Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive September 17 2012


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17 Sep 2012 11:27:22
Have been away for a few weeks and have noticed that Reda hasn't been playing is he injured? Sorry if this has been posted already

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Last I heard Reda had a Foot injury

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Is it true united are trying to sign madine on loan My mums a united fan and said its been passed and he will be eating pork sandwichs by the weekend

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No chance - let the Blunts continue to fire BLANKS!

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You sir are an person!

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Reda played and scored last night!

so this is poppycock!

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Reda was limping in periods during the game and was not 100% but great credit for playing the way he did.

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And this post was made 2 days BEFORE the Huddersfield game so its a valid point.

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17 Sep 2012 09:58:09
We must ask ourselves why Kevin Macdonald was at the Brighton v Wednesday match? One wonders if we'll take another look at him before January.

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Or hes off to brighton?

how you know he was there? uto

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Kenyne Jones on loan by weekend u heard it here first

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Why would we bring in Bothroyd and then bring in Jones. Yes, I'd rather Jones, but we don't need six strikers and I would rather see Madine be given a proper run in the team.

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Jones will be joining a Championship side on loan - why not Wednesday?

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Madine can go bothroyd isn't doing what we thought and taking arm band away from semedo to give it someone who isn't even worthy of getting in side after what I've seen tonight is criminal and get cog starting again aswell

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COG is not the answer I am afraid. The problem is defensive. Agree re Darren Purse Mk II on first viewing, but let's give him a chance. Mattock was v poor while he was on the pitch, and centre mid was too deep to support forward play (probably supporting s sub standard defence)

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Have you been to different games than I have? I have only missed palace and brighton but in the games COG has played he has played his heart out for our club-the same cant be said about bothroyed! I don't agree with taking the captaincey off semedo either! The jury is still out with taylor, hope he comes through and becomes a rock for us. I would drop kirkland because he hasn't delivered what I expected.

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