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20 Jul 2012 22:20:02
Harry Grant signed first Professional Contract at SWFC. Ex-Swindon youth/Reserve player. I fully assume this will be a signing for the development squad. But hey-ho welcome to SWFC

If Dave Jones rates the lad, ah well in DJ we trust! UTO

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20 Jul 2012 22:19:54
Heard from a close source we are trying to sign roque santa cruz on loan, dont trust me on it just talk around the staff their

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I wish {Ed046's Note - Good player when fit which is not very often! Also very high wage!!}

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He wants to stay in the north west around either Bolton or Blackburn will have him, possibly Wigan, would love to see him at hillsborough tho

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20 Jul 2012 19:28:04
antonio bid will be 800k, and can i say we will be foolish not to pay it, thats a bargain price UTO!

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You can say that... Yes!

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How do you know it will be 800K

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It would be very foolish seen at Reading have stated they want 700k for him!

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20 Jul 2012 19:26:09
SWFC have given harry grant a 2 yr contract after a succesfull trail {Ed046's Note - Where have you seen this??

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Its on harry grant twitter

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Hes mainly for development squad but like all development players they,ll get chances in first team aswell.

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20 Jul 2012 17:37:23
One rumour is doing the rounds is Ricardo Fuller, would owls have to pay a transfer fee for him an what's the chances of signing Harry macguire is it a possibility?

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Maguire I've heard is off to Leicester

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20 Jul 2012 14:29:13
Bid for Antonio turned down

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Sounds to me like Reading saying 'Come and get him' - if its just price then this will get done.

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Does anyone know how much was offered?

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It doesn't say how much we originally offered but they are saying we will get him provided we give the right money they want for him. Hopefully both teams will come to an agreement

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Can imagine around 650k

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It was regarding the 350k bid

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It will be our first bid 350,000 their on about

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Check out Reading's talk forums! I know its just transfer gossip and rumours but the feeling is that they think Antonio will permanently leave Reading and join us! Antonio wants games and stability and he will get that with us. Cmon MM get this deal wrapped up!

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That was my understanding (that's how I read it... regarding the previous bid of 350K)

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Yes agree with above that would be the first offer of 350K - on Reading's twitter on Wednesday said the move to us was imminent and indicated that it would be completed in Portugal - they are willing to sell for right price we want him and he wants to come - have faith it will get sorted as Milan said he is giving it 100% to making it happen

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It looks like it's the first bid. It suggests they are getting impatient and are signalling to other clubs that he is available.We need to get our skates on! On the plus side though confirms that he wants out and they'll sell. Come on MM and PA get this deal done.

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Let's hope it was the Reading flight out and the Owls flight back...

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I remember last season missing out on ALF and a few other primary targets, Megson was getting the blame for having his own valuation of a player and instructing the club not to pay over this amount. It seems to me that this is clearly Bull - Aldridge is pulling the financial strings, and this fiasco is turning into a real Joke, pay the money that they are asking, it will get more people through the gates, I think its the one signing that almost every wednesday fans wants to see! I think that he will easily make the step up, easily!

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Typical Wednesday always waiting until its too late and then blame someone else.. Nowt ever changes! {Ed046's Note - There is no rush!!

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Maybe there are better out there f that sort of money. Isn't it this kind of chucking money about that gave us 10 years of hell. Please trust mm dj etc

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Its just chucking money about when you are signing a player that you know nothing about, we know all about Antonio - and if you think that you can better than him for 750k then you are sadly deluded. In my opinion Antonio is a better player than Marshall was, and Marshall went for over 1.2m .... go figure

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Typical WEDNESDAY.You must be joking they have been more active early pre season than I can ever remember we have probably signed more players than any other club in the division,Ok Antonio would be a great signing if he can play at this level a lot of money for him to bomb.I dont think he will but we are still buying potential remember he wasnt deemed good enough for Reading in the Championship, I d think he will sign and be a good player for us but dont expect the same impact as last year, this season will be a year of learning and development for him and a few more we have signed that we have signed for free and fees not as much as Antonio will eventually cost.Trust the Management

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Im pretty sure that antoinio will be as brilliant in the championship, especially now his confidence has grown during his time playing in the wednesday shirt.

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20 Jul 2012 13:21:30
Good friends with Darren Carters cousin, he says Darren has had a few meetings with Dave Jones, nothing on a deal as yet but maybe training in the next 2 weeks

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Could be true, I saw him at a petrol station near rother valley

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20 Jul 2012 09:39:00
Right... my mum heard that Karen from four doors down said to my auntie Sue that Dave from across the road from her's uncle has a cousin that has a friend that said that his nephew knew someone that had a boyfriend that played along side this lad at Greenhill that knew a bloke that had a sister and his sister's friend told her that her granddad had a nephew that overheard one guy telling another that he knew a guy that worked in a chippy that served the best cod in Yorkshire that said he saw somebody writing in a notepad, the note said that there was a man that had a younger brother that knew this girl that was having an affair with this other bloke's brother's girlfriend's cousin and the guy she was having an affair with said that it's common knowledge in Sheffield, including S2 that Wednesday are MASSIVE.

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Ok, I want that 20 seconds of my life back........I already know Wednesday are MASSIVE, without reading all that crap!

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You must have an exciting life mate

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This brightened my day up hahaha

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Wednesday are massive but your a saddo

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Not funny

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Boring! Get a life!

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Oh come on... it's a laugh. makes a change from the utter rubbish some people put on here.
Lighten up!!

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I bet you have worked on this for 2 months

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Haha actually not bad pal!

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20 Jul 2012 09:20:46
Owls supoosed to be interested in re-signing Richard Wood. source sheffield star. not for me . let him play in league 1 if he can get in coventrys side

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He is garbage - wanted out 2 years ago & couldn't wait to go , let him stew in div 1 along with the blunts

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Richard Wood's agent is Imre Varadi. Go figure.

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I reported way back in January that Wednesday wanted Richard wood back (on loan) so this doesn't surprise me at all
Ed is welcome to check this

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He didn't want us a couple of years ago so we dont want him now!

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Not for me either, he was alright, but scoring that own goal against the blades did it for me

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Dont want him, showed how much the club meant to him by the way he left. Especially as he made out he was going to sign new contract so we woldnt sell in close season just so he could pocket more from any deal

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It was the club owners that treated him badly they wanted him off the pay roll so offerd him rubbish contract plus stripping him of captian and replacing him with purse. Yeah id want out aswell!

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Don't rate him there's better out there.

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Just 2 minor points. If the offer was so bad why did he say in the summer he would sign only to decide(conveniently after the close of the transfer window) that it really wasn't acceptable after all. Secondly, they stripped him of the captaincy because he handed in a transfer request, I would say thats a pretty reasonable thing to do to be honest

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He didnt have much choice since the fall of ticket plus our debt at the time beevers to everton + wolves pulled out of deal meaning we had to force out woods and sell grant to sort books out. He was forced out. He made right decision.

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20 Jul 2012 08:49:17
Looks like we might be back in for Richard Wood as Coventry are cutting their wage bill. Source - Sheffield Star

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Simply not good enough now...was a time

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20 Jul 2012 08:10:14
Richard Woods agent has come out and rumoured him with a return to Wednesday!

1.He Left!
2.Only wants back in now we are going places
3.Average, Gardner, Llera both better!
4.Let him go nowhere at Coventry!

What would you lot reckon to a return? He was good once upon a time but, left us when times weren't so good! I personally think he betrayed Wendesday and don't want him back!

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No way. he handed in a transfer request and left us at a time when we really needed him. we also didn't receive his full market value because his contract was running down. we don't need him. we don't want him. good luck to you richard, i wish you the best, but we're heading in opposite directions now.

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I wouldnt take hime back he bailed out when the going got hard! which is the reason im happy we've sighne jj to another year contract! hes been with us through the good the bad and the ugly uto

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Footballer in: leaves club for more money shocker! wtf are you lot on? You'd do it. When Franny Jeffers was earning 10k a week, and you had Wood, on less than 5 it is no wonder he left. He was a quality player, there is no denying that. I'd have him back as a squad player.

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Completely agree with comment above, however I feel hes lost his way a bit and now isnt good enough, theres better player out there, and lots on free transfers

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What are you on?! Never want to see him a wednesday shirt again. Plus he simply is not good enough now. Theres plenty more better players out there than him

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20 Jul 2012 05:25:46
Working with a Stoke lad this morning he's just showed me yesterdays paper where it very clearly states SWFc are in talks with Ricardo fuller now is that possible if so will the owls be able to afford him since he's been a premiership player .

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Hope so but think wages are going to be a problem!

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Really cant see fuller coming to wednesday, s*** hot playerand would suit wednesday's style of football i reckon, but you can tell hes a player who wouldnt take a cut in wages

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Long ball wont work in the Championship though

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Agree with comment above, which draws me to the conclusion he should go to wednesday as they play good football, on the floor unlike the blunts

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