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18 May 2013 15:48:27
Hear we try to sign Sylvan Ebanks-Blake when he is fit
and lita for 500k

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Always be careful about signing players who have broken a leg and have had no match time since.

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Hope we don't sign Sylvan Ebanks-Blake he was crap last season, he looked disinterested when he played against us and has had a broken leg late on his playing career, step backwards me thinks.

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Knowing the type of striker Jones likes sign (Bothroyd, Sidibe, Howard) he will probably go for old over the hill Ebanks-Blake who was good a few years ago but was rubbish last season and broke his leg, which at his time of life as a footballer is not good. If he goes Jones for him we are going nowhere.

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SEB scored 14 in a team that quite clearly struggled this year. Obviously a broken ankle would be a concern, but if he can regain his fitness I think he could do well for us but I can't see it happening due to his injury as he wouldn't be ready for quite a while.

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What's difference in him or Francis Jeffers he was signed and always injured?! Uto xx

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Simeon jackson on the way to s6 after he's contract has ended at norwich smart move I think!

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Would love to see rither Clayton Donaldson from Brentford or Paddy Madden from Yeovil

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Harry forrester

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We must try and get Paddy Madden great worker, great goal scorer and he still only 23 years old surely worth a bid?

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I think we should go for paddy madden too!dj are u listening!!

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Why paddy madden lower league footballer just look at gary madine and where we got him from

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Ebanks blake is a fantastic striker at this level. he didn't have a bad season this season

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I wouldn't mind wells from bradford. I know he was in league 2, but I believe he is good enough to shine at this level. ino a lot of you will disagree

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Paddy Madden is no longer a lower league player, he has just been promoted, if we don't sign him we will be playing against him.

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Doubt paddy madden will sign as soon as they've come up, they're massive favourites to go down let alone without a good striker. Would be sensible to put in a few bids for brentford players as they've got some real young talent like dean, forrester, forshaw

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Madden reminds me of Whelen. definitely worth tabling a bid for. Donaldson is also worth a punt, quick and can finish. Would score goals!

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Donaldson another sodje, we need better than that

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Matt Smith from Oldham 6. 6 feet only 23 perfect target man, scored against Premiership teams this year. Would score goals in the championship if we got the wingers we need in.

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would suit Jones hoofball brand of football but we'd all need new neck braces, mine wore out this year

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18 May 2013 14:41:22
Any news on the retaintion list?

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Not a rumour but I think we should buy Donaldson from Brentford he isn't proven at champ level but I think we should take the chance as he's still young

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Maybe we should put a bid in for Paddy Madden from Yeovil got a great goal scoring record not proven at this level but surely he'll get the goals

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Donaldson is 29 he is not that young

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Jay Simpson, Ebanks Blake, and olofinjana all on free's

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Jay simpson not a bad shout on a free and would aslo take olly back. Think niki wells from bradford would be a good move and suit the cham

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There's a article on owls site called 'owls offer 6' or something that's it

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Thats the 6 players we offered new contracts 2

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