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18 Nov 2012 18:39:34
sick of hearing fellow wednesday fans asking for patience now, how patient can we be? patient enough to wait till the last day of the season needing a win for survival? then what? IF we do stay up all hail dj an hero then get ready for another season of struggle and dissapointment ! get him out now time for change milan!! send bothroyd back to qpr dont need him, give rodri a chance i like the look of him fast eager skillfull no fear...if mm cant find anyone to take over dj i'll do it? cant do any worse than whats currently going off!

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All this time for a change talk winds me up WHO could do better with this group of players ?
could a change of manager put the ball in the net for us ?

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This manager brought 15 of this group of players in - and most of them are not even playing .
Despite bringing all these players in, the manager himself said this week that the only quality player we've got is not one of those 15 or any of the players who won promotion, its Bothroyd who he brought in on loan ? .... thats only one reason why its time for a change, there are many !!
A change of manager , or even the novel idea of THIS manager changing something, might put the ball in the net?
But it looks like only one of these two options is possible, because Mr Jones has made it clear he will persist with what isn't working until it does or we get relegated, and we are running out of matches.

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Like i said mate WHO ?

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We are creating chances i would be more worried if we wasnt creating anything
SWD stick with jones

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Like I said mate, this manager cant get us to put the ball in the net despite bringing in a lot of his own players, and he aint gonna change anything , so me and a lot more say time for a change.
The thing that finally clinched it for me though was the utter contempt he showed for Owls fans with that statement in the week.
I honestly don't know how any Owls fan can support him now even if he does turn it around !
It was in effect giving them the fingers - so we should give the fingers to Mr Jones IMO.

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Forgot to add in answer to WHO ...
Does it matter who I think, MM didn't ask me last time before he brought DJ in so I doubt if he'll ask me this time !

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Give Dave Jones a 10 year deal he's doing a cracking job bringing the comedy back to Sheffields original comedy club :D

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Thanks for visiting Mr Blunt , but you obviously got lost AGAIN !
Theres a minimum intelligence requirement to come on here and you obviously don't meet that criteria otherwise you wouldn't be a Blunt .... Bye

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As a fan you must have some sort of idea who you would want to manage us ? otherwise your posts are unfounded and pointless

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Good to see the blunts still looking at the massive rumours page
last rumour i heard about them is that danny wilson will get them up with his wednesday spirit

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So you want me to repeat some of the many names that others have touted on here , and perhaps add some of my own that haven't been mentioned , all of which are probably not even at the very bottom of MMs list?
Surely thats pointless ?
The real point is that we currently have a manager who, IMO, is not worthy of remaining in that position for all the reasons I've given which are FACTS not pointless speculation.
I'm serious in expressing my views because our situation is serious and needs urgent action, either from Mr Jones, MM , or whoever MM decides will be the next manager.

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Agent Wilson won't let us down he proved hes still one of us last May didnt he.

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17 Nov 2012 23:51:04
2 goals for ALF today so plz stop mentioning his name.he aint comin to us. I said months ago it took 3 months to get antonio from reading. So ALF? Nah dream on but move on. Uto.....mik

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I am lost.

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Think next week coud be the fate decider

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Is alf short for Alfie? Alfie who? Who's he play for?

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Adam le Fondre, we were linked with him an age ago but because of that some people seem to think he's the only forward in FL (Football League)

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