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20 Mar 2012 23:16:45
Fowler offered contract! Sammon or scannel on loan b4 thursday! O'grady to dingles

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What a load of cr*p.

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Scannel started and scored the winner against the dingles

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Didnt Rodellaga pick up a knee injury that kept him out at the weekend? So doubt theyed let a striker leave if he's out for any length of time!

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20 Mar 2012 22:52:42
To the non-believer here you are,now grow a pair and apologise.

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Shut up mupp*t lol UTO

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20 Mar 2012 17:10:46
Wednesday to bring in Connor Sammon(striker)from Wigan till end of season look like ogrady will be off then, jones ant even give him a chance keep ogrady I say!!!

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Yeah seen it on that sportsmole sight, is it nailed on.

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He has not played for over 12 months and a striker from a team who can not buy a goal seems wrong. Not sure if there is a link anywhere but would be surprised if we brought him in. {Ed001's Note - try checking up, Sammon has played in 17 Premier League games, 1 FA Cup and 1 League Cup match this season.}

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20 Mar 2012 14:26:05
Chris O'grady attracting interest from teams before Thursdays deadline,looking at him are bournemouth & Barnsley.

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Wish the disgruntled piggy fans accross the road at the farm would stay on there own site then post garbage and nonesense on ours, i mean whats the point? UTO

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Please don't accuse me of being a blade(there's nothing worse lol)I'm a owls fan of 38 yrs,you don't have to believe me but watch this space.

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Some people talk rubbish where have you heard this from i wish people would just put tihngs that are true o'grady i am not going anywhere i will be at wednesday thursday

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Try sky sports web site then,is the guy still wrong then?

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It's on sky sports website. I have been told by a good source at the club that three players are coming in and two players moving out, the players coming in are championship standard for a big push by milan to secure promotion

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Dave jones to be given a large transfer budget in the summer for a big push to secure premiership football for this top 10 major club

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If o'grady goes out on loan
hope jones has somebody coming in.

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I wouldnt mind clinton going but i dont think ogrady will go, lets see, forward the link then so i can open it and view ogrady going or linked to dingles etc

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To the fool kicking off try reading Sky Sports Website. Bet you feel an person now dont you. Your giving Wednesday a bad name showing us up!

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What do you mean by championship standard, either they are in or not,
your source has told you three players coming in but he or she can't tell you there names.

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Any names yet of who might be coming in??

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Put the link on here then?

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Conor sammon from wigan and sean scannell.

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Sheffield Wednesday are a giant of a club doing research on them in 109 seasons Wednesday have spent 66 seasons in top flight league champiuons four times both of which were back to back. 'This City is Ours'

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Plus maybe fowler.

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Would be chuffed to bits if those pair come in but lets wait and see......

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Don't want Fowler... Too old and over weight.. Keep O'Grady instead.

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I would be very suprised if o'grady moved on.
yes he has sat on the bench for a few games but he still has a big part to play.

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Fowler is non starter, Jones has said as much. Scannel is likely, Sammon has not played for 12 months which has to be a worry, not sure where this name came from. {Ed001's Note - he has played regularly this season! Mostly off the bench but he has made 17 Prem appearances, what are you on about???}

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20 Mar 2012 22:58:04
here you go. O'Grady attracting interest:

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Dont think i like the idea of O'Grady going good as sub to bring on a big physical centre forward - but i think it only comes into prospective when we know who might come in as replacement

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20 Mar 2012 12:20:25
Wednesday are considering a loan move for Villa striker Nathan Delfouneso.

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Hes at leicester!more lies

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Same person that said steven gillespie was coming, i smell bacon.

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Next thing Messi be on his way.. Jokers

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I hate all this ...I smell bacon stuff's arrogant ...get a life sados

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You know nothing he went back to aston villa

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20 Mar 2012 11:15:40
James Beattie has been linked with Hayes and Yeading

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Whats this got to do with the owls

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Whats the reliable source for this latest rumour? UTO

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James Beattie has been linked to Hillsborough Girls Hockey club too, but they're only wanting atheletes that can run more than 20 yards without exhaustion.

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