Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive November 01 2011


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01 Nov 2011 21:44:30

sybil danning buying wednesday??

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01 Nov 2011 19:12:07
ive read in sun that some ex playboy come actress and film producer is wanting to buy wednesday, how much is mandaric wanting for us, can she and her husband afford it or have they got financial backing, does anyone know.

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See official site, Manderic saying he has never met or spoken to the young lady or her people and this story was a surprise to him too

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01 Nov 2011 18:00:24
Austria former playboy girl and her husband looking at sheffield wednesday, what do you think; They saved a German Ice Hockey team, could back Megson in the transfer market :D

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Doesn't look as if they have either enough cash for a major football team or know nearly enough about the sport. Lets home this story turns out to be the total rot it appears to be.

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Do you honestly think a ex playboy come b movie actress can afford everything with what comes with buying a big club, they may have saved a german league 2 ice hockey team from bavaria going under but its hardly toronto maple leafs

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