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19 Jan 2013 19:51:44
Saw rob earnshaw at the match today

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Where was he sat then?

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Think defence and midfield alright just need a out and out goalscorer

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19 Jan 2013 21:30:14
South stand just behind players entrance

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We were brilliant today jj did well and antonio. although wish antonio's final ball was better because he had a few chances to score. If we play like that every week we will be fine just need the decisive end product which hopefully will come with a new striker but we will see

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Be good if he was there and signing for us. Send sidibe back

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100% earnshaw was there. Cant be long before he's confirmed as a swfc player.

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Hope earnshaw was there we were brill need a clinical finisher and he fits the bill!anyone know who this striker dj was on about on radio sheff after match with a club wantin 2.5 mill for him!

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If he signs we will score a lot more goals because his experience is key at this level, and he knows how to score

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Billy sharp 2.5million and southampton only paid 1.7 and don't need him

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John Guidetti of Man City was striker.

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Earnshaw was at Cardiff game so must have bee brother at Hillsbrough!

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Remember the sightings we had at Hillsbrough at pre season games none of them signed.

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20 Jan 2013 09:57:17
Earnshaw would be a great player for us and he's not afraid to have a shot

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Billy sharp is playin for forest at moment.....

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The striker is Simeon Jackson

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Earnshaw was at hillsborough not cardiff game.

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It's Simeon Jackson

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Who disagreed with the need for end product comment you want your head looking at!

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Did you go to the Cardiff game an see eaearnshaw

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Billy sharp mite be at forrest but he's a southampton player in PREMIER LEAGUE YOU CLOWN, and earnshaw not aloud to leave til day after deadline as he's being paid up then till end of season. if he does talk about it or leave therl be a fee, if he does come hilsborough it be after deadline as an out of contract player

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Rob earnshaw going to MLS next week
we go not money because if we did we would be buying players now but we got to sell players first

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19 Jan 2013 19:49:23
Any truth in this Shlomi Arbeitman deal?

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Hope not

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Clearly made enquiries about him.

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No his agent put his name forward but the club rejected him

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Hope not he sh*t we need a 30 goal a season striker someone who knows wer championship net is I think swfc have been using pillars in kop and lepping lane as shooting practise

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(replying to last comment)Not many strikers get 30 goals a season who are we after van Persie

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