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18 Feb 2012 20:22:54
I work for Sheffield council in the planning office. I've saw something  yesterday that made my heart drop out.

It was a provisional planning application for a 50,000 seater 'soccer' stadium to be built in or near Concord Park

The name on the application was 'Steel City Football Ltd.' The stadium looked very cool, a little like Bayern Munich's, but with a lattice glulam wood 'wrap' around it.

I hope it's for us! But I can't imagine either us or the blunts being able to afford it. UTO

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What a load of b***S*ht havent u got anything better to say u iD**t

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Total crap

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Lee clark in

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Ben Marshall in ...Gary megson out

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If it was so true, send the link from the online planning application....

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Nonsense, try registering the name at company house's website & it's still available, therefore no such company exists! Too many oinkers & time wasters on here lately

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18 Feb 2012 18:48:30
Megson is rumored to have held talks with MM last week if he loses against chesterfield an SUtd he will be sacked this is not a rumor it is a fact so watch the space....
Mick Macarthy will not accept Huddersfield job until it is clear what is happening at SWFC as he is very interested in the job if available!!!!!!!

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How can you have a rumour as a fact? I quote you "Megson Is Rumoured To Have Held Talks" ..... sigh...... but he should go though!

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Agree-If we lose against the "Pigs" on Sunday, losing 5 on the bounce would spell the end of Megson's reign. I can see Clarke coming into rescue the season!

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Time to get rid of megson. Players aren't doing it for him to many bust ups it looks an sounds as he's lost dressing room. Clark ,Martin ling, Mick macarthy or Karl Robinson in!

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Defo Lee Clark for me, Megson seems to have lost the dressing room with some of the performances we have seen in the last month or so, and his long ball game is ridiculous

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Just seen martin allen been sacked that was a suprise but if i see megson sacked i would not be as im sick and tired of seeing shocking football an blaming others apart from himself so lets find someone who will install confidence in players an get them playing agian up the owls!

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Agree megson out he thinks by playing the blame game he will get away with it we've had enough! Karl robinson or Alan Curbishley

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Big Mac is the man he did brilliant job at Wolves get in there before someone takes him

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Comady at its best! few losses and you all want the saviour ginger "mouhrino" sacked and you call the Mighty Blades a fickle bunch!

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"ginger mouhrino" he wishes more like ginger ninger upsetting alot of ppl if he wants to be a dictator install him in the army! my 6 year old son has told me today on way back from chesterfield he dosent want to go to watch Wednesday anymore i asked him why he said its boring! get the ginger ninger out please....

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I'm a fan of the way Karl Robinson gets his teams playing and within a such a tight budget he's done an amazing job probably the best young english manager out of the premiership. What are you waiting for Mr Mandaric

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Megson out Steve Bruce in

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He's waiting for you to be put to the sword by the Mighty Blades!

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Cant believe people are jumping to megson out. We played quality first half today and tommy lee made some good saves

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Wednesday beat the blades ,but dont make automatic promotion ! but win the play off final ! MEGSON OUT ? what a set of $$$$s please support another team !

its not megsons fault if mandy and his merry men wont give him any money to buy decent players ! i.e. marshall and alf ? which would have made the difference alf with goals which ogrady and lowe dont seem to have ! and marshall with goals and service ! youre not telling me that megson wanted that useless c$$$ bostock ? that was a favour from sticky fingered harry rednapp !
give the man his due ! hes tried swapping things around tactics players etc ! but you cant get blood out of a stone !

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Lee Clark best man for job knows the teams good man manager

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Theres no way megson will be sacked! Its pathtic get a grip! megson will get us up no doubt about it!

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Lee Clark is the man for me ...never been a fan of megson ...

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We are 3rd in the league, many more points than this time last season... Calm the f*** down, Megsons doing okay why pay to change

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MEGSON will be OUT if they lose against the blades it dosent matter what was situation last year or where we are today MM wants promotion at all cost this year an is getting frustrated at how things are getting and from the horses mouth it is understood that derby day good be the last for GM if result didn't go his way!

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Why keep banging on about Marshall?? SWFC matched Leicesters bid but couldnt match wages of 12k a week! Get real! No matter how much the lad enjoyed being here, the lure of treble wages & champ football wins everytime!

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Thats all we need Mick McCarthys hoof ball. It's even higher than megsons! Fully behind megson as the improvement since last season has been great. All will be diffenent for the lad once we smash the enemy at the weekend. Season back on track. Up the blue and White wizards.

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Marshall IN xx

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If Mcarthy EVER signs as our manager ..that will be the last day I ever follow Wednesday again ...after 33 years ...hate the bloke

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Whoever said Bruce I hope your a blade

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