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01 Dec 2013 23:12:34
Di Canio to be manager before Saturdays game.

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Please let this be true. exactly what we and the team need. team need a massive kick up the backside and the fans a manager we can see passion in. paulo please please save us!!

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So not before Tuesdays game then? X

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Di canio can save us!

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Exactly what we don't need. Yes he is a passionate manager who can fire up players but this can also work the other way as it did at Sunderland and rip the team apart. Also apart from one promotion from lg1 to lg2 his managerial career isn't exactly great, he only won 2 of thirteen games at Sunderland, think in this position and this league someone with a little more experience as a manager would be better

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Lets have a risk for a change, too many "safe" managers like Irvine, Megson and Jones. Only one man for the Job BENITO CARBONE!!

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Mates a sunderland fan, its the board that's ripping them team apart pal. even poyet is falling out with them
experience don't mean nothing, bet u was buzzin when we got jones, ssshhhhh, should have stuck with megson

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To be fair we could appoint Carbone as assistant to Di Canio if that is what people want because BC has virtually no management experience beyond lower league Italian football and even that was pretty unsuccessful. The Championship, in terms of revenue, costs, player wages, transfer fees, attendances, tactics, clubs size and pretty much every other measurable facet is miles bigger than even many of the top flight leagues across Europe so doesn't even compare to lower level Italian football. BC would probably jump at the chance to be PDC assistant if offered. It's Christmas after all, 2 for 1 and all that haha.

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I love the post saying we should take a risk and go for Benito Carbone. Would you still be saying it was a risk worth taking when a manager with no experience takes us back into Lg1. I bet a lot of money you would be one of the first to jump on the boards back for taking a risk in the current situation

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^^ This. Spot on.

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Ex players don't always make good managers

That said I would stick my neck out and ask Megson back if he would come until the end of the season

I know he's not everyone's choice but he's got Wednesday in his blood

At least the players would go out a play with pride and passion, let him get us out of danger and assess the situation at the end of the season

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Roland Nilson would be a great appointment. Knows the the club and loved by the fans, if not Ole Gunna Solchar. exuse the spelling.

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01 Dec 2013 20:29:36
Heard from a very good source that alex mcleish will be the new sheffield Wednesday manager

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Hope not

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Mcleish would be shocking - holloway all the way for me. the only one out there who I would take, his passion on the side lines is exactly what we need

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Ian Holloway will not be manager mm and holloway hate each other so much mm sacked him

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02 Dec 2013 00:36:29
Now bring maguire back

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Holloways on his way to Wigan! Odds on favourite is Stuart Pearce! Please let this be true! Passionate manager who'll kick this team back into gear! Other favourites are Michael Appleton and carbone! Please please please don't say it's Appleton, definatly get relegated and one of the worst managers around! Stuart Pearce all the way for me!

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Stuart Parce favourite

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02 Dec 2013 08:20:09
Carbone would add style and something fresh to us i'm sick of "solid" managers let go out there get carbone and hopefully watch the team rise up!

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Dot get me wrong I adore Benni, class player and thoroughly nice bloke but be careful what you ask for. He is a club legend and I'd hate him to tarnish that by being thrown in the deep end in a relegation dogfight with limited resources in a very difficult league when he has very little management experience. Over past weeks we have all lamented over DJ apparent lack of tactical ability and he is tried and tested at this level so just don't all expect Benni to be a tactical powerhouse so early in his career and please don't hang draw and quarter him if it goes wrong for him. Love that bloke, top man.

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02 Dec 2013 14:01:05
having a Manager that has passion does not make him good, come on smell the coffee. Be carefull what you wish for, by January it will be the same old get the Manager out he's rubbish, passion but no performance

get behind Stuart Grey tomorrow and then Whoever it is than comes in

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Stuart Pearce has never achieved anything as a club manager. Sorry but his passion doesn't mean we will rise up the table. Yes the players need more passion but this alone won't bring success.

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01 Dec 2013 17:16:38
JONES HAS GONE! 5pm tonight! Brilliant news!

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Really?! I'm not convinced myself! Why's nothing being said yet then?

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It's official, Daily Mail website released it 5 mins ago as , google it if don't believe

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Finally, should have kept megson. boring old fool dave jones

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Just seen it, thanks for info!

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Who is favourite to take over?

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About time! Welcome stu Pearce

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Finally, but who to replace him? Pearce is fav, then worryingly Di Canio and Carbone. Then Holloway who I'd love but can't see him wanting to come here. Realistically I like to see Karl Robinson, got MK playing good football, winning games on a tight budget. Would make great use of McCabe as well.

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It's my Birthday today

Thank You Milan for giving me the present I really wanted

It's the start of our season TOMORROW you watch us climb up the table

To Ponty Owl I love you X

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Now being announced on tv, fantastic news, we have a chance.
Bring back Megs on or Mike Phelan

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Yep. On the beeb website so pretty much done and dusted. Phew, I actually feel. lighter!

Bring on. who? {Ed003's Note - I might be putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5 but I saw Appleton at Bloomfield Road yesterday,Just thought I'd share that info lol.}

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Hope its hollaway

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Appleton was on my list of those in contention on the banter side a few hours ago, personally I'd not be too happy about him getting the nod but at least DJ has been put out of his misery.

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01 Dec 2013 18:52:49
Just seen di canio in forty foot!

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Appleton has past connections at Blackpool so nowt strange about bein there Saturday. don't want him ere really {Ed003's Note - very true,just sharing the info also saw a message from a Journo today saying he was in The Presidents Suite with MM.}

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Carbone backed in from 33/1 to 8/1.

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I think Paulo just didn't work at Sunderland but let's be fair, his record on a small budget at Swindon was fantastic. Scored no less than 2 goals per game for 13 games running, 7 clean sheets on the trot, the best defensive record in the league and scorers of the most goals in the league. Worth a punt to me.

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Thanks Ed! Really put the cat among the pidgeons there! Not sure Appleton is the answer. but I know I couldbn't do the job.

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Look lads we have all had our opinions but it's the right decision
Milan will make his choice but it our noise that will drive the team on as well as new ideas, new passion and new directions
Let's get behind the new man and get us back in a respectable place
Dave Jones thanks but enjoy your pay off and try and smile while you count your redundancy money

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01 Dec 2013 22:05:00
Right all you we want DJ out fans, be careful what you wish for, I suppose it can only get better but when it arrives for gods sake get behind him whoever he is UTO

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