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17 Oct 2013 13:47:07
I posted on here a couple of months ago that a Chinese Dealer in Portobello Antiques market who knows Sammy Yu said they had to come up with more funds that had been put on table. I have spoken to him several times since and only information was that they were looking to go back before end of October with regard going back with funding package. Just seen Biggs tweet and this fits in loosely with those dates. Hence Biggs message may be accurate in interest confirmed or denied. Chineese person said Yu did not seem as excited about deal as he was when initially spoke to him. Think this is good news if accurate as resolves this rumour.

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Let's just hope that who ever takes over brings in Andy Saville before somebody else snaps him up.

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Are you Andy Saville?

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Why would a millionaire businessman know some random market trader in London at all, let alone know him well enough to tell him insider knowledge half way through a supposed takeover? Stop talking noodles.

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According to Alan Biggs a takeover should be well on the way to being finalised in the next couple of weeks, he says that there is a Chinese consortium and a Saudi group varying for control. He goes on to say that MM is a hyper-active man and he has not lost interest in the club, he is frustrated at the current situation and if a takeover is not happening he will make the decisions necessary to get the club out of the danger area. He also makes the obvious point that it is not in his interest to let the club be relegated as that would seriously devalue the club. Be patient MM will sort it.

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You obviously know idea of Chineese antique trade in London. The majority of sales go to China. The chap I talk to spends at least £20,000 - £30,000 every week on silver antiques and he is here 50% of time. They are very wealthy individuals and know all wealthy chineese businessmen who operate in Britain. Its you who have no noodles, when I posted original item there were some who said deal was close and I indicated original proposal was not satisfactory to Mandaric. Millions of pounds are spent by foreign nationals on antiques each year. Ask somebody in the antiques trade and ask if you see them at major fairs such as Newark, Ardingly and Kempton. It was not a barrow boy to whom I was speaking.

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Your english is below par for a market trader, in such silver ware around, the Lonsdale pub, I assume or Portabello Gold?

Your forget they were full of Wednesday in the 80's, re Virgin.


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Someones been watching too much bargain hunt

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With the age of the squad DJ has formed perhaps its that which is causing interest from antique dealers!

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Why would a former player like Andy Saville who has got hardly any managerial experience get an interview for a job? didn't he play at barnsley?

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Apologise for English using textphone and predictive text no help, but 100% accurate story.
Do not watch antiques shows nothing like real trade, if you get chance go and take a look at Portobello Market, active from 5 am on Saturday, most serius trade done by 12 noon.
By the way maths is strong point.

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I don't doubt that wealthy Chinese business men but antiques from the UK, it's even possible that you know some. I have traded in classic watches for decades in York and Leeds and I have met a fair few wealthy foreigners myself. I also am fully aware of the Chinese investment in a possible takeover, it has been reported widely. I simply doubted (and still do) your story because you are telling us nothing that hasn't been in the press and because I still doubt that any random market trader or antique dealer would have such a close relationship with them that they would tell them insider takeover information, mid takeover. And I also doubt that those involved would be so silly as to be walking around telling people detailed information, especially if the club was to be eventually floated on the stock market. I'm sure that would be frowned upon. I don't see how I'm talking noodles. You, sir, are up to your eyes in them.

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The chap could be lying to me but I doubt it. He is well connected throughout chinese community. The ones in UK are a close knit bunch, he knew about deal and only thing he told me at the time, which as far as I am aware was not in public domain, was MM had told them a better funded deal was required. He also said they were due to have further talks this month but nothing more. I have nothing to gain by posting here and he has no reason to lie to me. If you deal in watches you will realise one of best buyers of watches in London is chinese. Get down to Portobello happy to meet yu and introduce you to the chap. You will also money they bring, they do drive a hard bargain though. Check through antiques gazette yo will see chinese influence in antique trade. I deal in leather, croc, trunks, military, and sporting goods for the record.

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Andy saville is a fantastic coach, not sure about his managerial credentials though, would be a good number 2 or development coach.

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I agree, him and lee bullen working as a pair would be excellent

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17 Oct 2013 10:05:58
Sheffield Wednesday close to capturing the targets Daniel Nardiello and Marcus Tudgay on season long loans due to mutual consent.

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Wouldnt want either of em

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Coz Rotherham will let us have their best striker on a loan deal, most ridiculous rumour I've ever seen

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Daniel Nardiello is poor at this level

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Who is mutually consenting to what?

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Do we assume that these are no cost options.

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We haven't got the money to water our pitch never mind bring them two in!

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At least we our pitch is better than the Lane.

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Both poor players

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Couldn't lace Andy Savilles boots.

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17 Oct 2013 09:12:28
Players to leave in january Kirkland to Reading, Taylor to Brentford, Madine Released

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Well you have got that wrong we are not releasing Madine as he will be out on tag in February so we are giving him a chance to prove he is going to turn his life around and straighten his sen out

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Apparently we don't want to get rid of Madine so they're going to cut his terms til the end of the season and then he can carry on with us next season, Madine was an expensive acquisition and he still has twenty months on his contract with an appeal against his sentence underway

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Could be some mileage in the Kirkland story. DJ seems to be only partly satisfied with him - though I can't think why- and Martinez is, again according to DJ, only number 4 at Arsenal in spite of the fact that he is highly rated. He would, therefore, presumably be available for full transfer. Smoke and mirrors?

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Ive got a couple of gooner mates an they reckon martinez is terrible so dave jones will no doubt buy if he is rubbish

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Stick him up front.

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We paid money for Madine that's why we aren't sacking him!

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17 Oct 2013 09:08:06
Owls to extended fryatts loan for another 2month

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Not talk to hull yet

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