Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive July 20 2013


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20 Jul 2013 22:40:15
DJ wants to sign Kamil Zayatte. Needs to move players out first.

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Not sure how you can disagree with this post. He stated this in his radio interview after the Hull game.

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If his wages are that high that we need to move players out then I wouldn't bother. He was terrible at hull anyway

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Heard he done nothing special in the games he played

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20 Jul 2013 13:38:15
Heard a new signing will be revealed on Tuesday, most likely to be Leroy Lita. Sheffield Wednesday also interested in bringing Billy Sharp back to Sheffield.

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Agree with lita deal
sharp's a piggy and hate us
so not a pray
he's going reading/Forrest

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Billy sharp will never join us, he's said that in the past, get over it uto

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Anyone who knos who's scored v frock let? Uto xxx

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Lita yes, sharp no.

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Let's hope it is Lita!

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Kita defo but I think sharps a good player

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Billy going to reading because forest do not want him and we can't pay the wages he is on and lita is a sheffield wednesday player now but must wait
till team comes back home to be revealed

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Billy sharp doesn't hate Wednesday. He said he had a new found appreciation to owls fans when he got so many good wishes from us when his son died

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Although he's a pig, he's a very good goal scorer at this level, I for one would love him here.

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20 Jul 2013 12:14:54
looking for a loan deal for jamie o'hara from wolves, they need to reduce wage bill for L1 and therefore are willing to do a 50/50 split with swfc, this could also possibly include gary madine going the other way also on loan

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Not really 50/50 then is it?

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How the hell is that 50/50 then? If you're going to make rumors up then at least make the effort to think it through first before writing it on here.

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His wages would be split 50/50 and we get rid of a league one striker with a terrible attitude, sounds good to me

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I've heard this rumour too, think what the first person was saying it could either be a 50/50 split, or a swap with gary madine

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I do think he is the kind of midfielder we need, can run a game on his own, has been horribly inconsistent and injury prone the last couple of seasons, would be happy to get him, I doubt it will happen tho

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How is that reducing their wage bill then if they're still paying half his wage and Madines too!

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This would be a great signing I think. Creative centre mid is what we need, he makes chances, can score goals and works hard

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Jamie o'haras a great player I would be happy if we signed him

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Aint he a winger? We already have on our books. Why would we sacrifice a striker which is our weakest area for extra cover in the one area we really don't need to strengthen. Never going to happen, DJ is better than that

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O'hara is a centre midfielder, not a winger

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As a Wolves fan I can honestly tell you he is c**p. Him and Johnson along with there attitudes are the reason why we have been relegated 2 year on the trot. Wolves have actually said if clubs don't sign them then they will either see out there contracts or have them cancelled. for your sake you hope you don't sign this ar****le. He ha talent but I very low, injury prone, very idle and an ego bigger than the moon.

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I do not want o'hara, look at him, ego warrior, ruined wolves big time

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20 Jul 2013 08:42:57
dave jones has confirmed that he is interested in taking wikham back on loan, he may not feature in di canio's plans at Sunderland, I would be more than happy to have him back, if dj can motivate him and give him a run of games I reckon he could be a gem of a signing.

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Lita sign on tuesday and wikham will be sign loan in august

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One goal in six games for us last season against championship teams. Extremely over rated player.

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Doubt we will get Wickham while DiCanio is in charge. He has no love for us and won't want to help us out. Only chance we will get him is if we were the only ones interested and can't see that

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Obviously you didn't watch many games last year because from my perspective he looked a real threat most games

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Wickham didn't play much when he came to us on
Loan so 1 goals in 6 games isn't so bad

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Negs are out agiain he was a young egnland player but you think he's overated - well we must bow to your superior knowledge. With all this knowhow that you have maybe you should share it with us and tell us who we should sign on the budget we have, would love to hear more as I'm sure DJ would - can't wait for your answer UTO

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Wickham looked a real threat? (1 goal in 6 games)? One goal in six games isn't too bad? These are some of the above comments. If you are satisfied with that and want a striker that scores 1 goal every 6 games which works out at 7 goals per season then thank god your not managing our club.

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I would like to ask the poster who said that Madine has a terrible attitude a couple of simple questions for a simple poster. Have you ever spoken to Madine, do you know anything about him or are you just taking a cheap shot. I have spoken to Madine on a few occassions and he doesn’t have a terrible attitude in fact he has, in my opinion a very good attitude to his future, to football, to Sheffield Wednesday and to the kids he spends a lot of time talking to and encouraging. If you haven’t taken the trouble to speak to him don’t attribute comments that you can’t substantiate.

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Whoever doesn't rate wickham defiantly didn't go to to the games he played he's talented and you could see it in all the games he played for use uto

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How does madine have a great attitude? gets drunk all time? barred from every pub in sheffield? great attitude clearly

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As regards to the person who obviously knows nothing about football being a striker is not all about scoring goals it depends on how you play the game some strikers are there to cause problems in the box and lay it off to the other striker/midfeilders, that's why wickham was decent for us because he created chances and looked sharp he wasn't just like your average league 2 striker who just hits it every time they get the ball hoping they will score he had a footballing mind and was able to create chances for us and problems for the opponent!

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I don't care how talented he looked I care about if he can score goals or not. That's his job! 7 per season on average is dire.

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