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19 Jan 2012 22:48:24
Owls after crawleys tubbs or Barnett depending on players choice thier manager has said he will not come in way if bigger clubs are interested in his players if money is right too. Also Weston is desperate to join owls but from what we I've heard he is probably 3 rd option for megson if nothing else comes into place. Owls enquired about rithchie of Swindon but di canio is only willing to do business at 800k an above as he turned down a bid from another club of 400k. One of Tonge famliy members believe he is on way to the owls from Stoke so it's time to say thanks for Marshall an good luck for the future. Make what you want but I believe Wednesday must spend at least a 1 million in to guarantee promotion.

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On the way to owls from Stoke. Who? Tonge! If so not so sure. Would prefer Marshall from Stoke , at least we know what were getting and he's not an ex oinker

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If it is tonge do you reckon pulls has turned round and offered him. Sheffield lad but only played one game last season according to their website. If he was on a freebee why would he not go to united. Oh sorry, they can't pay his wages.

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Agree,But we wont.

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We dont need to spend 1million at all!

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19 Jan 2012 21:39:37
Marshall to Sign Mon for 850,000 with add ons if we get promoted. 3 year with get out clause if we don't go Up. Source mate close to Stoke City FC . UP THE OWLS and Mandric.

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Sorry,even though I would love this to happen,it's a load of .....

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Wishful thinkin mate but cheers

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I would like to think so and I'm forever an optimist. So like others I am getting a little dissalusioned and fed up but you never know. I think the player will have a lot to say in where he ends up as long as we satisfy stokes asking price. Afterall, he is not only a footballer but a young lad of twenty. I know if I had a choice between the next three years in Sheffield or the next three years at Ipswich or whoever I know where I'd want to be. Yes carrears in football are short and you should probably go for the better contract but maybe not. s**t loads of money with nowhere to spend it, it's not as if he'd be on a bad contract at Wednesday anyway.

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850k???? Behave, Never gonna happen, Think it's time we Wednesday fans grew up and realised we aint getting any big signings.

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850k, I'd pay it to go up, especially when you have said 5m to spend. I think he would be a good buy at that if he continues to shoe the potential he has. Can't cough at five in 22 for a winger.,better than some strikers. Let's stop being pessimistic, if he wants to be at Wednesday he will be, he loved it here so ...... Just maybe ge will want to live in Sheffield {Ed013's Note - I heard you are interested in Billy Paynter of Leeds}

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I hope not ed...he's totally useless, scoring record appalling! {Ed001's Note - he did well in League 1.}

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Look on the page and look at the home page with the Marshall story which shows hes set to sign with Stoke but may be loaned out

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People are talking nonsense if people think Marshall is the difference between going up and staying down. A striker is what is required to replace Morrison and work with Lowe, Madine and O'Grady

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And who will supply all thes strikers ?

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19 jan 2012 19:17:02
still no money for signings trying to get players on loan for 3 months-no good milan get your cheque book out-

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Why do people keep posting no money etc etc. there is money there! Still loads of time in transfer window.

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If loads of money there why has Megson tried to get 5 players on loan this week ?(BBC)

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Ha why do people always put rubbish on here Milan is a very clever man we do have money to spend and I wish people would let this Ben Marshall thing drop he is not coming back have faith in our team we have got they got us where we are as well not just Ben Marshall

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The person who rights anti Mandaric items is not a Wednesday fan and he gets off on people responding to his rubbish. I appeal to everyone just ignore the tripe that is posted and he will go back to where he came.

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There's a lot more than one !!

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19 Jan 2012 15:44:13
apparently Ben Marshall is now up for sale after continuing to turn down offers from Stoke and 7 clubs after him, 5 from Championship, us and another League 1 club according to Gary Megson.

As per Rob Staton on Twitter

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I thought it was 5 championship clubs and 2 L1 clubs ?

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Whichever way, it's time to forget about this saga and move on.

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Read interview with megson on radio sheffield site he sounds gutted he no,s he as a job on to replace Marshall and reading between the line it's basically telling us he ain't coming back

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Cos Meggers knows Milan wont spend the kind of money Marshall is worth.

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It's obvious Megson's known the score since a month in to start of this season.
MM said at start of season that we would "sign players for the Championship" & " there's no future in loan signings" - - right Gary ?
Now we're told there's 5m available for January - & Megson's spent all this week on phone trying to get 5 players on loan! - - right Gary ?
But Megson has just got on with doing the job like a true blue , knowing that MM will probably sack him at end of season if we don't get promotion - - cos it'll be Megsons fault - - right Gary ?

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No it's because he wants a player of same standard as Marshall from a higher division which is out of our price range to buy that's why a loan deal it's about getting out of this league not buying average players to keep the fans happy

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Yeah all Loan players. Oh we have signed 3 plyars on permenant agreements this month and 3 loan players have gone back. We have only one player on loan at moment Danny Batth. The type of player megson has been after on loan is too difficult for us to purchase as a div 1 club. The person who keeps having a pop at mndaric is the same person. Occasionally supported by his mate. best ignore what they say as he gets off on folks responding to him.

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Whoever said i thought it was 5 championship clubs and 2 from league 1 trying to be smart in reply to my original post are we not a league 1 club? DOH

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Miles off again I'm afraid there are loads of posters on here with same views , I read them all . You Poh-Pooh! what we're posting but nobody has answered any of the points I've been making , or even put up any alternative explanation. That's the only reason why I keep making them .
Principally - Why is MM saying one thing but doing another ? To me it's obvious !

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State the obvious then - why is he doing it?

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Stating the obvious -- He's a business man, not an Owls fan !!
He bought the club cos it was a great deal - not cos he's been an Owl fan all his life like most of us posting on this site.
AND he's 74 , so he's obviously not in it for the long haul like we are ?
I keep saying we should all be eternally grateful to MM for saving our great club. But like any other great business man would do in his position, (and this is not criticism ) he will spend as little as he has to from now on , to maximise his profit when he sells us on , as he will sooner rather than later, for obvious reasons .

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Nobody has ever claimed MM is a lifelong fan, if that had been the case then sureley we'd have been his first and only club, not his 3rd. However I still do not doubt his commitment to the club in the slightest and absolutely trust he will do everything that is needed to put us back to the top. If he sells on then for a profit well good luck to him and he will leave with the thanks of Hillsborough ringing in his ears

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19 Jan 2012 15:44:13
apparently Ben Marshall is now up for sale after continuing to turn down offers from Stoke and 7 clubs after him, 5 from Championship, us and another League 1 club according to Gary Megson.

As per Rob Staton on Twitter

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19 Jan 2012 13:30:03
Wednesday have tried for and been knocked back for 5 players this week,no one in before the weekend.

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19 Jan 2012 12:44:10
Darren Carter on trial

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Its a posibility he is a free agent and is right size and shape to appeal to the boss. However he failed to get a deal at Preston, Birmingham and Brighton. Not sure but could have injury issue.

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Sheffield wednesday want 3 more players in the transfer window 2 midfielders and a striker

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19 Jan 2012 10:37:06
rumoured we are interested in Boyd
of Peterborough, 500,000 + jj

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Yeah ok, peterborough going to sell there best player to a club in league below in return for a player who is at best ropey? Come on, I wish we could sign players like Boyd but it wont happen whilst in this league

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19 Jan 2012 00:27:00
After massively lengthy negotiations, the Marshall deal looks back on track, with the league one giants looking to tie up a massive 5 year deal by Tuesday of next week.

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Dream on

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Care to explain how you know this?

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Hope ur right. Hope its not a lie.

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Got to be a wind up. A lot from bramhall farm are using the word massive of late when talking about us owls. Good if true though.

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Definate blunt, showing they are more interested in wednesday than they are their own club again

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Utter rubbish

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Utter rubbish

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