Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive January 18 2014


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18 Jan 2014 17:43:49
1-1 against burnley not a bad result keeps us ahead and in touch with teams above us uto eric the owl

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Hi Eric I agree this was a fantastic result against a team looking for promotion up the owls WAWAW

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18 Jan 2014 20:34:12
A friend of mine who lives in London has just seen mm in a bar and he just asked for a Canada Dry so the takeover must be on lol Mr. C

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Get gray out he hasn't got a clue and get david weir in now

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How can someone disagree with the MM in a bar ordering Canada dry post? It's clearly a joke. and quite agood one at that. Get agrip of yourself and engage your humour circuits before your righteous indignation matrix.

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To, get gray out he hasn't got a clue and get weir in. nice to see you little snorters threw a 2 goal lead away yesterday

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19 Jan 2014 20:34:15
Paul ince in talks with is chairman I wonder?

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20 Jan 2014 02:31:01
we want ince! we want ince! we want ince!

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Grant Holt just signed for the owls

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Blackpool fans on here now, trying to off-load Ince!

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Grant holt played for villa on Saturday so how has he signed for us?

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Deluded persons UTO good result saturday

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The Ince and Holt posters are oinkers trying to stir things. just ignore! Just trying to make themselves feel better seeing as they are relegation candidates in L1. and for throwing away a 2 goal lead, let em have a bit of fun because let's face it, they ain't having too much of that at the moment at b*m'ole lane!

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Under no circumstances do the true supporters want ince, unless it is the son. keep gray and let us get on with the games.

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I think that it was said on Saturaday that Nugent of Leicester had scored ten penalties this season, that's ten penalties in twenty six games.

We have not had one penalty awarded this season but when your striker goes down in the box and the ref books him for diving but the opposition manager says "it was a foul in the box" you have to ask about the ability of the ref and his assistants but it is not the first time this season that I have thought that.

I wasn't at the match but Carlton Palmer on Rad Sheffield and people that did go said the ref was at best incompetent or at worst biased.

You start to think that something has to be wrong somewhere.

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20 Jan 2014 18:15:47
Have you seen that DJ Campbell has gone from Blackbun to Millwall on loan for the rest of the season, what in hell are we doing we sould be going for this type of player

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Have a winge at the minute we are doing nicely, not sue Campbell is our sort of player

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DJ Campbell is happy to play in a 2-2 draw this weekend lol

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Paul Ince has been sacked according to ssn

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21 Jan 2014 15:54:41
Has mm been waiting for Graham Turner lol Mr. C

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21 Jan 2014 17:38:12
Just heard mm on radio we were minutes from signing someone but guess what he slipped through our fingers again. he must think we were born yesterday, pathetic Mr. C

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McPhail's extended for another month so mebeez it were a midfielder we've missed out on

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18 Jan 2014 10:14:50
Lawrence Tannebaum, Canadian billionaire and owner of Maple Leaf Sports is reported to have said at a Press Conference that they are interested in acquiring SWFC. Hope they are more like Fenway (Liverpool owners) than the Gleesons (MUFC)

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Its all rubbish unfortunately mate. I've seen this rumour elsewhere and did some looking. I found a previous rumour along the same lines from back in 2007. Also the only place this new rumour stems from is a twiiter feed. Even the Canadians haven't heard anything over there and it was suppose to have been on TV.
Wish it was true but I very much doubt it.

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Hi hornseaowl I see 3 people have disagreed with you, but as ever none of them have the guts to say what they are disagreeing to. They probably can't even write, and have someone read what is said to them I agree with you mate its not true. If it was more people would have seen it, and to the persons who just disagree please state your case as to why you disagree UTO eric the owl

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Hi Eric/Hornsea Owl
Not one of the "disagreers" but to set the record straight it might not be all rubbish, as Hornsea Owl says?
This chap was interested in buying Forest last time (end 2012) but in the end obviously didn't. (Google it)
He has recently said in an interview in Toronto that he hadn't lost interest in English football, and Milan has been seen in Toronto in past two weeks so definitely smoke even if no fire?

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Hope its not all rubbish my friend but I have not heard or seen anything about this anywhere, but because I haven't seen anything by no means makes it untrue. It would be nice if it is true, what bugs me is people just disagreeing and not saying why they disagree or what part of post they are disagreeing to. If people take the trouble to post something we should at least have the good manners to say what and why we disagree to their posts. Having said that I really hope you are right mate UTO eric the owl

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Makes you woner if there is anything to it and this is the reason SG not been given job

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Well tbh Eric there is an agree an disagree box, an know one has to say why they disagree. Altho I do agree with you

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Yes there are 2 boxes but that dosent tell you what part of post they disagree to, many parts of posts are fact but still some people disagree. Its not that they disagree that troubles me its not knowing what they disagree to. Still fair comment as you say there are 2 boxes UTO eric the owl

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Carlton Palmer last week whilst commentating on Radio Sheffield said a takeover was close by a cosortium. He does tend to be well informed on gossip.
Also when it was said Mandaric was away on football business last week he was in Canada.
The above are facts.
We all know there is something strange about Gray situation.
I have no idea if Tanenbaum involved but have heard fom good source (Investment Company Executive) a party is interested but only if Championship survival can be guaranteed. I have no idea how far advanced the "party" is but was told they did have finance. Also do not know where they are from.

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This guy was interested in Buying us in 2008 ish, but decided not to bother, I mean would you have bought the club in the state it was in then?

A chairman that openly slated fans, loan notes here there and every where and a board that were just trying to strangle the club of everything that they could.

Compare that to how we look now, yes we are not debt free, but the debt is more than serviceable.

Still pretty decent crowds considering our league position.

We own our ground, we own our training ground, and we are pretty much good to go.

I don't know how far off a take over we are, I do know that when it happens it will be big.

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I would add to the above we also had a misdirected group of fans who did not help the sale of the club through their intransigent position by not agreeing to sell shares in club which was main reason club could not be sold when market was favourable for selling clubs. Not saying Allen was good he was not but blame also rests with them.

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When did the Gleesons buy Man U from the Glaziers?

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