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19 May 2012 23:44:11
Wednesday to sign Kieran Lee, Michail Antonio and Tom Heaton. All to be announced next thursday in a press conference.

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19 May 2012 19:58:17
wednesday have been looking at some prem youngster dont no who tho

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I know one of the scouts and from what he tells me the list of players looked at is extremely long. Interestingly I have run some of the names by him which have been banded about and they have never or are no longer on the list for e.g. Freeman.

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Know one of the scouts do you? how convenient. wonder how many people on here believe that.

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Yes I do but he does not know which players they are trying to sign only those they have watched. It is a very long list, he has indicated who got good reports but nothing else.
Not much to lie about.

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Not that it matters charlton are a more attractive club to move to for a newly promoted club who wants to go to second best

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Well thats the linkers stewed then coz who wants to go to 3rd best! thats if they are lucky enough to go up! Obviously your a talking about Charlton being a more attractive option than us!

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I support LFC and can say that if i was a footballer i'd choose sheffield wednesday over charlton even though they finished second simply because they're a bigger club.

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Thats because we're all Wednesday aren't we

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19 May 2012 18:17:28
Following are to be owls :- Antonio, k. Lee, wittingham, simoen Jackson, roger Jonson, freeman, chr Burke, ranger, Wordsworth these are the ones what are most likely to be done before pre season starts! Up the owls!!

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I wud be buzzing if we got whittingham and also Jackson but can I ad I've been saying for last few months freeman looks a real player uto

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I would love freeman, since he's been at Stevenage he's looked real quality, good times ahead for the owls!UTO

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What a load of rubbish,I think that's your wish list not Dave jones

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I suspect the first 3 comments were put on by the same person. Johnson has been ruled out of contention. Freeman is just not good enough.
Not a rumour just bilge.

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I'm guessing that u who said freeman isn't good enough has never played football his self cus let me tell that boy can play trust me uto

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Load of baloni
Johnson Jackson whittingham Burke
All but Johnson be awesome but not a prayer.

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19 May 2012 17:26:36
tom Heaton excpeted to sign a contract on monay


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19 May 2012 17:06:30
Apparently dj budget is 5 million and dj is looking to buy the following.....

Antonio - 800 k
Jordan Rhodes ( if huddersfield dont go up) - 2.8 million
Danny batth - 500 k
Nile Ranger - (loan)
Tom heaton - Unknown

From my mate who works at SWFC and is good friends with DJ

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Yep so lets spend 5 million on exactly the same team we had in League 1 bar except for 1 extra striker. Get real. 5 million will be spent a lot better than that!

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No way would we get Batth for 500k

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My mates DJ's paperboy. Dave invited him in and showed him Wednesday's transfer budget as well as giving him a complete list of targets - not very likely is it. Huddersfield are likely to get more than 2.8 million for Rhodes and I couldn't see us paying it anyway. Transfer dealings are usually quite confidential and when someone starts with my mates knows, I smell BS.

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Fulham have offered 3.5M for Jordan Rhodes, so i think he's out the question dont you.

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Paperboy? haha is he? brilliant lol yeah well erm , i deliver his pizza every friday lol come on mate get real lol

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Fullham already offered 3.5 million for Rhodes so he's off the list,

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Fullham already offered 3.5 M for Rhodes

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Not getting batth he is staying at wolves but might get roger johnson uto

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19 May 2012 16:27:09
Ross McCormack set to decline a contract offer from Leeds. Believed to be a transfer target of our KING Dave Jones

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19 May 2012 15:05:45
I posted about tom heaton otherday hes now on the verge of signing.i expect it to be announced on monday.

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Cant be announced until 1st July(OFFICIALLY)

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Not true. You offically SIGN for a new team on july 1st but that does not mean you announce it then. clubs are already confirming new signings but they dont offically become there players until july 1st.

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Hes a free agent he was released.

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19 May 2012 13:58:20
Dave Jones at Championship Play Off final today. Who will he be watching?

He also attanded Man Utd v Man City reserve game this week. He must have been looking at some one question is who?

Source The Star

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How is it possible to disagree link is on Sheffield Wednesday Newsnow also says Mandaric and Jones meet tomorrow to discuss progress and budget.

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Reckon Stephen Dobbie

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I pressed disagree ...only cos I can

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19 May 2012 11:48:58
Leigh Griffiths looking to complete a move, hopefully permanent. If not season long loan. My uncle works at swfc and told me he had heard a few people talking about the deal.

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Wouldnt want a guy that has only score 8 goals in the scottish premier playing for us!

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I hope not he's a right bellend!

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I think id rather have ranger if available?

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I have a feeling that a lot of these rumours come from people's Football Manager teams. And Leigh is in mine. Not that that has any bearing at all, apart from the game - i have read and heard good things and right age.

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Above is probably correct he is a Wolves player on loan at Hibs.

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Nile ranger was total tosh for me. id rather spend the extra wages budget on a decent up and coming striker (ie Rhodes).

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19 May 2012 11:24:56
tom heaton has reportedly had a medical at hillsbourgh


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