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20 May 2012 23:02:04
Owls plan to swoop for Freed bolton player Ivan Klasnic. Boltons top scorer freed to cut wage bill and Wednesday plan to bring him to Hillsbrough! Very good move if we can make it happen. UTO

Source mirror football

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Would be a very very good signing to go alongside Madine. But will his wage demands be too much for our budget??

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Didnt believe it but just read it for my self. dont think it will happen though , im sure other clubs will be interested. probably liecster city

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We will see how much business we mean if we do pull it off. Long shot but i hope we can do it. Its nice to be talking about good players . UTO

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Come on wednesday fans wheres your beleif in ourselfs we get better att than most if not all championship clubs why cant we sign big named players? This city is ours

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This is true now its been made public that were interested, leicester will be on it like a tramp on chips

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Not if but when the mighty blades win at Wembely were goin to sign Antonio, holt & o'grady!

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It was his agent who forwarded his name to Owls, we responded but his initial wage demands unrealistic for 32yro so doubt will be a deal.

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Mighty blades! .you wont be buying anyone of note still trying to reduce your MASSIVE debt. You,ll be scratching about for cheap league 2 players.

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Mighty?? a combination of teenagers and has bins i do believe. i'd be more worried about sheffield club

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Yes mighty!! When we go up & up we will, watch out pigs cos were coming for o'grady & Antonio, well Antonio we will get from reading cos Danny boy is in talks already!

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Take o'grady hes s**t

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Antonio loves us ya muppet ya thing hed gu to a tin pot club that carnt even fill your ground but you can have ogrady i will even give him a piggy back ride to pig sty

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Yet another pig on ere, shows how much transfer gossip they have they going on. wouldn't be surprised if sales of the mighty owls shirts go up by around 36,000 when they all convert sour piggies (0v0)

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Loads of people saying I hope the blades get promoted and join us in the championship, well not me I hope they rot in league 1 and get they away days they deserve! UTO FTB

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Game on if we pull this off.

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O'Grady is off to Barnsley, and even if Blades step in think he will be better off with Dingles.

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Good luck to o'grady, as he wasn't the best but his work ethics are fantastic. He also scored in both matches against the Blunts.

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20 May 2012 19:50:52
DJ has ensured that a gk, cb, a creative midfielder to compliment semedo, and a proven championship goalscorer will be signed sooner rather than later to strengthen up the spine of the team, also other areas will be improved. Also players will be moved on. Possible targets could be loovens, joel ward, tom heaton who is thought to be the next announced signing, clayton, laird, burke, and a possible shock move for out of favour sylvan evanks blake. Kieran lee deal already done and aberdeen have officially made an offer for mark reynolds in the region of 200k. I would personally lOve to see these players at hillsborough. UTMO!!

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Getting pretty sick of all these cardiff players getting mensioned , someone tell this muppet to shut up with his B.S

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Just a rehashed list of gossip, think Ward and Heaton only ones with a ring of truth.

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It's a rumours website - hence people post rumours on it, doh! Can't believe how many Harry Opposites come on here to slag off their fellow fans.

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20 May 2012 19:49:58
West Brom set to complete the signing of Chris Burke from Birmingham for an estimated 700k. Also Liam Palmer set to go on loan to newly promoted Shrewsbury in league 1. Finally, Dave Jones is alleged to be about to tempt Derby with a 350k bid for 19 year old centre half Mark O'Brien.

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Is this a made up rumour ?

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Chris Burke has been linked with West Brom puts improved form down to Chris Hughton and he is tipped to be next West Brom boss.
Palmer not heard this one.
We have watched Derby and this kid got positive mention but know nothing more.

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I live in derby and watched derby play a couple of time and the young centre half played for them while they had Shaun barker out injured and I can report that he is steady and composed on the ball would be a very good addition to the white wizards

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20 May 2012 18:46:21
keep bywater for net buy new rb lb and get a cb if we dont get batth and keep llera rm if not get antonio cm to replace lines keep semedo new lm and 2 new strikers

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Why new lb n rb? if for cover, yes. Buxton and johnson are two of best wing backs at hills in a long while.

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You don't know what your on about mate! I'm a Wednesday fan but RB is Buxton, and that new lad Kieran lee, LB reda! We may need a new CB if we don't get batth

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Yes i do and dont say ive probly never been to a match because ive had a season ticket every year since i was 6 and i live 1 hour away

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We need cover for Reda if Bennett goes. I know he's under contract still but he switches off and was at fault for some goals last season, and is injury prone. Also Beevers isn't good enough at left back. Buxton was brilliant throughout the season, very dependable. And Reda was a revelation at left back. UTO!!!

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20 May 2012 14:00:20
Just read this from ipswich star:
JOEL Ward will this weekend finally decide where he will play his football next season with a potential SIX Championship clubs battling for his signature.

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The Ipswich Star can reveal that one of Paul Jewell's top targets has been left hugely impressed with both the Town boss, who he met in March, and the coaching ability of Chris Hutchings as well as owner Marcus Evans who Ward's representatives spoke with this week.

But Ipswich face a huge battle to sign the versatile 22-year-old for a price of around £500,000 from relegated Portsmouth after he also met with the respective managers of divisional rivals Leeds United, Crystal Palace and Burnley.

And we understand Blackpool, who will tomorrow take on West Ham for a place in the Premier League, and newly-promoted Sheffield Wednesday could also make a late foray with the latter already flexing their financial muscle just two weeks after their return to the second tier.

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20 May 2012 12:59:23
McCormack wont be signing for us as wigan and west ham are after him for about £2.5million. He wants to test himself in the prem - source Sunday mirror. Heaton and Ward more likely targets.

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20 May 2012 10:45:10
Iv heard rumours that a number of clubs are after Miguel llera, jose semedo and gary madine. Dont think semedo will go because he loves the club,, but the other two???

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I smell pork

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Were not going to sell any of them! Go and write on your own roumor page!

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Load of cobblers.

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So over rated Semedo, don't mind if he goes.

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Semedo is overrated now is he, wow, the smell of bacon is overpowering

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That is deffo a oinker

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You have to feel sorry for fans, even when they make up rubbish about the Owls they can never make it convincing. Our players will attract interest though I doubt any will go anywhere. United's team which we keep getting told is full of 'Championship' players (in what way their wages? fact they once played there?) couldn't sell any of them!

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Agree so much! Just because other teams are interested doesn't mean their going anywhere...

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Trigger must be bored, enjoys disagreeing with any comment and now started pushing rubbish. Please note we are admirers of Maguire and if we can not do a deal with Wolves we will come knocking which ever league you are in. Apparently he is keen to join us as realises it is a step up.

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Wouldnt want maguire anyway !!!!!! SLOW!

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20 May 2012 08:24:43
Do not know much about him but a meeting has been arranged with Joel Ward and advisors early next week.

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He's a decent player.

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20 May 2012 06:51:10
Antonio, wittingham, simoen Jackson, Kieron Lee, chr Burke, Joel ward, mecheda will sign in next couple of weeks some of these are done deals an they are not my wish list but DJ so u got a problem support another team or support wats happening here UTO!

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What do you mean some of them are not on your wish list!? You dont chose,who comes in anyway.

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Yeah prob see mecheda at wednesday as he has been out with injury and fergurson likes the wednesday crowds we get here so why not? He sent eagles last time.

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Like I said on your previous post "what a load of rubbish" you've even added different names this time make your mind up,or did you dream these names as well as the others
35 years an owl pal,anyway keep dreaming.

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