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01 Jan 2014 20:28:46
I was a supporter of Jones and was convinced our lack of form was down to the inadequacy of the budget provided. It is nw time to admit the improvement shown since he left indicates there were some problems which have improved upon his leaving. Team seem to e more organised and players who were on fringe have een given a chance. The whole team seem to be grafting which was not previously the situation. I did think DJ sorted out the academy which was definitely required but tactics and probably his living remotely from the club help cause problems. Gray's record as a manager is abysmalwith a 100% record of relegation if it was not for this I would be content with him continuing. pesonally hope we push the boat out as have a feeling we have got some decent players who just need moulding into a team. Maguire Maghoma, Loovens, Lee and Nuhiu showed today they are more than capable of being a success at Championship level.

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Find it difficult : don't really know if the team's improvement is the positive result of Gray's influence or the relief gained from DJ's being longer in charge.

High green Owl

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I though Nuhiu was terrible yesterday, It's like playing with a wardrobe up front.

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Nuhiu's first touch was terrible, every time he tried to cushion a pass with his chest it bounced 4/5 yards away from him and to a Blackpool player, when he tried to control the ball with his feet he wasn't much better. I just hope it is lack of confidence and when he gets a goal he will improve. But I can't help thinking why wasn't Madine given the same chance as Nuhiu has, the same can be said for Maguire who has been outstanding in the last two games.

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Dave jones had nothing to do with the academy either i'm afraid. all wilkinsons work.

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Nuhiu worked hard and above comments are far too hard on him. If he had the sort of contol you are after he would have cost £10 million not free. Madine never raised a sweat except when in a bar, he wanted too much putting on a plate. It was a good performance all round and all wednesday players who turned out and NYD played with credit.
Others too deserve credit for Academy but DJ does desee some plaudits for those he recruited to cause.

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I posted the 4th post in this chain, I will give you that Nuhiu worked hard, but if you think that his control was good I suggest that you either stayed at home yesterday and didn't see him or you forgot your glasses. Madine is a very different type of player but he scored 18 goals in 34 games in our promotion season all be it in the 1st division. You can disagree with me all you like but he, like Maguire was never given a consistent run in the team after we were promoted to prove if was good enough for the Championship. Saying that Madine wouldn't be better than Nuhui in the Championship is pointless because until he is given a consistent run in a Championship team to show what he could do we will never know.

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Madine only has himself to blame for not being given a chance.

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Maine had and still has, too much off-pitch baggage.

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01 Jan 2014 20:02:40
happy new year to u all, did anyone spot ian holloway today against blackpool sat near paul aldridge he was laughing and joking with him, could he be the one to take over grays done a great job but think holloway would do a better one uto

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No he wasn't Aldridge was sat next to a guy with grey hair, ab bloke on other side was a lot younger than Holloway. Pack it in

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Terry Curran was sat next to Aldridge and Terrys son Thomas.

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No he wasn't.
Terry curran was sat just in front of me. 2 nd row down directors box.
So there.

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Even if Holloway was there it may simply be his history with Blackpool. Either you're making it up or jumping to conclusions

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This is a rumours site, hence the title at the top of the page, so it doesn't matter if Holloway was there or not.

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01 Jan 2014 10:03:21
Stuart Gray is one game from contract extension to end of season if the owls pick up a positive result today. Also worksop's leon mettam is also on trial next week.

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Well we got the win today 2-0 well done the lads uto we're out of bottom 3

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Flat 1st half but terrific in the 2nd. High praise for Gray, Maguire, Magoma, Wickham, Loovans, Rog Johnson, Palmer, Semedo, in fact the whole team. Worked hard all game and looked a cut above Blackpool. Tell me why we need Ince.

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01 Jan 2014 07:44:08
Owls interested in Sammy Ameobi and Larnell Cole from Newcastle and Manchester United Respectively. Brighton has enquired about Rhys Mccabe and Wolves and Millwall have enquired about Lewis Buxton

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