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20 May 2013 21:07:17
good news Jermaine Johnson agree new 1 year contract

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This is good news? 5 or 6 good games a season ever since we signed him. "oh he, s always likely to do somethin special" is another sayin. Well i, m sorry but doesn, t do it often enough. People are so easily pleased nowadays. Perhaps i, ve bin spoilt by some real players i, ve seen at s6. mik

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How you know this, it states this nowhwere? uto xxx

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Jj won games by himself towards the end of last season and if he's that bad then why did dj play him half fit against Middlesbrough, be stupid to let him go as he's chipped in with enough good performances

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I agree JJ played much better towards the end of the season when his contract was up for renewal funny that isn't it

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If we didn't have JJ we'd have got relegated, face it

much better than some mediocre performer who never does anything (Kieran Lee)

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How can anyone talk bad about jj. he scares the opposition into not committing too many forward and he always provides a goal threat even when we're not playing well. either that first comment on this rumour came from a pig or it came from one of those fans who sit at the back of the stand criticising every move and never getting behind the lads! uto! JJ p. s bleeds blue and white

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he is a top player for us

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He is a good player when his contract is at stake, he's not hungry enough, not consistant enough and his end product tends to be lacking most of the time

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Jj is vastly overrated lmo. Like the last poster says, he plays well evry year when his contract is up. Yes he can be on fire a few times a season. Watch him carefully an you, ll see, when he, s playin crap he starts limpin
. Gets taken off an then out for a few wks. If he was that great he wouldn, t be playin for us. Evry team he s played for saw thru him

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Jj saved wednesday near the end of the season if we could just get at least half a season from him with that sort of performance and scoring the way he did I would be happy

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JJ isn't overrated he is just inconsistent, starts the season good and finishes good in the middle don't think he was even on the bench. JJ has played over 200 games for use, there was no speculation that he wasn't going to sign a new contract, plus he is 32

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20 May 2013 17:19:34
Sheffield Wednesday are due to complete 2 signings from Leeds this Summer.

Preparing 6 figure fees for both Danny Pugh and David Norris.

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20 May 2013 17:28:18
yeh and the pig found in kennwynne jones locker had a sheff u top on lol uto x

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Danny Pugh has nothing to offer! He has no positional sense and is a liability. If we sign him we can forget about a mid- table finish and we will again be battling for survival. Surely DJ has a better quality of player in mind.

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Paddy madden coming to sheffield wednesday tis summer for 450,000!

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David norris is crap

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Our resident Leeds fan still lurking. Six figure fees be lucky to get 50,000 for pair.

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Danny Pugh is a right donkey I don't want him to ever wear a Wednesday shirt again. It would be a shame If we did sign him!

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Why would yeovil sell madden now their promoted?

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He had positional sense enough to be on the line to save about 5 goals this year what games have you been watching?

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20 May 2013 13:38:28
Chris o Grady wants to sign for Barnsley 200'000 mentioned think Wednesday should get 400,000 at least?

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Don't think we should sell him he's proved he can cut it at this level with us and Barnsley why let him go to sign someone like Howard. Lita and cog would be a great strike force

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If DJ let's cog go and keeps Steve Howard he wants his head looking at nothing against howard

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He wants to go, so we should let him.

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Sometimes players just fit in better at certain clubs.
COGBA was very average with us.

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Make barnsley pay the going rate they got a million from cup run so their fans are spouting off.

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Going rate is a 200-300 k

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The reality is COG is not a glamorous player but he can be effective in the right formation against certain teams. To be fair to him he has scored goals with limited opportunities in championship with us and he is a trier. Not the solution to our light strike force but I think he is worth keeping

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Cog is a good player I think we should keep him

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20 May 2013 13:32:44
just seen rory mcardle at hillsborough maybe some thing in it

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Funny how you sometimes see people near where they live.

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He a Wednesday fan and lives near by so that why you see him at hillsborough

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We used to have him at the academy and got rid of him so doubt it

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Actually he is from brinsworth smashing bloke, and an owl

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He is and he was at a presentation for Brinsworth Whitehill the other Saturday. I asked him if he wanted to come and play Sunday morning footy for me and I even offered to pay his subs and buy him some beer :-)

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