Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive June 20 2013


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20 Jun 2013 22:45:25
New signing verbally agreed terms this afternoon, will be officially announced before next Thursday. Believed to be a striker.

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If true hope its someone like lita or simeon jackson

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For a few weeks clear message has been it will be towards end of next week before announcements made. Two or three of signings have been more orless tied up fo 3 weeks. Then they will come thick and fast over next week.

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Al believe when I see who we bring in, bet you another disspointing set of signings with no prospect but retirement etc uto xx

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Apparently heard it could be this dominique malonga

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20 Jun 2013 21:19:57
Danny Pugh fee agreed. In talks with player, wages seem to be stumbling block - he was on 12k at L****

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Doubt we would buy pugh

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Oh damn
what a waste of money

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£600,000 wages a year is there any wonder football is in trouble, how long would it take the average fan to earn that.

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I wouldn't pay a fee for Pugh. squad player at best

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Leeds prepared to cancel contract no fee necessary, heard he was on daft money.

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20 Jun 2013 14:02:22
David fox is signing on season long loan from norwich, lines being forced out of the club but nobody in the division below wanting to pay his wages as it isn't affordable. Might be a possible loan move though. (FootballTransferGuru)

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He is the son of peter fox, ex owls keeper.

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This just sounds wrong, Lines was on loan at MK Dons lst season hardly high payers.

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Heard its Ruel Fox

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That info is wrong we are signing beckford on a 4 year deal not fox on a loan and lines will feature in the first team more often

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I doubt we'll give beckford a 4 yr deal. I also remember him snubbin us several yrs ago when he was in lower league

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That's rubbish. Beckford is signing a 2 year deal with an option of another year at the end. Wigan looking at Kirkland (again) so if this happens expect Wednesday to move for Brad Friedel on a 1 year deal.

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No chances off to Bolton

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Wigan released Kirkland!

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20 Jun 2013 12:33:26
Anthony Forde has signed - FACT

Swfc Twitter Mole

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Who is he?

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Cos a twitter mole says he's signed then it must be true :)

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Who said this?

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20 Jun 2013 09:15:46
Anthony forde is set to sign from wolves.

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I've seen a couple of lads on twitter who are usually right put this.

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22 Games sounds wonderful

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This lad is for development squad.

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Not for development squad. He's a good young player.

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F the development squad we need to focus on our main squad that will keep us in the championship this season coming, now ogrady is gone whos next antonio, let's ship out our goalscores I thinks! uto xxx

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Forde was hopeless at Scunthorpe last season when Wolves shipped him out. He his not first team material at this stage.

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Antonio and ogrady are massively different, we can progress after selling o'grady as he's not a striker who is going to score many goals as our defenders got similar amount of league goals for swfc, Antonio however is a young winger who dj works around, if we sell him this summer ill buy a season ticket at the bum ole lane

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