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20 Jun 2012 19:00:32
Gardner has finally signed now looking to finalise deals for Antonio Treacy Maquire and Ranger Batth could also return depending on what Wolves decide

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So many were slagging him off earlier he is the best thing since sliced bread

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Poor Sheff u lol look who there trying to sign how things change gardener coming to us cos we challenging 4 prem there challenging 4 drop lol

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Both sheffield clubs will be challenging for promotion kind of bitter dont you think(im not a owl or a blades fan)

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To the gentleman who accuses us of being "Fickle". No one has suggested that Gardner is the best thing since sliced bread and perhaps he himself should learn to distinguish between "slagging off" and the expression of legitimate concerns - which, by the way, still stand. We hope, as loyal Owls,of course, that Gardner does well for us.

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I hope that people realise that the SWFC fanbase is in fact a collective of individuals with differing opinions, not a single entity that changes its mind 400 times a minute

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20 Jun 2012 18:52:14
Gardener set to sign on Wednesday web

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I have heard he is always crocked.

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He's been fit for last two seasons, i think u need to do ur homework before u start posting rubbish on ere.

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Only what I have seen on another Site. He has a very Weak tendons which keeps giving up. This comes for a Palace site I was looking at.

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20 Jun 2012 18:01:05
gardener has signed finally... official SWFC website

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Its official now wednesday have announced it so why all the fuss over the last couple of weeks from fans .Just wait until the club make announcements and it will save a lot of emotions running into overdrive.DJ & MM conduct the clubs affairs in the correct way and all the speculations and people guessing whats happening will not alter the way they do things which I think is the first time in years we have conducted things as a club should be run,keep up the good work DJ & MM

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Well Well Well - even the mighty Slyspurts can jump the gun and get it wrong, patience my dear Owls fans and trust in DJ & MM

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Who pressed disagree on the post about he has signed for us its on the official sheffield wednesday website !

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20 Jun 2012 17:57:30
Sheffield Wednesday looking at danish player Danilo Arrieta who currently plays for Hobro.

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Winger who plays in Danish second division scored 38 goals in 44 games.
Don't know if he'd bee good enough for Championship?

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What makes u think this is true then ??

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Loving all these random players no one has ever heard of

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All players have to start somewhere

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Ye players do but usually they do something that gets them noticed never heard of him till i looked on this site

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38 in 44 that's 0.86 a game I would be delighted if a CF got that. but saying that it is Denmark so the standard is not that good.

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Anyone who gets 38 in 44 has to be decent, if if in the danish league

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20 Jun 2012 17:42:26
Bosman Striker Marlon Harewood is to train pre-season and possibly play the pre-season with Wednesday in Portugal with a view to impressing manager Dave Jones to earn a contract for the up and coming Championship season!! watch this space! Also McDonald has been at Hillsborough and is stalling on a deal at the minute!

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Hope we dont sign him he was good but he is 32 and hasnt done nothing for a couple of years

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Hope the above is rubbish, would not want either of them.

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Hardwood signed for Yeovil on tuesday

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Bit lukd Kirkland eh ...UTO

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20 Jun 2012 17:38:14
Chris maguire to sign in next 24 hours

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All people what have disagreed. watch by the end of the day he will have signed

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At last someone who doesn't post rubbish

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20 Jun 2012 17:37:08
Snippet. From what I hear, Kevin McDonald very nearly joined #swfc last week. Now stalled, for time being at least. -- Alan Biggs (@AlanBiggs1)

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This is true he did nearly sign but failed medical on his hamstring

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Mcdonald failed medical last week.very good source

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Why would we want the blunts cast offs

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He is just not up to Championship standard, got respect for DJ but would not want MacDonald.

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20 Jun 2012 16:57:50
I say we nick a couple of rangers players... could get some reyt bargains from them.

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Not bothered league 1 players at best north of border

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No need . we have just signed gardener .two year contract. news now

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So teams like Bury, Crewe and Stevenage could beat teams like Celtic, Aberdeen etc. I don't think so, yes SPL isn't the best league in the world but i'd say it's on a par with the Championship not league 1.

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Spl is very poor,, normally watch a game a week from it on bbc alba i think the channel is. only 2 half decent teams in it down to 1 if rangers dont get back in it looh at heffernan couldnt get a game in league 1 went up there and won a cup and scored plenty

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Get kyle lafferty instead of chris maguire?

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Your not telling me you wouldn't like to see sone aluko or stephen naismith in an owls shirt then?

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20 Jun 2012 14:41:03
Leister & Leeds are trying to sign Antonio, if we don't move fast we won't get him!

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My word....The Mighty 'Leister'...

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Leicester are always after players we have or after or get on loan, they may aswell be called sheffield leicester fc! uto

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Leicester (I assume) may be although I'm bound to ask why would they need him, they have numerous wingers. Warnocks shambles up the road? until theres a takeover where are they getting the money from? Mr Bates is not a big spender.

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This rumour smells of pork.

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So mighty they you cant even spell their name correctly!!

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20 Jun 2012 01:24:12
sheffield wednesday linked with luke varney

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Think we could do better, he's been in relegated teams the last 3 seasons another journeyman.

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Get him in he'd be fantastic for us again. Hope this is true

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Better thank what we've got, and would therefore add to the squad..good signing if true IMO

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If you look, wherever Varney's been, he's been brilliant for the first half dozen games and then he's tailed off into mediocrity. While he's looking for a contract he can be excellent but as soon as he gets one it's feet-up time.

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Who ever is on free we sign ...we have no ambition

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We have no ambition comment has come from Trigger or his mates, their grubby hands are all over our pages.

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"we have no ambition" OR, we are a very effectively run operation with a Chairman and Manager who will do the upmost to find bargains for the financial benefit of the club. Kirkland was on a free, do you honestly believe his signing is a sign of "no ambition"...?

Remember what a mess we have been in for 15+ years until MM stepped in and saved us from the brink of destruction, and stop moaning you clown....

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He was ok for us when we were a team on the down, now were a team on the up we can do a lot better

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19 Jun 2012 23:27:21
Since were not getting gardner no more... We are looking at darren odea, (antonio, treacy, maguire and jackson to sign in next 2 weeks)

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Have to disagree with this post. O'Dea not rated by DJ.

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Where have i heard this before..? uto

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