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01 Jul 2012 19:58:24
Heard any names of players swfc are after ed? {Ed032's Note - Jacob Butterfield making announcement on future tomorrow, linked with Wednesday}

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Hes going to norwich

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Andrew Walsh from Carlisle as a squad player. He is short left sided winger as back up for Antonio. A carpet salesman told me this yesterday in Hillsborough

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Butterfield going to Norwich. Jones to bid for Chris Dagnall

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Now, why on earth would he do that?

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Dagnall i hope not good to average league one player in my eyes

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Hope not only had decent scoring record at Tranmere - not even while at Bradford last year ! - surely we need to be aiming higher than this

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Amazing what folks will say to sell things.

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Because norwich are bigger than wednesday?

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On reputable sites no mention of where Butterfield going. Norwich linked with other players but not him. Reading have just signed Guthrie which means they are not going with Butterfield. Middlesborough are others linked with him but they have 5 first team regulars who they can not agree terms with and seems unlikely thye wuld meet his demands. Thought he may be out of our reach but if we are interested could be in with a chance.

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01 Jul 2012 21:52:26
Would'nt mind leroy lita being the big signing, be good in championship, his fee would'nt be to big, anyone have any ideas what his wage demands would be.

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Why ? - are you gonna pay 'em ??

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01 Jul 2012 20:51:13
Right let's who has an honest mind here!

When Milan Mandaric sacked Gary Megson who slated Milan off?

I did and it's a MASSIVE regret so if
Milan ends up reading this im sorry. :) {Ed041's Note - fat chance pal}

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Haha If Milan ends up reading this.....

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Got to be a pig

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Vis is vhere I get all my info. apology acvepted. MM

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01 Jul 2012 19:14:21
MM says he will never give up on antonio!

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He didn't say he will "never" give up on him'.
He said they "haven't" given up on him yet. Only because Reading have not yet said - he's not for sale!
Totally different ?

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01 Jul 2012 18:14:32
heard a rumour that the mighty owls are signing Yven Moyo (left winger) on a season long loan, apparently he is held in high regard at newcastle. UTO !

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01 Jul 2012 17:11:57
Italian papers reporting Luigi Falcone heading to Hillsboro. Plays for Lecce in Serie A , 20 yrs old and a striker. Capped for U20 , but cannot find his appearance record for Lecce ( wish it was Inter M ! )

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Why does'nt it say anything on tuttoermcato, are is it boloni.

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01 Jul 2012 15:55:13
Wonder how much money dj has to spend

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Im sure that depends on his wife.

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We will be spending around the 2 million mark! 250k for mcguire, 500k for ranger and around 600-700k for antonio, which leaves around another 500k for another player. the rest will be freebies and loan signings!

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Ranger will be a loan offer, I wouldn't want to pay 600k for him! Treacy would be good, I would Deffo pay around 1 million for him!

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I am not the original poster, but I have to ask, why is someone disliking a perfectly acceptable question?

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I reckon around 4 mil

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The other 500k i presume wil be david norris set to sign tomoro or very soon

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If you listen to manderics interview he said were onto money signings now so if were wanting 5-7 and a couple of loans included in that we will be spending on 5 players I could see 3-4 millionbeing spent

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Well it's a good job your not in charge of the money then int it

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Some money being spent on the ground aswell, new big screen defo

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01 Jul 2012 13:07:13
the rumour about butterfield is rubbish as he is signing for middlesborough so lets get that out of our heads

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We are singing Antonio tomorrow as big signing also expect another centre half but will not be bath 2 more wingers are believed to be micheal and maybe freeman or Tracey and we will be signing one more striker either ranger or burnleys Charlie Austin. Norris is really close to signing and is due to have medical soon and we could be getting butterfield and we will problem gt rid of players like o'Grady Prutton come d jones r jones m jones Reynolds and hopefully Bennett. Oh and we will probley put in a 700,000 bid for Antonio and will spend a lot of money on players :):):):):) were all Wednesday aren't we? Witd

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No he is going to norwich so get your facts right.

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So you are saying we are signing Antonio tomorrow but that we will probably put in a 700k offer. Surely if he is signing tomorrow we have no need to put in a bid. S,ounds like more made up poop

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No idea where Butterfield is going but response about Antonio is rubbish, it is the clown who has been mentioning Freeman as if we would be interested in that lump.

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Butterfield not gonna Norwich or Middlesbrough fact

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Butterfield of to middlesborough source sky sports

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To all you horrible bully's shut up its a RUMOUR site so people put rumours on I put what I had been hearing over the last month and to all u stupid bullies who call people names for putting rumours on the site your stupid you fat bloated pigs I bet your not even real owls :p

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Well to all u tools on owls news now it said we had put in 300,000 bid for freeman so wayyyyyu

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01 Jul 2012 12:27:23
big name signing, hugo rodallega.

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Brown sauce {Ed041's Note - and our award for poorest banter of the day goes to...}

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Three premiership clubs want him

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Mandaric is usually accurate when he gives and interview and he was quite clear expect things around middle of July with loan signings likely in August. Some balmpot has said we will be making a signing early next week and everyone jumps on bandwagon. In addition we have probably signed more players than most of Championship teams and we have acquired our priority targets in each position. Also none of the guys we want have signed for anyone else. So nothing to be nervous exercise patience and remain cool, buying players it is a game of poker not snap.

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Bampot... What are you, Rab C Nesbit?

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01 Jul 2012 11:37:38
Patience is a virtue fellow Owls. You never know there could be a big name signing right around the corner that nobody is expecting. We have a team that will survive in the Championship and now it the club will be looking at bringing in players that can push us up towards the top of the table. Exciting times lie ahead.

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Few people saying antonio today 500k - would love that

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01 Jul 2012 09:43:10
No real news for days now. Getting nervous. Let's not get guzumped this month

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Getting nervous! Are you for real! Gotta be a blunt!

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Transfer window opened today...things should pick-up soon...

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01 Jul 2012 09:37:38
Wednesday waiting to see if prem fringe players become available for loan later in the summer. Milan said he's going for a couple of quality loans from prem, I don't know who the players are but my personal hope is that one is Conor wickham, would be a top signing.

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DJ has said he'd rather not have loan deals?

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They said they're looking at both permanent and loans, Milan told radio sheff that they were looking at a few loans

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01 Jul 2012 08:13:13
any1 heard of the big name signing that suppose to be confirmed tomorrow? the player is suppose to be from a premiership team and is not needed anymore at them.

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Could be Antonio...

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I havnt seen any information reported that a big named player is signing monday? {Ed041's Note - Well if YOU'VE not seen it, it can't possibly be true}

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It is a greek chap with a really long surname.

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Apart from on the rumours pages I have heard no mention of any signing.

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So have you seen roumors of a big name signing on monday for swfc ed? {Ed041's Note - I've seen speculation of a big name player signing today, tomorrow or Tuesday but that is all}

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The greek chap is it MR. papadopoulos.

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I think it is a different greek person. dont know who

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Sure he owns the laundrette on eastenders lol UTO

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01 Jul 2012 01:22:53
I spotted Michael Owen talking to 'businessmen' in Rafters restaurant on saturday. I walked past them several times and i could hear Wednesday mentioned.

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Yeah o r8 pal

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You know it's also a day of the week. Michael Owen to join West Ham because he said he needed to get some hammers.

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Did it along the lines of..."are you going to the races on Wednesday, Micheal?"

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Hes going to stoke

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Yh and i spotted gary linekar at mcdonalds in town. i walked past him and he said he was coming to wednesday as our best player. LOL

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Yeh, probably arranging there next meeting for next WEDNESDAY. We would never sign Owen, nor would we want to!

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I was there too and they were asking what day comes after Tuesday and before Thursday!!

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Was that before he was on telly at Folkestone races

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Michael Owen is long past his best and would be a waste of resources, he would keep physio company but thats about all.

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