Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive December 01 2012


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01 Dec 2012 19:00:40
Ipswich were the worst team we have played this season, I was there they were terrible, they lacked passion, organisation and work rate (sound familiar). They change their manager and climb the league. MM take note.

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Strong roumor around owen coyle is been talked to and could replace jones soonish.

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Hope not, failed in Prem. then failed in Champs with those Prem players

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MSG to DJ! GET Michael chopra! Our questions would be more than answered! MM.... Spend money to get this player! EXACTLY what were missing!

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Our friend Trigger the blunt who wants to be a Leeds fan , with his unique sense of humour - - he's the only one that thinks its funny !

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02 Dec 2012 10:26:35
Keegan to be next manager

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After we lose today,milan should get the message from us all for the good of our club JONES OUT JONES OUT,after game bet he says learning at least 10 times.

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I've heard Wednesday are on the internet today vs Cardiff? Can anyone help, where can I watch it?? UTO x

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Rodri gets 4 mins again tut tut

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We could have had a nice thing going with Barcelona.Could have loaned us a few other players in the future.
I bet they are fumin they ever let Rodri come to england.
Why he hasn't given him a decent run is beyond me.
He was licking his backside after the birmingham game and now he's become useless?

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01 Dec 2012 17:33:10
Rumour is that Millwall have bid £300k for Beevers and Jones and the club are considering the offer. So let me get this straight, Jones is considering selling Beevers who is young, talented and has bags of potential to Millwall, who since he has been on loan have not been beaten and rarely concede a goal. Jones says Beevers appears happy and has found the club for him. It the rumour is correct it can only mean that Jones prefers aging, slow central defenders who are past their best and who are about watertight as a colander and is another deluded unfathomable decision by a stubborn obstinate manager who has lost the plot. Please go now Mr Jones.

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Would love to see nigel pearcson come in and bring waghorn with him captained the side won the cup with us!! mite bring in some passion

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Sell him, big hoof up field everytime, if he were any good a bigger club than millwall would have signed him

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Conceded 36 goals in 19 games before Cardiff and DJs solution is to sell best CB on books ?
What next ??
Probably sell Madine, Rodri, n Pecnic to raise money to buy goalscorer Bothcrap - cert !

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Apart from rodri is on loan?!?!?!

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I know - just making a point !
Every day it just gets madder ?
Who can guess what DJ can dream up for tomorrow , pointless trying to guess !

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( Would love to see nigel pearcson come in and bring waghorn with him captained the side won the cup with us! mite bring in some passion ) So did Danny Wilson and he failed here

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Maybe he wants out?

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