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20 Aug 2012 21:50:39
Big powerful midfielder Ross Barklay on loan from Everton, this lad has serious talent.

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Hope this is true, hes a star in the making

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Interesting that Barkley and Gueye both on subs bench tonight for Everton ... But no Vellios.... Hillsborough bound, injured or just coincidental?

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I was under the impression barkley was a forward

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He's attacking mid. Oh, and going to be The next big thing.

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Definately need a forward thinking centre mid create things make stuff happen

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20 Aug 2012 16:03:14
Beattie on loan. Maybe trial. Sky sports.

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Hope it is just an act of kindness,helping him to get fit for someone else

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Neither. Beattie just training. No chance of a deal what so ever. Just keeping him fit.

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Hope not cos he is total pants. Can't stand him.

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If this is just to keep him fit why not train with trotters surely makes more sense

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Swfc are going to sign Ross barkley from everton on a season long load deal the deal will be done before 31st of August watch this space


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How can he be on loan? He's a free agent tool

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That hurts. I made a mistake. Please don't call me a tool again. Beattie in COG out!

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Beattie and Koumas used as examples to young players if you do not look after themselves this is how you will end up.

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Don't believe you would say COG out after his start to the season

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COG out ?? are you mad he's been our best player this season

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Pork attack on here

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Must be a blunt

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Clearly a blunt has said COG out. how can you even fall for that?

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Beattie great. Get him fast! Great holding ball up and in the air,

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Yes ideal for a hoof ball team like the Blunts

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He would never get a game with the talent we got going forward

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Well done blunt u got the wednesday fans talkin about your reject player. If hes no good for u hes got no chance of even stepping on the sacred s6 turf

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20 Aug 2012 15:54:10
Beatie training with us . Source sky sports

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Surely you lot must be looking to sign him? Why would he not be training with us of it was just to get fit as he did before! He wasn't the same player when he came back to utd! Would be a bad signing for you IMO! You should hope its only training but really can't understand why he wouldn't be training with UTD if that's the case

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20 Aug 2012 15:21:48
James beattie is training with Sheffield Wednesday.

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20 Aug 2012 15:13:02
James Beatie training with SWFC, source SSN. ffs!

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20 Aug 2012 10:24:54
Rodri deal completed - Official !

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MM - DJ - well done some great signings now we have a chance GREAT We are all behind you in MM and DJ weTRUST also thanks GM

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How can people disagree with something thats actually happened - obviously bitter and pork scratchins brigade

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DJ has said he is excited to have landed this kid - thats good enough for me in Dj we trust

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Worried we are becoming (again) a team of loan players - mercenaries - with no real connection to the club. Is there a limit of how many loan players we can have in a season? What happens when we reach it and have injuries?

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^^^^^ what?? hes the only loan player we have!

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I must have missed all the other loan signings....

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Only loaned one player so far! a complete turn around compared to last season

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Loan signings what a person

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Some of the comments are either from non wednesday elements or the lunatic fringe who want to be in charge and constantly whine at management and Directors. They should note use of loan players got us promoted and have played their part in the majority of teams in all divisions Championship downwards getting promoted. It is the way of the world use your brain and stop spouting rubbish.
The comments about Mandaric not spending any money appear to have stopped since it was revealed we paid more money to agents than any other league 1 club. To these people we have plenty of fans who are loyal and do nt constantly question policy. The Allen / Wednesdayite fiasco is not one to be repeated so either shut up or go and support a non league team where your views would get us.

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One loan and fee agreed if succesful. What a plank.

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There is always one.

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He must think were still in league 1 lol what a great signing, cannot wait to see him play tomorrow if he is cleared :)

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Just introduced out 8th loan signing apparently

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8th loan signing you on about? uto

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Barca went out scouted and bought this kid i can remember when barca last saw something in a youngster messi springs to mind or pedro busquets tello xavi iniesta pique fabregas

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7 goals in 35 Spanish second division games hardly a world beater

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No but 28 in 50 for seviilla at 19-20 int a bad record

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I think it's good business to sign him on loan with view to perminant so if he doesn't cut it we lose nothing I have not had this much faith in a manager since big Ron 1990 mm deserves credit I doubt gm would be fetching this type of player in he does deserve credit for starting the giant wheels moving to the promised land uto

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DJ has brung him in cause of the contacts he's got!

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Bounce, Bounce
Rodri is out
These are the things that we dream about
O come on!
I'm bouncing for you
O Come on!
Bounce, bounce.......

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Can we not rise and get ourselves all stressed over these obvious pork scratching attacks - in DJ we trust !

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Why would their be a limit to how many loan players you can have ? , portsmouth have got 10 players on loan

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That song is absolutely awful

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Portsmouth havent got 10 on loan! there on a month contract!

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20 Aug 2012 10:10:27
Rodri officially signs on season long loan if you don't believe me look on swfc website. He will wear shirt no. 15

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20 Aug 2012 20:26:22
video of him. Looks cool in front of goal, also likes a header. Am excited to see him at S6

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20 Aug 2012 10:09:55
Rodri signed on SWFC site :o)

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20 Aug 2012 10:06:30
rodri deal finalised on owls website

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20 Aug 2012 09:41:14
If we sign this Rodri character and Ross Barkley on loan this week as is being widely reported, I'll sh$t the Bed! Amazing.

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I do that after 20 s

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Both have big potential could be on to a winner hope we get both

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Rodri has signed on official swfc website

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He has signed

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Just Barkley to sign now and my Bed sheets will be smelling like brammall lane! UTO

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It's only a loan deal, hopefully we will sign him on a permenant deal!

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Everyones getting excited over Rodri and we haven't seen him play yet,he might be cack in English football,calm down a bit

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To the "cack" poster, if Rodri was good enough for Barca to pay 1.5m for him as a teenager, he won't be a mug.
Barca players don't come and play in England every day, I think Fabregas was last one, so why shouldn't the loyal Owls fans get excited about him ??

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Just because he played for Barcelona "B" team doesn't mean he's gonna make it over here,let's see the guy play first before we start wetting our pants about him

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Loan with option to buy fee agreed if hes good we wont have a marshall or antonio situation on our hands.

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1.5 mil is nothing to barca, its like me or u getting rid of 5p however i think he has the ability to shine for swfc hopefully he can!!

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There are some miserable b4$t4rds on this website some times, as there are on the Owlstalk forum, though i guess thats the nature of a Yorkshire man. Get excited for once and bore off with this 'im not a pessimist, im a realist' persona, be happy that we're making signings like this because just under 2 years ago, we were on the verge of administration. Go and support Pompey or Rangers where your misery is welcome and justified.

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Looks like you will be sh$tting urself

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Are there any enough young Sheffield lads coming through to play for the team though?

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Because the club has not been structured properly for the last few years that is why DJ MM are starting from scratch.They have signed some good youngsters for the development squad to play alongside one or two good players that have come from the youth set up.If you look at all the signings they are building for the long term not just this season we may not go up this year but next year when these players have matured a bit it will be exciting good times ahead.

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There's a good chance in us picking him up if the Spanish banks call in Barcas debts, as is being widely banded about. Many are predicting a fire sale if the poo hits the fan in Spain! Rodri will be the least of barcas worries!

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Barca's Z team is still good enough for championship. UTO.

Also, to the guy who is worried about poo'ing the bed. Well, at least you can change your sheets, but the pigs can't change Bramall Lane.

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Spanish second division is about equal to our second division

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'Are there any enough young Sheffield lads coming through to play for the team though?'

As far as I can remember, our most committed, loyal player for the last ten years has been a Scot! Who cares they are from as long as they pitch in and benefit the club either in the short term, or long term.

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Beevers is great

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