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01 Jul 2013 20:03:22
Wednesday to offer Danny Murphy player/coaching role after his release from Blackburn

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Owls definitely signed lita

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Just because he's just been released doesn't mean he is joining us

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Litta has signed

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Fulham are after murphy

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How we know lita signed then? uto xxx

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How can you disagree with a queustion, its not an answer and it isn't a statement, wow there really are thick people on here! uto xxxx

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Lita not even been released so how u know thatbefore even swansea do

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01 Jul 2013 13:42:11
Gary Coulibaly on trial from monaco uto xxx

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Ive read somewhere that he had signed another deal with Monaco until 2016, anyone gone any info on him.
m. h

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He does have a deal til 2016, but if we want him, he says he will negotiate with monaco his release apparently

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Is he any good

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Hes contracted till then but due to money bags spending in monaco he may leave prematurely uto xxx

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Read an article in French on him. He was club Captain but lost place in team at turn of last season. he was captain and defensive midfielder. He has played mainly in 2nd tier of French football. AS Monaco were promted last year and have invested heavily in players this summer. I suspect they will be happy to release players off book just to reduce wage bill. He would not get anywhere near first team next season. Solid hard working plahyer by all accounts. Really no idea what standard league 2 is in France but presumably worse than Championship.

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Fallen out of ranieri's plans so he could be a wednesday player looks decent

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01 Jul 2013 18:46:28
He still got 3yrs left on his contract but Monaco said the fee would not be on the six figures. They paid 400k for him in 2011 and has made 17 first team apps in 2012/13 season before falling out with the coaching staff. Sounds a promising player and defo worth a try at 27yr old

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01 Jul 2013 01:57:27
Leroy Lita and Jeremy Helan to sign permanently, along with Marlon Pack (compensation fee) and DJ Campbell (free), and trialist Rafael Floro from FC Porto.

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This guy keeps posting same Pack rumour everyday, I hope he signs for someone soon to put him out of his misery. Heard lots of players very disappointed with offers being made by clubs hence lack of activity. State of econmy catching up agents need to reduce fees.

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Floro has already signed for the development squad.

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Be happy with that but can't see it happening

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Its the same every year. somebody posts a name constantly.
usually a blunt or a weed.

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It was in the press last month, that it was between us and 3 other clubs for Pack, I won't be surprised if we did get him.

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