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20 Jan 2013 17:53:54
tv..steve Bruce confirms hull talkin to qpr about dj Campbell. Looks like we ain't going to get as some posters said...mik

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20 Jan 2013 20:32:20
We were never going to be able to get Campbell anyway

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Paterson of burnley coming to wednesday

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20 Jan 2013 22:59:38
just been told COG leaving us this week not sure where too

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Been told by who? your mates, cousins, dad?

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Told by whom?

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Linked with marlon king....

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Birmingham probley want 3-4 million for him and why should they sell there best player especially to a relegation rival?

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Would not go to watch us play if marlon king sign and I bet more would do the same

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Why can't we be greatful he's a goalscorer

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King also linked with us. But fans here feel the same as you about him.. I can't imagine Malky wanting him either.


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Marlon king would be on a free

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In December 2008, again in the Soho area, King was arrested on suspicion of punching a 20 year-old female university student in the face, causing a broken nose and split lip for which she was treated in hospital. He was later convicted of sexual assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and sentenced to 18 months in prison and placed on the Sex Offender Register for seven years. that why we should not sign him

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Dint he get done for speeding aswell and birmingham need to sell to lower wage bill

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20 Jan 2013 12:06:25
Huddersfield Town's Lee Novak to join on loan for the rest of the season with a view to a full deal in the summer..

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20 Jan 2013 13:18:19
Ive heard a strong rumour that wednesday are going to sign simeon jackson on loan for the rest of the season with a view to a permanent deal.this sounds realistic as norwich are after danny graham and gary hooper to help get them goals and need outs!

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Wolves apparently want him and that probably rules us out.

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Jacksons a better finisher than Novak but Novak works harder would love either player but can't see it with tight fisted mm at the helm if we could get both would make decent strike force but that's dream land stuff

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Would be a shockin signin

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Would it be as shocking as our current strikers Madine doesn't even look like he cares ogrady try's but is not good enough sidibes poor rodri is homesick and Antonio is a winger no striker so how would Novak be a shocking sighning

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Novak currently on loan to non-league side ? That good!
Does that answer your question?
Hardly makes him better than any of our current players does it?

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At the end of the day Huddersfield came up behind us so how come someone who can't get in there team we want to sign can't see it if i'm honest

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These are probably no better than what we have. One poster keeps on mentioning Jackson since preseason. He has been available all season been on trial at several clubs and no takers, think this says alot. Novak is a grafter but does not hit back of net regularly has struggled in Championship.
We will sign youngster from Premier laegue, and hope he settles and scores.

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Because he's not one of graysons favourites that's why he can't get in hudds team thought owls fans would know all bout favs remember bothroyd

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Novak isn't on loan at a non-league side plant pot, he came on at weekend... Also why would Huddersfield loan a striker to another relegation rival?

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Please explain exactly which clubs Jackson has been on trial at? What a load of garbage. He's played for Norwich in the Prem this season. Would be a great signing, although I reckon he might be the one that thy want 2.5 million for!

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^ Boothroyd had to be played if fit, loan deal with QPR stipulated this.

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Who told you that dave jones his self he was just a favourite

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Jackson, had talks trial with Palace, Burnley, Blackburn, Bolton, and Reading

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^ No but it was from club source, when we signed him thought it would not be a problem as was known to DJ and he was thought superior to what we had (check archive on here most said he would be great). Also allowed us to get him on lower wages, how else do you think we could have got him? When he left look what DJ said about him hardly ringing endorsemet and admittance had been way short of best.It makes common sense if you just forget the DJ anger bit.

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20 Jan 2013 10:50:31
Nile ranger signing until the end of the season on loan.

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Hope not, god help us

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He was on Newcastle bench yesterday and there running low on strikers. And I don't think he's the answer for us. He didn't score many in league 1 so imagine in the championship. We played really well yesterday and created so many chances we just need someone to finish them. I like the new attics were playing and if it works why not. Think defence and midfield have booked there ideas up. Just need a goalscorer! UTO

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20 Jan 2013 12:03:05
Hope not. Didn't do enough last season

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Better option than Sidibe.

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With this new style were playing I think the answer to scoring goals is already at our club RODRI this lad needs a run in the team he cauld get goals if he's given a good run in the team.

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I thought rodri had already gone back

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No he's still at the club mate should be given a chance I think this formation will bring the best out of him.

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20 Jan 2013 13:42:38
I saw him last saturday in dore but I think he will be going back.
I think he would be good in that position but I think he wants to go back because he's not enjoyed his time at the club.

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Rodri was still in Sheffield last week so?

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Thanks guys I can't understand why rodri has not been given his chance i'm with you on that one then

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Why not give him a chance, he might be frustrated enough to take it out on to pitch and score a few goals - problem solved? Without MM getting his wallet out!

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DJ needs to give Rodri the chance to show he can do a job for us he's not been given a fair chance since signing for us .

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Rodri is a quality finisher. Get him in this team Dave Jones he will get us goals.

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DJ thought Lee wasn't good enough till recently?
Coke and Prutton weren't even good enough to stay at club for first half season ?
Now they all in every week so don't think we should write Rodri off just yet!
Or Pecnic or Maguire for that matter?

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Rodri's been injured

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Rodri cauld be the answer without MM getting the wallet out This formation cauld suit Rodri's style.

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Rodri has been injured and he has also struggled to adapt to the climate and the physical side of English Football.

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Is he back in training after his injury?

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I think rob earnshaw may be the answer

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Both these players have quality just dj needs to give them the chance but would you change a side that has been playing well recently

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I don't understand why ogrady and rodri not playing more they both good player rodri not going to want to sign permanent if he won't play and ogrady should start to tire defence and finish and use jj as a impact player as we don't have a i'm pact player on benchand i'm sure ogrady will move aswell if he int playoing

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20 Jan 2013 16:59:42
Dudu Dahan, the agent of Shlomi Arbeitman says he's close to joining sheffield wednesday.

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Ranger a bloke that has scored 4 goals in 64 games my blind nan could do better and she has been dead 4 years

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I would not give Nile ranger a job as a ball boy as he would lose the ball.

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"nile ranger better option than sidebe" not exactly a glowing recommendation

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My grandad is better than Sidibe.

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