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18 Jul 2013 19:41:08
Dave jones has confirmed we are not interested in signing aaron mclean

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I am from ipswich and chopra is a waste of space. Chopra has had gambling issues which the club paid off his debt. He would not be a good signing for us.

It would be like bothroyd

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In my eyes the arron MacLean deal has been done both manager and chairman's in Portugal and the deal will be done exactly the same way as Antonio deal was done with reading and Brian McDermott last year in albufeira I may be wrong but I very much doubt it

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You are wrong, don't doubt it

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Your assuming to early along way to go yet I think after hull game how can you be so sure he ain't?

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Your eyes are wrong. He isn't signing for us.

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18 Jul 2013 13:20:02
wednesday in talks with ipswich for striker michael chopra

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Don't want Chopra my best mates an Ipswich fan and he says Chopra was awful last year

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God I hope not!

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Its amazing any player linked to us there's always an owl saying my mate says yes or no he's brill he's garbage? makes me chuckle uto xxx

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If DJ thinks Chopra can/will do better than what we have, then he is worth a shot surely. DJ knows a lot more about football & players than most of us. Just because he hasn't had a good previous season (s) doesn't mean he can't do a job for us in the right team/formation. In DJ we trust. UTO

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No we are not

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If its not good or bad and brill or garbage what else can it be xxx.

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I don't think it was about ability the earlier comment it was the sarcasm that someone always has a connection to the player? owls about that

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Chopra is not signing

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Lita will be signing soon 100% fact

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Maybe the reason for people having mates who support other clubs is because football is watched by millions every weekend in England alone?

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18 Jul 2013 18:52:02
Has anyone seen the proposed new home kit? I think it's awful in especially in comparison with Hudersfield's Puma kit.
Somebody needs firing in my opinion!

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18 Jul 2013 18:55:21
How many times have we heard this over the past year? The poster clearly has a fixation for chopra or he has never seen chopra play for the last 2 years+. If he had then he would realise there is very little substance to this rumour because michael chopra is not going to score the goals that would help us reach the playoffs, and despite our evident lack of strikers there are plenty of players on lower wages in lower leagues who are better than Mr Chopra. Therefore I plead with you to stop posting such rubbish and only post rumours that may have a slight possibility of being true.

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B****y hope not, not the player he used to be and too many off field addictions.

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The only link to us and Chopra, is the person who posts this every transfer window.

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What you say chopra is not signing, think you should buy me a beer :)

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18 Jul 2013 12:50:46
Swfc after Aaron McLean so are Charlton and millwall
Source: swfc newsnow

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No we aren't. Rob Staton just tweeted that Dave Jones has said we are NOT interested.

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