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17 Nov 2012 20:01:35
Enough is enough, time for MM to stand up and sack DJ, I don't like pleading for someone to be sacked but for the benefit of the club it has to happen. Jones is portraying classic signs of siege mentality, it is everybody else's fault but his, the players, the ref, the length of the grass, the size of the pitch, the goal post are in the wrong place. His determination to play Bothroyd who has not play well enough since he came, but Jones says he is the only quality player at the club. Jones brought Bothroyd in as a striker but he doesn't score goals but is praised ever week but Madine who is only twenty two and still learning is constantly criticised and dropped. Jones has brought in fifteen players that are not good enough but criticises the players that won us promotion. Now he says all we are missing is someone to finish the chances we are making and put the ball in the net. He has brought in three strikers apart from Bothroyd who can't get in the team and still says we need a striker. He should listen to himself, when you are up to your neck in brown smelly stuff stop digging Mr Jones.

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I too don't like to say sack somebody, in fact when the mates were slagging off Megson I used to say - better the devil you know !!
But with Jones I say - Go for it !! - SOON !

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Totally agree, MM admit you made a massive mistake in appointing DJ-

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It's now time for a change in direction, so MM needs to replace the Captain, ASAP, before we end up too many points adrift. That said who do we appoint and are adequate funds going to be made available? We also need to recall Beevers and drop Leira-1 mistake too many!! We desperately need a goal scorer-A.L.F from Reading-MM offer a decent price!!! (SEND BOTHROYD BACK AND USE HIS WAGES) Also get Derry in from QPR, to bolster the midfield and assist the youngsters.

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Captain out - Yes.
Bothroyd out - DEFFO !.
Derry in - you must be joking ??
& Reading bought ALF cos they want him, he seems happy to be there - move on there are other forwards !

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I do not like to get on the managers back especially one with as good a record as Jones's, but, all he says after games we lose is, ' we just need to put our chances away' well why don't you try playing 1 of the 3 strikers that never get a game even when we are not scoring!! It is beyond me! The only striker he bought and plays is awful!! And he has admitted that by playing him on the wing! I do not get his tactics, and I lost all trust in him when he let Beevers go out on loan to a relegation rival. Hah! Look how that turned out, well done Beevers lad and well done to Millwall. What fools we luck like. The only young kid with potential that is actually a Wednesday fan now playing regular mid table football. Good luck to him. Didnt think I'd ever say it. Dj out. UTO

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Oh and also, to add to the Beevers post. Did we really sack Megson when we did? I feel for him not to be able to finish what he started! Dj always praises what a player and a threat Antonio is, and I can't help but agree, he is a real talent and going to get better. But, isn't he Megsons signing? Good one Dj. I have never been as confused about Wednesday in 18 years. No passion, no confidence and not much hope at the minute. Never thought I'd ever say this and I know it will never happen but I would really like to see if Megson could get us out of this. Just my opinion obviously and I appreciate football is all about people's opinion but just saying.

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I know Megson would love to get the chance again but don't think that could ever happen under MM for obvious reasons.

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I think DJ has made mistakes but also been unlucky.
Rodri,pecnic and Bothroyd haven't been the players he thought.And tbh i thought they were good signings too.I would have brought them in if i were the manager.
But he signed maguire who wasn't wanted by clough.
I can't understand why he persists with bothroyd but wont give rodri the chance to try and get used to the championship.
He may have a plan but atm it seems he is sticking with the players we have.
We desperately need some experience in the midfield.Probably a central defender and a striker who has a bit of pace.
I would say that if we lose the next home match,then there is no option.

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Spot on with what you say we need - experienced midfld, central defender & pacy striker. I'm sure most fans who understand can see that too. The worry is can DJ?
Then again he has bought for those positions , except experience (anywhere?) so would you trust him with more money if it was yours ?

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Derry? I would'nt want him here, he's utter garbage.

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Can't remember everyone screaming bad appointment last season when dave jones led us out if the pub league! Right man then. Sick of our fans always wanting change its what's slowing our growth but you all think ya on football manager and everything changes with a click of the mouse. It's not like we're getting battered. We're creating as many attempts as anyone we play just unlucky at the moment but all that will change with just a little faith which is something most Wednesday fans lack. Get a grip and show a little support for once instead of waiting for the first opportunity to come on these sites and slag everything off. We're not even in the relegation spots? A couple of wins and were back in mid table and all if a sudden people are banging on about play offs. Fact is we're a hell if a lot stronger as a team than the last time we were in this division and as already mentioned people need to get a grip as it was always gonna be hard work after bottoming out in the pub league. Short memories or were we really gonna win this league. Bunch of jokers!

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We had a good side last year and we obviously needed some quality to improve and survive this season.
I don't think the majority of fans expected play offs or top 2 but we expected top half.We have a good fan base and we are out of debt. We shouldn't be struggling next to peterborough and bristol.
We didn't need messi to come in but just 3 or 4 players with experience and a bit of championship quality.
The fact we haven't got these players in is jone's fault pure and simple.
If it looked like he was trying to do something people might not be so hasty with him.
But he seems determined to stick with bothroyd and play the same players with the same tactics.No sign of us bringing anyone in.
Yes we aren't far away but we haven't been far away for nearly half the season.
Give him till january but if we are still in bottom 4 by then,you have to say he isn't doing a good enough job.

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Is that you DJ?

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January will be too late , the latest MM can wait is early December.
That would give the new guy 2-3 weeks to assess the squad and what he needs to do before Jan xfer window.
In any case at the rate we going its gonna be a relegation dogfight very soon.

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To the "bunch of jokers" poster, have some respect for other fans and their opinions, they might not be the same as yours but they are just as passionately held.
Also instead of just repeating what DJ has said in his last 5or6 interviews, why not judge on what you see on the field and in the results , and the league tables.
We have not progressed since the start of the season. We have bought about a dozen players , but the only new players guaranteed a start are the two loan players.
Jones says its the same every week - - YES hes right and its not bringing any points - - - SO WHY NOT CHANGE SOMETHING ?
Huddersfield have amassed far more points than we have , is that all down to luck?
All the majority of fans are saying is if DJ wont change then we have no alternative but to change DJ !
Its his choice ?

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Its not that i don't like the bloke.I'd love him to stay but it just seems he is banking on the players to suddenly come good.
Some of the players have the ability but not the character.They aren't consistant.They don't have belief.Belief is the difference between a good player and an average one.
Please drop Bothroyd and play Rodri for 10 games.He can't score less goals can he.
Get Reda back in asap.
Play pecnic on the right.He will come good.
Give Bywater a chance.Nothing against Kirkland but you never know.Got to try anything that might change results.
Sign a striker and an experienced midfielder.
Then we may start turning these 1 goal defeats into at least draws.
Just do something instead of saying how unlucky we were every game.
And we might stop moaning :)

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Totally agree with what the poster said about belief, if the players believe they are good players, great players, then they are more likely to play well.
Confidence is key in all sports not just football .
With that in mind how much damage did DJ do to his / our team when he came out with that statement last week that "we've only got one class player" , what a managerial master stroke that was !!
And to follow that with , in effect , the 25000 fans don't know what theyre taking about. MM must have been well impressed.

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There are a lot of people coming out with sensible reasons why DJs job could be in trouble.But you'll still get people calling us persons, computer game managers and not true fans.
No one wants him to go.We'd rather he turned it round and stayed.
But he has made many mistakes and needs to rectify them fast.

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To the bloke who says we're all a bunch of jokers. I appreciate what your saying and do think we should get behind the team and not ask for the managers head but, just a quick question.... You say we're a much stronger team than last time we were in the championship but, what use is that? Isn't the championship a much stronger division than back then? Also, are we a much stronger team than last season? When the players Megson bought are the only ones performing? Oh and also, how many players did Dj bring it? 15 wasn't it? And how much has he spent? Over 1 million! Which of thoses players look like there gunna keep us up? Which of them do we actually own and won't be here in a few months? Who did Megson bring in and How much did Megson spend? who's the so called joker now? If you ask me a team like Arsenal didn't want Terry Burton for no reason and if you ask me Dj has lost the plot since he left! You are all hanging onto the fact that some of the games we have played we have played some nice football, 1 question were is that getting us? Relegation, something I'm not prepared to pay 400 a season for and not be entitled to slag them off!!

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17 Nov 2012 10:10:03
When jb was rumoure to be joinin us this site was full of people wettin themselves to get him on board. Not me I never rated him. Whats bettin these same people are now slaggin him off. Well you reap what you sow

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I'm with you on that one mate.
I was strongly behind Megson, he was not perfect but who is ?
But he had brought a passion and pride back to the club for the first time in many years and given us something to build on.
Anybody who really knows about football would acknowledge that he overachieved with the money he was given to spend and too few of our fans give him credit for that.
DJ took us up but it was entirely with Megsons squad , the two lads he brought in played very minor roles, and we will never know whether we would have gone on the run with Megson in charge he did it on his previous promotions and they were in to Prem. so certainly wasn't beyond him. A lot of our fans ignore that.
When you look at whats happened since start of season and DJ has started to change things around where can you see improvements that this longed for manager has brought to the club ?
His snipe at the fans yesterday was the final insult for me. I hope MM is already making plans and doesn't wait till he makes us suffer even more than we have already before he acts.

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Who is JB?

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Oops, just realised, Hemroyd.

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17 nov 2012 13:08:19
megson went because we won 4out of 12 in
mickymouse league not good enough
mm knew we were not going up

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Must have won enough to get us in playoff places and dont forget he did that wi nowt !
And we only know what happened, we dont know what would have happened .
Might have happened anyway we dont know.

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What we DO know is Megson had built a side before that went unbeaten at end of season to win promotion from Champs in to Prem. So hes done it before !
DJ has never done that - hes just managed to wreck one thats done it !!

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You just have to look at there records , Megson is a better manager than DJ whatever you measure them on. Have a look at the stats.
Just shows you what a reputation does to peoples minds.

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I reckon dj will be out this week as mr mandric is getting inpatient and no news of any strikers comeing as its gona bit quiet i can not belive tudders has gone to the dingels thats a good coupe for them !!

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Jones here for the long run get used to it.

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We shall see =)

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Just watch, we're gonna end up lumbered with this bloke in charge for a very long time. Milan is obviously weak so like I posted on here last week we need to vote with our feet. When a manager or owner or who ever is damaging any other club the fans voice there opinions in and around the ground, just look at Blackburn. Why is it when it's happening to us we just accept it? We shouldn't be dictated to by these people we should stand up to them. After all it's our club not there's and we'll be here long after they've done there damage and moved on.

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There are plenty of managers about, Sven, Harry Redknapp, Owen Coyle, etc with great national and international experience! I am starting to lose faith in DJ and we need to make the switch before the busy Xmas period or we will be too far behind to make any chance of staying up. It was going to be difficult to fit into the championship straight away but he's making it harder than it should be!!

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If things don't change before Xmas MM will act because he will want new man to spend in Jan xfer window not DJ.
But if we have to wait till then I think we will be too far behind to catch up?

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What we need is a goalkeeper who can command his area and his defence; a centre half, if not two, with pace, ; a hatchet man type of midfielder who can win us the ball and pass it meaningfully up the park and most of all a centre forward, in the Jordan Rhodes standard for this division, who scores goals for fun, get his dad to talk him into coming here (joke). Surely someone out there can score goals for us. Also if think Jones has run his course as manager and there is still Megson, Phil Brown and Billy Davies out ther looking for jobs, but Milan has the man he seems to want to hey ho we will carry on being the best team never to win games.

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