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18 Jan 2012 18:32:00
marshall wont be returning to hillsborough wednesday lookin at matt ritchie at swindon and striker balanta at mk dons

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The same balanta that is a QPR player not a MK dons player! Matthew Ritchie is subject to a failed 1.5mil bid from ipswich and if we won't pay 850k for Marshall then 1.5m is well beyond us! So in short lies, lies,lies and more lies!

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Ipswitch bid was less than 1 million for the record. In fact they offered player plus cash and Swindon thought bid was worth less than Bournemeouth offer. 750,000 to 800,000 would certainly land him.

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Some people on here dont no what theretalking about! stoke dont want to sell marshall. Not a case of we wont pay x amount because hes not forsale. Whos to say we wouldnt have offerd 850k?

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18 Jan 2012 17:47:48
megson set to turn attention to chris taylor of oldham and myles weston of brentford as marshall unlikely to return

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Marshall wont return after impressing in a 7 - 0 reserve match, Pulis is considering giving him a run in the first team.

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And you know he is to be given a run in the first team how....................?

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Marshall deserves it. Good luck lad, it's been an honour.

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Because I'm Ben Marshall and so is my kitten Derek !!

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Does not make sense

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18 Jan 2012 13:23:24
Doesnt look like were going to be getting Tamas Priskin as he looks set to join Russian first division side Alania Vladikavkaz.

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18 Jan 2012 11:33:29
ben marshall unlikely to come back to as scored two for stoke reserves last night and stoke are wanting to keep him. They may be something in the priskin move but one of strikers would have to leave megson has stated he wants three more players but has to ship out some fringe players first

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Coke has gone soo lets see if more to follow to be able to bring in...remember reynolds went too!

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Priskin not coming hes off to russia. John percy confirmed it. Rob staton says could be a player in before the weekend.

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Think a little. The fact that marshall impressed means that it is more likely Pullis will keep him. Stoke are under no obligation to sell before the end of the season. Since he is 20 they can still recoup some money in the summer and Pullis has said he will not be held to ransom by Marshall's agent (the source of the problem in the first place). So the likely outcome will be that Stoke will keep him and lend him back at the end of the month.

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He's changed his picture on twitter back to a Stoke shirt, didn't take him long. Lets just forget about him he wasn't that good and was a greedy little s**t towards the end, thought he could do it all on his own without passing!

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What a stupid comment u clown. He put 100% in every performance, and I wish him well.

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Are your eyes painted on ?

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Dint think he would become a die Wednesday fan did when theirs that much money out their for them their driven by greed and could not care less what colour shirts on their back

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What a stupid comment. He is a Stoke player and back at that club - what shirt is he meant to wear? You sound like a typically fickle football fan - if he comes back you'll soon change your tune. UTO!

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Not just on about Marshall footballers in general Marshall did a great job for us it was good while it lasted not the end of world it's one player out of 11

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Omg I wish people would let this Ben Marshall thing just drop if he wants to come then he will at the end of the season if not then good luck to a quality player all the best Ben u deserve all the success u get with Stoke and if u come back to hillsborough then that's a bonus but we need to believe and support the players that are already at this club because at the end of the day there's no I in team

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Ben Who? I'm getting fed of this. A team consists of more than one player. He's still got a lot to learn, especially when it comes to passing to his team mates.....UTO

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18 Jan 2012 05:43:35
matt Richie of swindon involved in a swap deal with Ryan Lowe as Lowe has bust up with megson and he's had enough di canio only will let go if Lowe involved in deal this is from a very close source. Priskin deal will be done Huddersfield also interested in him.
Rochdale skipper also talking to the owls he's a goal scoring creative player won't mention name as not allowed..

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Surely i can just look up the rochdale skipper right now on the internet. unlike the source of your bull which clearly is made up in your head

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I believe the skipper is Gary Jones, a decent attacking midfielder. He's 34, though. Can't see it happening. I think Lowe should have played instead of Madine on Saturday but does that mean Megson & Lowe have had a fallout?
Lots of conclusions been jumped to, still 2 weeks of the window left.....its all good fun!
P.s saw a rumour that Madine drawing interest from Ipswich. Might be made up?

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Lowe hasnt started since preston, i have a feeling they have fell out aswell. Lowe has been a brilliant signing, hes got alot about him. Ego maybe to high for meggo to handle. i rate lowe, should start him everygame for me. Sell madine, generate cash flow.

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Agree that Lowe needs a fair chance, Not sure as to dropping Madine for him tho.

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I just think he was rushed back on Saturday. He should've been on the bench. Morrison played well against West Ham so either him or Lowe should've partnered O'Grady. Lowe has missed a few sitters but he's getting in the positions and his head doesn't go down when he does miss.

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How could he drop madine when he wasn't in starting line up from his injury

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Who is Ben Marshall !!

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For me Lowe has to start in place of O'Grady. I know O'Grady puts a great shift in, but let's be honest there's no goals in the man, Whereas Lowe will get the goals. Goals win games - not workrate.

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Goals win games not workrate. May i just mention a team called Stoke. Currently sitting 8th in the Premiership with 22 goals in 21 games. Obviously we need to score goals but for the first time in ten years the players have passion, drive and are working hard for each other. That's what wins games

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You clearly dont watch wednesday alot thn do you if it wernt fo ogrady ball wud neva stay upfront

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Lowe is carrying an ankle injury so has to be played carefully

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