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19 Nov 2012 20:35:49
Only 1 man for me if dj gets the shove Glenn Hoddle!!
Top manager good with the younger players as his coaching acadamy has proved has the nous at championship level and the marquee manager which can attract top quality players
MM take note Hoddle would be the best appointment for swfc
Before you all mention the elieen drewery tosh she could do wonders for boothroyd and hypnotise him into believing he is a footballer

Hoddle for wednesday

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Good shout that man.
Gets my vote.
If only.

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They'll be calling for David Pleat next, oh goodness did I really say that, get a young energetic manager who serves his time, can motivate and has new ideas.

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He's been out of it for too long and was out of touch toward the end of his last managerment job. Not for us.

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Hoddles last management job was at Wolves when he took over from the one and only .... Dave Jones ... and only lost 1 of the next 25 matches !!
That would do for The Massive surely ??

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Those that disagree with hoddle please put names out there ?
the young energetic manager comments made me choke on my tea
we need an experienced manager with good contacts through out the game and is a known name worldwide
Hoddle for wednesday

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For god sake, just stick with what we got.
Dave Jones is doing a great job just get behind him and the team. 3 months ago he was the best thing that happened to wednesday and now we going through a rough patch get rid. Get real

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You want an experienced manager with good contacts? isn't that what we have now. As for motivation, after seeing Jones on the TV, he would have difficulty motivating me to get in the lifeboat from a sinking ship.

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It's fans like you , and MM quickly , who need to get real while we still got time to fix the wreckage of what Jones has done since start of season.

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Been with out a club for six years now no we do not need him

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Been without a club for last six years cos hes set up a world famous coaching academy which finds and nurtures talented kids from all over the world.
He has turned down loads of offers in this time many from the very top clubs but wanted to make sure his academy could carry on without him before he took one .
We wouldnt want to take advantage of having a manager like that at Hillsboro would we ?

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The above comment spot on well educated
hoddle for wednesday

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Huddle shcmoddle. He was hated as an England manager cos he was a banker. How can you lot be so narrow minded?

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Must be too young to remember maybe?

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As a father of two children with disabilities, the day Hoddle is confirmed as our manager is the day I send my season ticket back.

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On 30 January 1999, with the England team preparing for Euro 2000, and amidst the fall-out from the previous season's World Cup, Hoddle gave an interview to Matt Dickinson of The Times newspaper in an attempt to defend himself against his critics (over issues such as Eileen Drewery and his faith and show a strong front for the remainder of the qualifiers.

Dickinson's interview revealed that Hoddle had a "controversial belief that the disabled, and others, are being punished for sins in a former life. Hoddle's comments were criticised by several politicians including Sports Minister Tony Banks and Prime Minister Tony Blair. Public opinion, based upon the immediate media furore resulted in (according to one BBC poll) 90% of respondents believing Hoddle should not continue as English manager. However, the BBC survey showed that while many considered his comments insensitive to disabled people, others defended his right to express his religious beliefs by claiming that to sack him would constitute religious discrimination.

Hoddle stated that he was not prepared to resign and claimed his words were misinterpreted and pointed out his contributions and commitment to organisations helping disabled people The Football Association terminated Hoddle's contract on 2 February 1999, which was welcomed by representatives of disabled groups. The disabled rights campaigner Lord Ashley however, while criticising Hoddle's views, defended his right to express them, likening the campaign against Hoddle to a "witchhunt" and considered Hoddle's dismissal "a sad day for British tolerance and freedom of speech" a view which was shared by the Daily Mirror and Daily Mail and in several foreign newspapers. Some writers considered the remarks were used as a pretext to get rid of him. Hoddle apologised for the offence that had been caused, stating it had never been his intention and continued to fundraise for disabled groups after being dismissed. Much later criticism was made of Hoddle's dismissal on the grounds that he had been forced out for non-footballing reasons.

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He absolutely has the right to state his views however obnoxious they may be but as a season ticket holder for 27 years I'd have nothing to do with the club until he left. I understand principles mean nothing to most fans but sometimes they're worth standing up for.

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19 Nov 2012 16:09:07
Liam Palmer back? Beevers? New manager 4-4-2. Please sort now or be too late mandric. Sven apparently intrested no no no!

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We r linked with with ranger

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I think Ranger is very talented BUT I would rather we were trying to get a hard working , clean living, ambitious forward in.

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Ranger was not a prolific goal scorer in league 1 but that said he was beginning to look better playing alongside Madine, not that he will get the chance to make a partnership with Madine he will have to play alongside Bunty Bothroyd who as we are told by our beloved manager is the only quality player at the club.

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Ranger is rubbish we need a goal scorer not a donkey

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Don't want Ranger but DO want facts, Ranger is no donkey .
When he broke in to Newcastle team as a young teenager he was one of most promising youngsters in country, which is way they offered him that ridiculous contract just to make sure they kept him.
What they didn't know then was that whilst he had all that talent in his feet he had nothing between his ears .
Hes gone on to get in trouble with police and do everything wrong to further his career, which is why we shouldn't sign him.
But he is definitely no donkey.

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Donkey all day long 5 goals in 71 games

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Only done numbers at school?
Facts next week is it ?

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We already have one donkey with O'Grady. We don't need another one.

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Discussion over I guess, COG is no donkey either .
Admitted hes not international class but he does have his strengths as well as his weaknesses - as ALL players do.
For example if that CLASS player Bothroyd worked half as hard as COG he might be a bit closer to actually being a class player !
If you haven't got the intelligence to recognise those qualities and give credit where its due its a waste of time.

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Don't bite, it's just Trigger cueing himself up foe an almighty downfall again.

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You must watch a different game to the ones I go to mate...COG A DONKEY....UR A GRUNTER IN DISGUISE!! If mr Bothroyd showed half the desire of COG WELL WE WOULD BE NEAR THE TOP OF THE TABLE! I can't believe some of the rubbish some so called wednesdayites post on these sites.

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I totally agree but you look like a donkey with your caps lock massive.

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But Ranger is a donkey fact and cog is a good player who work is butt off fact

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Ranger is a crazy young man who has wasted all his talent and thrown a very promising career away.
Definitely not a donkey in footballing terms but hes definitely stupid as a mule !

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19 Nov 2012 15:07:26
Dennis Wise is going to be your next manager. I've no idea when but he is going to replace your current manager when he is relieved of his duties. He will be accompanied by Eddie Newton as his assistant. MM was going to release Dave Jones last month but his first choice to replace him Luca Vialli back tracked after initially agreeing to the job.

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Nice try Dennis ;)

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According to the Standard Gianluca Vialli says he would obviously be inerested in the job but doesn't want to talk about it as it wouldn't be fair on Dave Jones nor would he ever talk publicly about any managerial positions while the club in question as a manager still in place. I think we can assume from this that MM or his people have sounded him out for the job. Not sure if this would be good for us as he would demand glamour players on glamour wages.

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Surely if MM were to offer Vialli the job it would only be if he were to prepared to fund those type of players and that kind of money ?
Thats why I don't think there is any truth in this story at all !

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Owts worth a try then dj bringing in 15 players sending beevers out and palmer and then not playing madine and hope if viali is after glamour players he wil get bothroyd shipped out then, he cant even spell glam hehe xxxx

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Milan is a multi millionaire businessman, he has built very profitable businesses and to do that he has had to appoint the right people for the job, if he makes a mistake he changes it that is what good businessman do. Ask yourself would he appoint Dennis Wise to be the manager of one of his businesses, look at his CV as a football manager. Reading his football manager's CV and his managerial achievements would take, lets see, 10 seconds and it would be that long because you would have to read it twice because you wouldn't believe the first time. Get real Dennis; Milan is far too much of a businessman to appoint you.

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Morcambe and wise more like

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I do hope so lol

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Reckon you're a bored Chelsea fan?

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19 Nov 2012 14:36:07
mm in manchester right now with owen coyle

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Doubt it very much and hope not cos he aint the answer.
Didnt do much with ex Prem players at start of season so wont win matches with our squad.

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19 Nov 2012 11:41:00
Barkley is going back to Everton.

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Not bothered. He is not the wonderkid a lot of people seem to think he is. Now if we can do the same with Bothroyd....

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Can we afford to get a striker now?

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Barkley is 18 year old and he's been arguably our best player, love to know what you expect from him, he'll be in the England squad eventually

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Just watch the change in results now barkley has gone we are finally going to start winning ... again he was non existant at forest same as he as been in most of his previous games might as well of had 10 men on the pitch

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Correct. never once made a tackle.apart from semedo,just like the rest of our midfield.can anybody find out what gary shelton is doing?

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No denying his talent , but you can have too much youth and promise in a team at this level and that is our problem.
We need to get more experience and bite in to the side, if we do that we might just stay in this division long enough for the youngsters to have their chance.
Maybe now we can start down a different road.

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Right about different road.
DJ only brought young players in.
With all his years in Championship he should have known we needed experience and battlers as well . He tried to put it right with Bothroyd but he has let DJ and us down and should follow Barkley out as soon as possible.

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Lets hope we turned a corner and are on that different road.
Bothroyd out NOW

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Need Lines back in the team.

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Good luck to ross

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19 Nov 2012 09:01:22
Been told that Bothroyd is on £40k a week and we are paying 50% of his wages, that means with add on's such as NI, insurances, medical fees etc he will be costing us between £25k and £30k every week. Also the agreement between QPR and us says he has to play every game if he is fit. It seems to me that Jones convinced MM and PA that Bothroyd was the answer to all our problems and now he can't drop him because firstly he agreed to the clause that says he has to play and secondly what would MM think say if he was paying between £25/30k a week for player to sit on the bench. Time for Jones to admit he was wrong and send him back he is not worth the money,

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Really does make you worry about Jones judgement?
When you look at the abject failure that Bothroyd has been and what it has cost the club. Add to this the No of players that DJ signed who have failed to make it in to the side, and the ones that have worked McCabe & Corry were well known to everyone in football so were no-brainers really.
Then you have to question his tactical judgement , 17 matches played and no more than a couple of clean sheets? Not as important when scoring for fun like we were early season, but we cant buy a goal now?
The final and perhaps biggest question about his judgement was to have a go at the fans last week !
This was motivated by his foolish defence of Bothroyd and his non-performances !
The fans aren't stupid, they know whether a player is doing enough to earn the shirt. To go to Press and insist that Bothroyd was doing a great job, that he was our only class player, and that the 25000 fans didn't know what they were talking about, was an insult to what are widely acknowledged to be among the best fans in the country.
Not only that but a slur to the other players and highly demotivating at a time when you want everyone giving there all ?
I'm sure MM will have noted all this BUT he will have a reluctance to do what is needed because that would bring in to question his OWN judgement in how and when he acted in appointing Jones.
So IMO at the moment we are between a rock and a hard place. Almost everybody knows what needs to be done but its unlikely that anything will happen quickly. We have to hope that somehow or other we manage to accumulate enough points to escape relegation.

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And you know this how?

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Do you think all the playing staff dont know the story ? I cant see any of them saying anything to their mates etc can you ?

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I'm not a wednesday but i have been to a few games this season n i must say bothroyd is pants, he's too damn lazy n why not play madine more frequently now he seems to be finding some form. SEND BOTHROYD BACK TO QPR. don't shoot me down jus expressin my opinion.

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We paying 12k of is wage he is on 32k a week

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