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How would your mate in soho no that Wednesday are trying to swap Madine for Rhodes? Yeah the FA would have to find out about the deal at somestage but surley negosiations would be between us and uddersfield to start with.
Arnt the 6 week holidays over yet, will be much better on here when you kids are back at school.

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I have heard this 2 but this will not happen !!

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According to your "mate" we are also signing sol campbell from tottenham for 1.5million plus nigel worthington

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And where has 2.5m come from?

Please dont say MM cos theres no way hes splashing that sort of cash right now

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Also heard that messi wants to follow his best mate rodri to sheffied wenesday see if your mate knows about that

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I dont know where the money would come from but might be interesting keeping an eye open for more news

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That's why he's agreed terms with fulham 5.5 mil with 2 mil had on source ssn so stop talking crap

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I knew this comment would get me slated but this is the guy who told me in April that RVP was nailed on for Man Utd - so we will wait and see and it is a "rumour" page after all

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Maybe we do have some money to spend from 16,000+ season tickets and increased TV money

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Why would Huddersfield swap a player rated at 7 million for one rated at 100k
I dont believe you have any mates never mind one who works for the FA

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FA headquarters moved to wembley two years ago...clears this rumour up as rubbish

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Even if we did offer that (which I don't believe) Rhodes would opt for the premier

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The only way we would have had a chance of getting Rhodes is if Huddersfield hadn't got promoted and if he hadn't had a great season in front of goal like he did. If he had had an average season then he wouldn't be attracting premiership interest and playing for a large club like ourselves and where his dad works would probably have got him interested. Can see him staying at Huddersfield till january then seeing where they are and moving to a premiership club then if there not doing so well

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"Why would Huddersfield swap a player rated at 7 million for one rated at 100k
I dont believe you have any mates never mind one who works for the FA"

I know this deal is absolute bull but Madine is definitely rated at more than 100k, where have you plucked that figure from? Couldn't tell you the money we paid for him but i'm inclined to believe its around 6 times your valuation and hes only increased in value since joining us.

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I dont believe what I'm seeing here - owls slating owls - this is a rumours page THEY ARE ONLY RUMOURS let people have thier say thats what this is all about. WE hold S6 traditions NOT S2 WE are THE WEDNESDAY and we are all entitled to our opinions and rumours heard (however stupid) stick together WE ARE THE MASSIVE

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I believe we only paid 125k for Madine he was in the last year of his contract,His value has increased by a massive amount.I dont think for 1 minute we would get Rhodes but I do think if a good offer for Madine comes in they will take it I have stated on here before I dont think DJ rates him.

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700k was paid for Madine rising to 1.1 million on appearances etc. This is fact.

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FACT he had scored 13 goals in 4 years at Carlisle if you think we paid 700K plus add ons and we argued all summer about Antonios fee must be on something.I still think we will sell him he is not good enough for this league and I think DJ does not rate him

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We paid 700K raising to 1.1m?? Haha! have a day off son. Where on Earth did we find that sort of cash when Madine signed?? Madine was signed during the Jan window when Irvine was in charge! This was when we were on the brink of administration! We paid around 100k for Madine and it was Alan Irvines best decision in his time with us

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You may rate him at more than 100k but no manager with any sense does
League 1 at best

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1 million for Madine, thats the funniest thing I've ever seen on here and theres been some beauties

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