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19 Aug 2012 23:14:50
'Bristol City are believed to have agreed a fee with Queens Park Rangers for striker DJ Campbell.'

Why wouldn't we go for him? He's a great player and a proven goal scorer at this level

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Who would you have Campbell or Barcelona's Rhodri? No brainer really.

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Team players are what we require, have you noticed he never stays anywhere for very long. Alos perforances are in and out.

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Maybe because our manager doesn't want him

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Rodri has signed - source sky sports

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Its been well documented that his excessive wage demands have put a host of clubs off him.

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19 Aug 2012 19:28:07
rodri will be a wednesday player before tuesday match good

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2 Million Euro fee

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It'll be a loan not perm deal

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Can't see us paying anywhere near that for a relative nobody.

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Not a relative nobody in Spain tho.
Barca youth players are the cream of the crop.

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It says fee agreed so can sign if loan succesful. Think he played for Seville before going to Barcelona.

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He's 22 not 17, Don't get me wrong, I want him and Barca wouldn't have bought a turd..But we ain't paying 2m Euros for him....If we do I will wax my arse.

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Its a loan with option to buy fee agreed for if we take the option 2 million just over 1.5 million pounds. This is practically done just a case of signing off at barcelonas end. Be announced monday.

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Fabregas was In Barcelona B before he joined arsenal, Inoo it's asking big of the lad but he could turn out like that, highly unlikely but we can believe!

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Trust me he's the REAL deal!!

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Fabregas messi pique tello busquets pedro all came from barca b so hes coming from a good place tbh

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Rodri's wiki has been updated
Current club SWFC

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Get that wax on a low heat - just in case!! lol

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Its true rodri's wiki says current club SWFC number 18 see for yourself

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Danny mayor has been given number 18

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Rodri is number 15

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To the gentleman who has offered to wax his behind. I have had a word with Wednesdayite and they have agreed for it can be done before kick off in car park. In order to make a return raffle tickets will be sold with the winner having the opportunity of doing the ripping off. proceeds will go to Academy. The gentleman who offered this will surely submit details to Wedenesdayite so pre match entertainment can go ahead.

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Piggies with waxed arses...what an awful thought!

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Sorry mate I think you are right but it does say rodri is number 18 on his wiki

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Says on official site Rodri will wear 15

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19 Aug 2012 18:44:55
Everton loanee iminent after Everton sign striker Miralles

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19 Aug 2012 09:50:12
Went to the match yesterday and had a chat with two guys who were adamant that michael owen was joining stoke, paving way a move for Cameron jerome, dunno how much the fee or anything will be

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Cameron as a young lad am led to beleive had trial at hillsborough,had a stormer at s6 for cardiff, night game koumas was in midfield. wages could be stumbling block dont spend what we have not got.

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Yeah I heard this aswell be a good signing

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I saw my gran in hillsbrough the otha day, make of it what u will...

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Yeah, your gran is in my football manager team, she must sign for us.

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I used to play with jerome. before i knew him i believe he had a trail at wednesday or was released. i played with him at halifax academy at 16 and then the whole team moved to ossett albion. he had a trail at middlesborough as our manager was a scout for them, they rejected him and then he had a trail at cardiff and joined soon after.

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Yep agree wiv ^. i knew his cousin a while back (as he was the boyfriend with my cousin), and Cameron Jerome and his cousin had trails together at the majority of those clubs. Cameron was successful by himself at Cardiff tho. Tbh tho I doubt he'll come.

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