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18 Sep 2013 10:34:14
A friend of mine who's connected to the club states that the relationship between DJ an MM is on the verge of collapse. There are no funds to bring any one in even on loan now. There will be no more signings in this loan window.

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Rubbish. I spoke to Jones and indicated that he and MM get on we'll and they are hoping to bring in a couple of players soon.

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Sorry seen so many of these comments, my daughter knows the younger brother of his aunty maureen who's dog knows blah blah blah

I do believe Jones will be sacked soon, if results don't improve over the next few games.

And personally think MM is holding back funds because he doesn't want to give DJ any more money, because all his signings have been awful, they guy has no vision and is living of past memories.

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Funnily enough I know that dog, and he said that dj is the best manager we've ever had!

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Aunty maureethough has never been a reliable source whemn it comes to transfer rumours?

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At last someone can see the end of Dave Jones

I would glad to see him go but the real problem is who comes in and would MM support the new guy

Dave Jones has bought some right dogs, some are good but he won't play them and his decisions are baffling

Yes MM saved us but its time to sell us on make your profit and go

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All you people that have backed Dave Jones. Shame on you. Your as much to blame as he is for the mess we are in. I was never Megsons biggest fan but he played the style of football that was needed to get us out of the league that we're going back too and I'm sure he would be doing a damn better job that Dave Jones is doing in this league too.

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Lets face it Chances are we won't make another loan signing now unless someone gets injured and even if we did do we honestly believe it will be anywhere near the standard the fans want?

I think we might be lucky this year as unlike last year there are 4 worse teams than us in the league.

Its now time for DJ to show us how good of a manager he really is and turn is into a hard to beat side.

The players need to show some fire!

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Couldn't agree more mate. If you support Dave Jones you support the demise of this club. He's destroyed all the hard work that Gary Megson and his staff did for this club since the moment he arrived. Ok Megsons league one style didn't look good but it worked. Isn't that a managers job? To improve the team and to gain success? I'd go back to that style of football this very minute if I thought it would shoot us up the league and get us another promotion. You who back Dave Jones are partly to blame for what's happening right now. Stop doing it or go and support the United and do the same to them.

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All the rubbish about if supporting DJ you supporting the demise of the club? Are you for real? Where have you been for the past 20 years? Real fans support the club no matter what! I don't care who in charge I will support the Owls no matter what through think and thin and have done for the past 35 years! Anyone would think we have lost every game this season 10-0 and bottom of the league by 50 points! We are not we are a club that is still rebuilding from 10 years plus of very bad management! MM not going to ruin the hard work he done so far by wasting millions on players we cannot afford to get us in debt and freefall last we have done for the past so many years!

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Yep. Shame on us for backing our own manager, the guy that ultimately got us promoted and has delivered a year-on-year improvement in terms of league position.


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This is a concerted effort by the Gary Megson fan club to undermine Jones. They do not realise GM did very little during his period in charge. The absolte joke comment about Jones undoing his good work is absolute trash. Just get a life and realise clock will not be turned back.

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I have been a Wednesdayite for more than sixty years and I have learned to distinguish between supporting the club as a whole and supporting an individual within it. Do you think a bad player should be praised and kept on the books just because he wears our shirt? No, you want to replace him with someone who can take us forward. Managers are no different, the same criteria apply. To support someone whom we see as damaging to the club's interest is not actually supporting the club at all, it is merely supporting the individual on the grounds that he is ours.

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"Ok Megsons league one style didn't look good but it worked". Think Jones style worked better because he didn't lose a game. It's not "sack Jones" time just yet we've got 2 very winnable games coming up. let's support the team. FFS!

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The mistakes Jones has made are signing Coke & Prutton on new deals they were great for us towards end of last season but ultimately are not good enough for this league and should have let them move on, going abroad for strikers we need people use to the league and with championship pedigree (Rodri, Pecnic, Nuhiu) & signing injury prone players. Gardner being injured for most of the season doesn't surprise me and I recon that Kirkland will be next. I believe it can be turned round but don't make us wait to long!

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I rate DJ he as done a half decent job. In relation to the above post we are hard to be beat, after all we have been in front in 5 of the 6 games we've played. We just lack that quality to kill a game off at the moment

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Oh I'm really sorry for causin the demise of our club. A club I've been supporting since 1955. A club who in all that time I've seen win 1 trophy. The famous rumbelows, league, capital cup. oh an the unknown centenary cup at wembley. i'm sorry for spendin thousands of pounds watchin the owls, probably before you were born. please accept my apologies. mik

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If Jones brings in any players I only hope their surnames don't start with an M because Jones will never play them. Think Mattock, McCabe, Maguire, Madine. Now if you are called Johnson you are quid's in.

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Are you people for real? we are 6 games into season with a depleted squad. your an embarrasment to club! SUPPORT OUR TEAM! if we are in bottom 3 by december then yh I can understand. but a little run of form we would shoot up table an you would all be saying how great jones is. get it in your heads we are not getting promoted we are not going to pend millions! so get behind them it will be a long season but in my opinion we will NOT go down

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There are tens of thousands of loyal fans who are very concerned about where our club is going. When things are going well on the pitch fans start getting worried, rumours start to get out of hand. Jones is going to be sacked, there will be no more signings, the take over has fallen through etc. etc. MM said that they hoped to get players in, in the next weeks, and that was two weeks ago, nothing. Jones sounds about as low as a manager can get.

I and 22,000 fans turned up to see the debacle against Yeovil and I believe we deserve and explanation. Does MM just expect us to keep turning up to see that rubbish without them telling us, it's vital customers what is going on.

Radio Sheffield says we have a player budget that is one of the 5 lowest in the Championship. I know we can't compete with the Wigan's, Readings and QPR etc. but if we have a lower player wages budget than 19 other teams in this league then we deserve to be told why. We have the second highest attendance in the league and whilst I know that is only part of the income that clubs rely on it proves that we as supporters are doing our part to ensure progression.

MM must come out and tell us the truth about what is happening and why new players have not been signed, is he going to back the club with money to sign players and if the takeover is on track or not etc.

MM owns the shares in the club but the club is ours we deserve to be taken more seriously, after all if we stopped going to games there would be no club.

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DJ obviously had his reasons for Madine.
Get with it man.

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My post about players who's name starts with M was a tongue in cheek joke. I'll not try to explain it to you. But it is good to know you can get a humour bypass on the NHS.

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I see the negs are back, stirring it up again. I have learned two things from years of supporting Wednesday:
1) you need stamina and resilience - it will always be a roller-coaster ride 2) Nothing ie ever a disaster. Tomorrow is always another day.

Supporting DJ is contributing to the demise of the club? Laughable! Frankly, mate, if you haven't got the bottle to stick with Wednesday through the hard times, you'd be better off switching to Man Utd.

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I totally agree with the post above, there thousands of us very concerned, Nothing is happening in terms of new players or progress

Milan you can fool some of the fans some of the time but you can't fool all the fans all of the time

You are now taking the Mickey out of the fans

Either back the Fat Controller or sack him, I prefer to see you both gone because between you, you are making us a laughing stock

I can understand your reluctance to not give DJ money to spend on players then not play them, or buy has beens and never beens

But just to leave things to fester is not helping, you have sacked managers at other clubs for less

We the loyal fans deserve better

We will still be here supporting our team long after you both have gone

Up the Owls

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How can milan make us a laughing stock? without him we could have been in administration an in league 2 instead we are in championship! there is more to clubs finances than just clubs attendances! i. e sponcership if we have 5th lowest budget we have nothing we can do about it but get behind them! if a new manager comes in we still have a 5th lowest budget so we still will be at bottom end come end of season. it will just cost us more money in sacking jones. and this with megson we would have never had that run of form with meggo that got us promoted but he did turn club around.

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We're are these fools going with all the ridiculous Megson comments?
Bizarre to say the least.

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Can I ask those that complain about negative posts to tell what there is to be positive about. We have a Chairman that by his own admission wants to sell our club has soon as possible, a Chairman that is restricting the club to one of the five lowest player budgets in the Championship. A manager that has brought in a host of players that most supporters would say are not good enough or he is not getting enough out of, a manager that brings in players and then doesn't play them, a manager that is playing a style of football that is awful to watch and team that look on the evidence of Yeovil match devoid of confidence, spirit or fight.

I have seen Wednesday eight times this season and the only good performances have been against QPR and Middlesbrough, the rest have ranged from poor to down right horrible. The final insult was Yeovil, to be played off the park by 10 man Yeovil was an embarrassment I never want to see again.

And before you start telling me that because I am having a rant I haven't got the bottle to watch Wednesday, let me tell you that I have been watching them the Owls a while, 60 years + in fact. I have stood on the terraces and watched them through thick and thin, mostly thin and cheered them and will continue to support them, its my club.

Everybody has a right to their own opinion but please don't call supporters negative or say that they don't have the bottle to watch Wednesday just because their views are different to yours, just think, they might be seeing something that you are refusing to see through your rose tinted glasses.

Then tell us what there is to be positive about.

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Reasons to be positive:- 1) Cheer up as SUFC are in the relegation zone of League 1. With any luck they will be the richest club in League 2 next season. 2) We are unbeaten in our last 4 games. 3) Compare our goal difference to those around us, nobody has battered us. 4) Our chairman saved us from admin 2 years ago andsince then we have been promoted. 5) He is looking for a buyer & I like to think he wants the right buyer for both his & the clubs benifit. 6) Look what happened last season when MM kept his faith in DJ after than terrible run up to Xmas. I appreciate early season has been patchy but unless I'm mistaken the season doesn't end in September. WAWAW

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Well said

Come on tell us what there is to be positive about

This man is bang on the nail

We are NOT Negative we are realists

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I think that the men who told the Captain of the Titanic there were icebergs, was called negative as well. Wonder what happened to that ship. WAWAW.

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Can somebody tell me when the loan window closes?

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I don't say you don't have the bottle because you have a different opinion. No problem with that. I say it because the neg opinions are posted here with unremitting gloom, lack of a constructive alternative and a massive lack of proportion. We are not heading for demise so hold your nerve!

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Singha is a Thai beer

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Mcphail signed till January

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We have played 7 games this season. done well to watch them 8 times n you forget to mention a decent performance at leeds! yeoville an millwal games were shockers but we dint lose.

positives, QPR played well should have had a pen an played v 10 an come away with a win could have nicked a win at leeds an should have beat yeovile,
were 6 games into season an lost 2 an are -2 on good could be mid table if we won our next 2 games

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18 Sep 2013 10:25:57
Lita is 100% not joining us. How do I know? the man himself told me. No more rumours about him please.

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To be fair he has admitted this on twitter too

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Is true stated that the move won't happen so let's leave it. His words on twitter

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He said not an option right now! maybe we weren't in for him cus we were focusing on Sharp. Nothing to say we can't give up on Sharp & go back in for Leroy!

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He's a terrible player, lazy, ball greedy and doesn't score enough. Need a player like sharp, fryatt or maybe even Vardy.

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O'Grady .

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Did you know he scored the goals that ensured our safety last year? He was great for us, typical goal scorer

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I went to School with vardy. Die hard Wednesday fan but really bad attitude problem worse than madines I'd say. Also he isn't actually that good, not good enough for championship anyway. If we did loan vardy I would give up hope

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Amen to that, litas not good enough anyway, vardy not going anywhere because he's in Leicesters first team so why join this circus of a club?

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Why do people think lita isn't good enough all of a sudden? We need a goal scorer, he did the business for us last year, we've got 2nd lowest budget in the champ and we can't even offer contracts to mcphail and olofinjana, who are you really expecting us to sign if lita 'isn't good enough'?

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