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01 Aug 2013 22:42:35
Re. my previous posting 29. 7. 13 should have read Mayor to Bury, Corry to Bradford.

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01 Aug 2013 18:12:34
danny mayor to bury loan

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Bennet gone to southend on a free

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Bennett left last season didn't he.

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An our old friend koumas gone to Tranmere subject to fa clearance

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Bennett left this summer

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01 Aug 2013 13:38:50
zayatte not signing, is agents want a piece of transfer fee, olofinjana training with us to day, billy sharp had interest from barnsley for loan, lita to make a decision by the end of today, he's had a good offer by MM. MJR

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Sharp on his way to barnsley

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Barnsley will not sign him. Reading signing him

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Why disagree when its on rob statons twitter on audio with dave jones. jeez you deludes what disagree when its hit you in face

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Our pre season has been a joke well now miss out on another quality player in zayette due to finance mm needs to learn how to protect his investment by further investing a team doing well is a club easier to sell. Personally I don't like davejones but he's got his hands tied with the purse strings. This years squad is worse than the one that finished last year so let's not get exited relegation battle again me thinks

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You can't blame MM or DJ for not signing zayatte. Its his agents fault as they want a slice if the money and its to much. Good decsion if you ask me don't want greedy players or agents at our club

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What a great fan the last poster is, how do you come to the conclusion we have a worst squad when we've not released anyone?

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No signings again it becoming a joke now other club signing player left right and centre please sign someone now before it is to late. I hear the takeover will happen in january but could be to late

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What does my head in, is that zayatte played most games and llera hasnt, and with 2 days to go zayatte does 1, llera to score winner at QPR UTO

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So reading then are getting lita and sharp wow to be a reading fan! uto xxx

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Rob statons twitter say barnsley wants billy sharp not him on his way to barnsley get facts right first

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Zayette's agents wanted a cut of the transfer fee, as there wasn't one, they wanted a cut of his wages with Wednesday making up the difference to the player. He is a very good player who wanted to join us but his agents are only looking after their own interests and not his. They are ruining the game and I don't blame MM for saying no. But I agree that our team is weaker than at the close of last season. We have brought in three players, two are untried at this level and the other was here last season and proved is worth. But we are still short of a creative midfield player, a quality striker and a defensive midfielder. I am season ticket holder and a lifelong fan but I am worried. At the moment I can only see a season fighting relegation.

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Agreed this squad is not good enough, and I have watched most of the Championship Teams signing players left right and centre while we have done nothing, going to be a struggle

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Most of the Championship clubs have not been signing players left right and centre. I would much rather have a thoughtful approach than sign anyone available.
Zayattes agents are a disgrace, instead of helping a player at epiry of contract they are preventing him working needs to see a lawyer sounds like restraint of trade.
Lita Howard, Pugh and Olifinjane are only players missing frm end of last season. often only 3 started games so not as far away as sme posts suggest.
I am more worried about our injured players. Appear short at full back.
Was told on train from London wednesday) we were trying to sign right back on loan from Everton. Suspect its John Stone. Chap new his football but no idea if correct.

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Welll am sorry to say, I am happy wiv wot we had n wot we've brought in, I think dj has done a cracking job getting who we got wiv no money! Helan for ogrady, best swap of the year!

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Lets get one thing right here. IFzayette had to play for Wednesday he would have overruled his agent. Zayette as much to blame as agent. bog off I say

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Literally everyone who commented on him who went to portugal said he was gash. what's the fuss about now? i'd rather use the loan market out for a right sided cb. worked (most of the time) with LLera and gives you a decent look before he signs for 2 years. if Taylor had come in and loaned 1st we wouldn't still be paying his wages. hope Lita signs, don't think the lad from sunderland can score too many goals. we'll be alright, I think the young players we have ie McCabe, Palmer, madine will make a big step up. Barmy Army!

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Not got a cat in hells chance of getting John Stone ^^^ deluded

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I totally agree that we do lack a striker and I hope we sign lita, I wouldn't mind billy sharp tbh but I think we do have a real gem in Rhys McCabe, I believe he has that creative edge and I hope he pushes on this year, would not be surprised if prem teams came in for him next year

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Think he meant Joss Stone

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01 Aug 2013 12:50:38
Billy Sharp to sign on loan with a view to a permanent move. Doncaster were front runners but dropped out due to takeover falling through

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01 Aug 2013 00:41:30
We've apparently made an offer for Danny Pugh. What a joke if true. A truly awful player.

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Played all his career in the top two divisions so he can't be that bad FFS! he provided a few assists last year so its a good signing for me. UP THE OWLS & FTB

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I thought he was ok but not what we're looking to bring in if we want to push on to the playoffs

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We already have plenty of cover on the left. Surely can't be true.

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He did a steady job for us last year. admittedly not spectacular but safe.

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Not a chance. He was a back up in case other transfers fell through. Not needed now as we have players in his positions

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I saw him three times save the day with goal li9ne clearances last season
We would have lost if it was not for him

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Doubt it cus we got reda as our main lft back. I know he is injured but we have mattock and helan who could cover that position. If helan was to do so, we still have jj Antonio and maghoma who can play out wide. so we're sorted

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I thought Pugh was solid, but like others have said we have cover. Plus Buxton can operate on the left if need be.

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What about lita olifinjana or any other players, dj said monday to bring in 3 more players before saturday. ? lita pugh and. ? uto xxx

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Icould only see him being brought in on loan. Reda, Buxton, Lee, and Maghoma are all injured.
Mattock was not the answer last year when played at full back. Halen could do a job but that would mean playing JJ on left wing. At right back we are playing Palmer who is midfield player. I expected us to bring in a full back on loan due to problems. at the moment will be Palmer and Floro.
Antonio and halen on wings with jj up front with an other.
By the way most natural poacher finisher we have is this guy called Lambin.

I firmly beliieve plan was to have Antonio or Maghoma as one of two strikers with Halen and Maghoma on wings with JJ as super sub. Hence plans gone awry. Think this is also impacting other signings as DJ will have to ensure funds availbale for replacement if Reda Buxton are out for long time.

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Mattock didn't do very well in pre season in Albufeira in my opinion. Looks League 1 at best.

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Pugh wouldn't be a disastrous signing, he's versatile, can whip in a decent set piece and I'd rather use Pugh at left back than helan as helan has very little defensive awareness, just sheer speed. Reda could ou play a handful of games and the best left back we've been linked with is definitely pugh

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Pugh is no better than any of our other players

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Guaranteed he's not better than the starting 11 but he'd be a great sub as he can cover a lot of positions for us and i'd like to think he'd be pushing players in the first team

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