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01 Mar 2012 20:27:56
just been confirmed on sky sports news that we are in talks with dave jones not one that i would go for but you never now he could be a good choice uto ftb wtid

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Appointed. Just been in the radio. Confirmed tomora

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If jones is appointed we all need to get behind him and support wednesday. ive heard people saying they will not be going if jones is appointed. thats just stupid. its wednesday as a club we support , nop one person. come on , lets prove were the best fans in the country. UP THE OWLS

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Id like to no what everys1 problem with dave jones is

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I agree "the king is dead, Long live the king"

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No idea. he did a good job at cardiff and im sure he will at wednesday

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His team cardiff basicly condemed us to that last game vs crystal palace as revenge gainst us and irvinefor ruining his play off hopes previous

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Bit paranoid lad

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Sad so See Meggo go, but David Jones is now one of our own. We should welcome him with open arms and back him 200%.

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Cant believe this guys getting the job what a farce best i can see now is scraping that 6th spot and lose in the playoff semi to udders! JONES OUT ALDRIDGE OUT MANDARIC OUT

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Whoa chill bring back national servise rable rable rable. Were gonna have to give him at least a bit of a chance i say. I agree with aldridge out though have no idea what he looks like i imagine it be smithers off simpsons.

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If dj gets job its an absolute joke! Mm aut to back a real manager (like gm) with some cash or sell up n f@@k off! Check dj's record, its a joke! Absolutly useless when it matters

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I cant beleive poeple are trying to make out davey jones is a good manager ?
promotion with wolves a million years ago ?
and lost 2 play off final and an facup final!
just what the dr ordered eh ? seen as we are going to be in the playoffs
wake up ! hes a born loser ! the same happened when irvine took over ! hes the man etc etc

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Id like to no what everys1 problem with dave jones is...

wasnt so long ago that dj had a very nasty cloud hanging over his head in the media, and of the worst kind possible.

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Listen to ur self he got them to an fa cup final you person while in the championship u really ar proper thick if we ever got to a fa cup final id run naked round hillsborough just think about what your sayin play off final nearly every season where we league 1 thts a long way off were he got cardiff ya mug

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I cant beleive poeple are trying to make out davey jones is a good manager ?
promotion with wolves a million years ago ?
and lost 2 play off final and an facup final!
just what the dr ordered eh ? seen as we are going to be in the playoffs
wake up ! hes a born loser ! the same happened when irvine took over ! hes the man etc etc

This is a shed load more than what merggo has achieved as a manager.

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For all those already bashing Dave Jones, whom would you like instead? Mourinho? Ferguson? Guardiola? Jones is a good manager for this level, better than others linked. He built a good team at Cardiff and was unlucky not to reach the prem. I can only think of Billy Davis who would be better, and I'd give him about a week before his relationship with MM broke down.

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I dont care who our manager is if they get us back to where we belong - surely what we need is togetherness and investment - give the guy a chance look what a change of manager has done for Sunderland !

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You mean look what Martin O'Neill has done for Sunderland - totally different argument !

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01 Mar 2012 18:24:38
At 5 20 pm this evening I was at hillsborough to pick up my wife who works for the club, this is not something I have been told bye her.a chauffeur driven car arrived and out stepped DENNIS WISE with a suited guy ????

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Yeh the monopoly man ha

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Another Loser ran away from Leeds United, he couldn't hack the pressure...

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Heard from a good source Billy Davis is the man to be unveiled tomorrow.

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Wise would be a superb appointment

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This is a Massive joke... I hope MM is going to pull a rabbit out of a hat because I can't see myself and my girls going to watch Dave Jones..I will be at Clive Bakers Funeral and wake at Hillsborough monday and I will be handing in this years season tickets and my renewal that has just come through if it is Jones..... We need a winner, not I nearly got Cardiff into the premier league.... {Ed001's Note - he got Wolves there, did well at Southampton too. Took Stockport up through the leagues, before a certain Mr Megson came in and destroyed all the good work he had done.}

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Megson got West Brom in to Prem. twice and performed the biggest Houdini act in Prem history with Bolton before taking them in to Europe.
Megson took over at Stockport when they were in severe financial distress , and with the backing of the board dismantled the side to raise funds to keep the club afloat, might be a more accurate description? {Ed001's Note - not true at all, Stockport were not in financial distress until Megson came in. His first step on taking over was offering lengthy contracts to players he had never even seen play, which he then didn't use and the club could not get rid of. That was the start of their downfall, but Megson was new to the management game at the time.}

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Boom slapped down

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Sorry ed! {Ed001's Note - no need to apologise, I just fail to understand why anyone would be upset with Jones, just be glad it is not Ince!}

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Totally agree Jones has managerial pedigree , Ince was a great player !!

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Sorry ed , but Megson took Stockport almost in to play-offs in his first season whilst rebuilding the squad. He left shortly after so don't see where he undid any of Jones good work? {Ed001's Note - he tore the youth system apart mate. That was what Jones had built the club's relative success on, as the money wasn't there to buy players. Instead Megson brought in players at a cost the club couldn't afford, while giving players already there long, expensive contracts. It was difficult to offload the players he wanted out, because of their long, expensive contracts and things began to go downhill there for the club.}

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Dave jones nearly got cardiff in prem play offs nerly every season ye must be s**t ur all same most wednesday fans y dont u have a bit ov faith for a change ad lv to get to champ playoffs every season

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Look at the plight of Portsmouth - could have been us if MM didn't step in. Might not agree but time to move on and get behind the team. People saying they are not going if Jones is appointed are probably the same clowns that phone praise or grumble on a Saturday, give an experts opinion of the game and then say they didn't go because Aunt Flo had a cold.

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Did MM save us? Blimey, I'm sure some people must say that in their sleep.

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01 Mar 2012 17:45:17
Megson has just issued a statement through LMA saying how disappointed he is that he wasn't allowed to finish the job he started.
Thanking fans and staff and hoping that one day he gets the chance to work for the fans again.
Typical of the man - just a pity MM doesn't have the same class !!

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Milan out! sheffield wednesday dont need someone like him! surely someone else can buy our huge club and take us to where we want to be! megson going is a huge mistake , megson had wednesday in his blood! football has gone mad!

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WHY WHY WHY do you all think that MM would do something that would be counterproductive for Sheffield Wednesday (I am sure we all know that MM bought our penniless club to eventually sell and make a profit in doing this giving us a team we a could be proud of once more) SO yes Gary a true Owl as gone and yes he as done a good job with limited funds BUT we MUST trust MM he wants what we want even if it is for different reasons.

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Wake up and shut up! MILAN MANDARIC OUT

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How can anyone who knows anything about football not see that it IS totally counterproductive to sack Megson at this time ??
Nobody can change anything significantly in 13 games.
The best person to take this team forward was Megson, he had the respect of the players - remember last Sunday?
To bring a new manager in now is not "counter productive" , its suicidal .
Wait and see!

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MILAN OUT ?? Have you all got short memories (NO ONE WANTED TO BUY OUR CLUB for what 3 years SO HOW DO YOU PROPOSE WE MOVE FORWARD ) MM Saved our club even if it was for personal gain and WILL move this club forward because that's how he makes his millions

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01 Mar 2012 16:15:39
"We are trying very hard and hopefully we can announce the new manager in the next 24 hours" - Milan made this comment when he arived at Hillsborough @ 3.40pm this afternoon to the Hallam FM reporter outside the south stand - but he arived alone

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Might be Harry Redknapps dog rosie

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Shes got plenty of money. New chair er dog perhaps uto ftb

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01 Mar 2012 16:12:54
Ronnie Moore just seen in Sheffield Park Hotel meeting Paul Aldridge

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Who's paul aldridge

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Oh yeah, lets meet in a hotel where everyone can see us.

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Why would he sack a good manage and bring in someone who got sacked in league two as rotherham manager?

Mick mccarthy!!

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01 Mar 2012 15:44:32
Megson dismissal due to future investment reasons.

Can't go much further but it doesn't need much imagination to understand why.

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I've got a vivid imagination but can't make any sense of this one ..... give us a clue ??

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Bit broad, I can only imagine either MM has got plans at another club and/or someone's pledged large investment IF we go up, and MM or new invester doesn't think GM will get promotion.

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01 Mar 2012 14:56:31
MM has already had talks with a few managers one of them bieng Martin ling would not be a bad choice!

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Whos martin ling?

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Jones, Robbins, Ince and Blackwell are the four managers in the frame.

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No thanks to ling blackwell and ince ,
Mick mccarthy or Jones please!

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01 Mar 2012 14:49:07
heard billy davies in frame aswell at 3/1

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Billy Davis has ruled himself out

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01 Mar 2012 09:49:41
Dave jones favourite at 1/3,, macarthy 2nd at 6/4,, lee clarke is 10/3,,,, also mention in papers about paul ince

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Dave Jones another loser.... give us Mick his teams always beat us at Hillsborough.

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Must be a Barnsley Owl !!
McCarthy not the answer .

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Dont want mcarthy his football is so boring

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01 Mar 2012 08:49:27
I mentioned this last week its gunna be Kevin Blackwell Traitor Mandaric has been seen meeting him. I for oone would not go to another game if this fool was in charge!

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No thank you, we need a winner not a play off loser...

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In the end it is Wednesday that matters, now, next year and stretching into the future. I understand absolutely ,and share, the anger and despair of this moment but withdrawing support will not help the club and is not what Gary or his dad would wish.They are big men .

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The only way you can make a point to ppl like Mandaric is by a boycott i for one will not go again this season if he appoint some muppet like Jones Ince Or Blackwell!

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Getting twitchy about the Mcgahay deal now, needs to go through if MH on his way

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