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18 Jul 2012 22:40:07
if you check twitter - Reading f.c news they reckon Antonios partner is to study law at Sheffield Uni, so if true, would make sense for him to join us ?

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Antonio will sign for us! but deal wont be finalised until after the portugal game. In the process of discussing final transfer fee and a few additional clauses, gentleman's agreement will be made in Portugal with deal finalised back in UK. Antonio will leave Reading for sure, as he's unproven in the championship and will be deemed surplus to requirements. There is only one destination. WTID

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Shes going to manchester uni FACT

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Rumour has it that antonio's mum eats her meals with knives an forks made in SHEFFIELD , which must mean antonio's signing is imminent !

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Heard a rumour that Antonio's signing will happen in Portugal, possibly before the game with Reading but more likely after so he can't play against them. Same person said that a gentlemans agreement had been reached between the managers that he would be training with Sheff Wed while out there but could be drafted into the Reading team if they need cover for an injury.

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Hate this guy who always rights FACT in capital letters. You have read it off twitter pal, like everyone. Not a FACT!! unless you know them, which i very much doubt you do. Keep shnum you pathetic blade wannabe.

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Surely you mean unproven in Premiership for Reading

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Straws, clutching at

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19 Jul 2012 15:21:55
Actually i do speak to her n no i am not a blunt i asked her n she said manchester uni look at her twiter account msdebbiewhittle so will be waiting for an apology.

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Yawn. .

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18 Jul 2012 20:59:51
Ed are the pigs close to going into administration ? {Ed032's Note - It's not imminent, no}

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Payback time blunts {Ed046's Note - They are having to make massive cut backs on spending!! How the tides have turned ;]]

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Companies are put into admin by major creditors desperate to avoid liquidation and getting back anything they can, often a few pennies in the pound. The vast majority of the debt is owed to McCabe; why would be put his own company into admin just to lose, say, 90% or more of his own investment?

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Haha love the knife n folk banter absoluty quality haha

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Does the ed work for united? How would he know if they are going into adminisration!!!!!!! {Ed046's Note - All that has been said is administration is not imminent! If they were close to administration it would have been plastered over the news!!

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If united did go under how would that benefit us.Imagine if it was the other way round and we went out of business I for one would not become a united fan and 99% of our supporters would be the same.Also there would be no more seasons like last where the rivalry was national news if the manchester battle for the premier title had not been going on it would have been the main football story for the last few weeks of the season.By rivalry I mean the banter in pubs,clubs and the work place where friends enjoy winding one another up,not the rubbish and venomous words written on here and other sites I am first and foremost a Owl through an through for over 50 years but I am also a football fanatic and if anyone thinks it would be great to lose one of our clubs in this great city you are not a football fan in the true sense.

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I too have been an OWLS fan for over 50 years, but it would be a diaster for our city to lose one of its clubs, and who would we wind up ?? not to mention the enjoyment of those wonderful derby games. I couldnt agree with you more friend we would lose too much fun if the blunts wernt here

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18 Jul 2012 16:39:59
with Norris not playing last night and not been annoucned before the Portugal trip do we take it as this trransfer has been forgotten now and we have moved onto other targets?

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If we were ever interested in Norris the wages would have been the stumbling block.Portsmouth have been in financial trouble since MM sold them but they have kept making the same mistakes paying to high wages for players that is why the players cannot find new clubs except ones like Portsmouth that appear to be on a spiral of trying to buy there way out of trouble look at some of the spending in the championship up to now this pre season it smacks of desperation still only 3 clubs can get promoted.With the advent of the financial fair play rules some clubs will be in trouble I dont think for 1 minute Wednesday will be one of them but apart from the ones with Parachute payments I can see only about half the division complying ,some are prepared to take that chance to get promotion to the prem but as stated earlier on 3 will be promoted.

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18 Jul 2012 15:07:57
Antonio deal will only go happen if matty phillips goes to reading and phillips has said he wants to stay at blackpool so don't get your hopes up.

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Talking bull

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Iv herd the same. {Ed046's Note - Where did you hear this?

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Yeah you 'herd' it. Herd full of bulls!

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Ive heard that reading have done with there summer spending after the arrivals of marriapa and gunter. so not likely to sign matty phillips

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Or if Antonio doesn't get picked in readings final squad

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Just wait and see antonio wont end up at wednesday if you as going to sign him why is it dragging out so long.......

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Matty Philips is dating the daughter of my secretary. Early stages since April. He's been away with the Donkey Lashes to Vegas and spent time with his family down South. He will not be signing for Reading as it will take him further away from his new mrs....... Hence no Antonio so far asreading need him for their squad

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Matty phillips aint going to reading been linked with wigan and sunderland..... so doubt antonio will be coming.... and like i said if the deal was defo why has it takin so long you had bid rejected come back offering what they wanted for the player so why isit no done and dusted....obv something we dont know

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18 Jul 2012 14:01:16
Friendly against Donny a week on Saturday, get your tickets only a tenner! {Ed041's Note - Ed041 will be there, don't want to miss that}

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Should be good think we still need another 5 good players to compete in champ last night i watched maguire lookes quality reda good lee played well amado impressed me aswell i think pecnic will be quality still we need 2 wingers creative midfielder centre half right side and another striker harewood waste of time get antonio now or forget him wishlist norris antonio treacy young ch and proven striker

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Forget Antonio and Treacy

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Massively lacking pace in the first team atm

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May only be down to fitness and just 2/3 new players though the pace issue.

We were quick just a couple of months ago.

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Don't u think playing against stocksbridge is an easy team to play if those players didn't play well I would be very worried :(

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18 Jul 2012 13:28:31
ed. whats happening with antonio do you think he will come or not becouse im getting fed up of listning to it all na! if hes coming lets get him if not lets move onwards and upwards uto {Ed041's Note - My guess is as good as yours, I reckon DJ knows what he's doing and him and MM will try and secure him as promised. All they can do is try though}

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Forget him. he's not coming

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If we dont get Antonio then we need a back up player as a winger is a must buy for the team now

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"Antonio close to agreeing 750k deal to SWFC"

Source: reading news via twitter

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That was last week and was a load of crap then and still is

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The comment on the Reading news twitter feed was dated today.

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Why do people assume its Wednesdays fault Antonio hasnt signed.Reading will only sell him when they are ready and not until,relations between the clubs is good and they both conduct business with discretion.So all the people on here who try to make out they are in the know are beginning to get very boring we as supporters dont understand how things work when it comes to the nitty gritty part of transfers so lets stop the guessing and wishing and see what happen theres nothing we can do to influence the outcome. {Ed046's Note - I agree!!

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18 Jul 2012 09:56:50
The #22 last night that looked very decent is - Bastien Hery, 20 Year Old Midfielder available on a free transfer after being released by Paris St Germain - surely worth a punt

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Ye i was there, looked good on ball and very quick, hope we taking him to portugal to test his skills against reading and Lisbon!

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Agree with both of the above! Also Antonio playing against us in Portugal will be very interesting... especially seeing as though he is rumoured to sign over there. I'll believe it when I see it though.

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