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01 Jun 2013 22:45:26
Gary Madine has handed in a transfer request knowing that donny are intreasted, said to be frustrated at the club and manager!

I reckon if he goes it will come back and bite us in the arse

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He never struck me as the Suarez type.

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Good he's terrible dead wood not good enough for this league. Get as much as we can get for him and move on

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He is in court again, the lad wants to decide he either wants to be a pro footballer, acts the part off the pitch, or become a member of the ocs, he has potential but should keep out of trouble, what's up with the lad?

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Really hope this is true, GM is attempting to show that average talent can only take you so far when combined with poor attitude and alcohol

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Not true.

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Won't be worried if he goes

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Where you heard this? the daily lie?

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Heard it from the horses mouth!

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Madine is rubbish. as are rest of our strikers

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It is a total lie. Madine has denied it on twitter. He's still young and has time to come good imo.

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Name me a forward that's any good? all average and that's being kind

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Some people should remember we were a few days from going under not that long ago. We had massive debts and were drowning under them; we were also in the 1st division. We are now in the Championship and are debt free but can’t go out and purchase a Van Persie, a Rooney or a Messie, we don’t have that kind of financial backing. But we do have some decent strikers on the books and Madine is the best of them, some fools come on here and say he is rubbish and they are entitled to their opinion. But I spoke to Bobby Hassell after the Barnsley game at Hillsborough and he said that Madine caused them more problems in that game then any other centre forward he had played against all season and he wished that they had had him in their team that day. Now Bobby Hassell may not be an international player but he knows a great deal more about footballers than the average football fan, he’s worked along side them and trained with them and if he says Madine was that good I would rather take his words that some of the persons that post on here. Madine is still young and learning and he has had off field problems but give him time and get behind him and the team.

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Must be a world beater if we needed steve howard on loan. he's good enough for league1. that's not a bad thing. just saying we need better

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Source: twitter. In his own words. Never handed a transfer request in my life wouldn't know how to.

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01 Jun 2013 19:29:23
St ledger close to signing. He wants first team football to keep his place in the Republic of Ireland squad.
Source: owls news now

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According to the star he having a medical at Barnsley turn Sheffield Wednesday down. After talk's with Dave jones, does not like the direction he taking the club.

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01 Jun 2013 13:49:10
Barnsley offered us 50k straight up and 50k if they stay up for COG, never been accepting this

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Id be offended if I was COG

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Tin pot barnsley no class

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Disgusting, it would change my mind about going there if that is all they are offering

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Im sorry, but I don't believe that for one minute.

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It always amazes me when crap like this is posted as if they are on the inside

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They may aswell have offered us 50p and a bag of conkers

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That wasn't the offer. 300k is what they offered. Were not going to sell him though well not until he's been reevaluated in per season.

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