Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive August 18 2012


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18 Aug 2012 23:04:38
Pictures of Rhodri at Hillsborough circulating the net!!

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Rhodri?! Didn't know he was welsh lol

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I'm the one who put the picture on twitter first (all u non believers can check)
The deal IS going to be announced Monday

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I havnt seen them circulating are you sure this is not just wishfull thinking again

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I've seen it, he's stood with his dad on the pitch with North Stand in background

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Google rodri pics swfc, it is true. Pic of him and his dad at stadium.

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I have seen pic, can I ask matey why there appears to be no line markings on the pitch?

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No you didn't I put the pic on first x

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I have seen the photo its rodri and his dad on the pitch at hillsborough and rob staton has confirmed we are in talks

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Ive seen it but he wasnt running around the net he was stood in the middle

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18 Aug 2012 10:56:05
Mirallas having medical at Everton in next 48hrs. When he signs, Vellios will come to us on loan.

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Its not vellios coming

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Does any 1 no if rodri had a medical for us yesturday

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Moyes says he will release Barclay soon as squad strong enough. This fits in with message that we have signed a player who will be released when the club sign player. Also DJ went to watch a player whom he said we hope to sign on loan and he was watching Everton. Ross Barclay will sign in next 10 days.

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Ye he passed it deal should be announced after game or tmoz

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Hi owls thanks for getting marlon hardwood fit he was sensational for us today u reds

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Your welcome

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Yea keep harewood he might get 3 goals all season if your lucky

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Who's Marlon Hardwood?

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Some plank who was training with us !

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David moyes said he is loaning barkly and vellios to us

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Mirralas has now signed

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Heard about barkley but not vellios

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Vellios has stated on his twitter that he is going nowhere.

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