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17 Mar 2012 16:14:25
Wednesday to snap up former Manchester City star Emile Mpenza he is currently a free agent

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Would love to think there is some truth in this one.
He has scored goals consistently at every stage of his career .
He would definitely make a bigger contribution to our run-in than Robbie Fowler who would have taken Blackpools pay-as-you-play offer if he had any confidence in his own ability.

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Yet again another unreliable rumour , probably from a blade , wouldnt supprise me , there getting squeeky bum time after today , great win by the owls , see charlton , thats how you do it! UTO

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He was hardley a city " star " someones getting carried away

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Still a good player though and why are you compare us with city. Don't know if you've noticed but we are a couple of levels below? Quick striker and he and his brother were much talked about when young. Wether we get him is another story? Ryan Lowe is king!

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17 Mar 2012 14:19:28
10 Mar 2012 09:11:05
Paul Aldridge says 3 in the next few weeks 1 Before NC game, I expect Emile Sinclair, Koumas, and Owen Morrison

To the person who wrote the above, who have we signed?, because correct me if I am wrong but I cannot see that we have!

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Two out of the above three suggestions above were absurd I have no idea if PA indicated we were going to sign players. I understand one was lined up but he got injured.

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The Sheffield star newspaper stated jones had someone lined up but he couldn't come because the players club then had an injury in that position,some people make it out they have big sources at SWFC when in fact you can just read it in the local paper.

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Agree with the above chap, it is apparently well known we are in negotiations with 2 clubs but I have no idea who the clubs are or who the players are. This suggests not any free agents. I've not seen any info on who the player or the club we were going to sign someone on loan from until injury struck.

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Pa said 3 in before loan window closes. I heard it wirh my own ears! The player who was going to sign before notts county got injured. Expect 2 or 3 in before thursday.

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17 Mar 2012 09:58:13
just read a rumour we r after robbie fowler.jones worked with him at cardiff.its on vital if u dont beleive me uto {Ed013's Note - Good signing if it happens, people will disagree but his experience will be beneficial}

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I have to disagree with him being a good signing. The deal offered to him by Blackpool was decent (90 per week plus 9,000 per game) if he thought he was going to play. The fact he turned it down suggests to me he no longer has confidence he can get in side. Do we really want to pay him more than this and could it be justified. Jones needs to realise first signing has to be someone who all fans will be pleased with think this would cause consternation.

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Please can we atleast show some ambition? , fowler? come on now , yes he was once a great player but i think all wednesday fans would like to see some young talent coming to the club right? or are some of you lot happy with fowler being linked here?

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I think fowler has a good footballing brain, he would be great to have in training sessions as he can work with the younger player on there positioning and use of space.

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^^ blackpools offer was 90 plus 5000 appearance not 9k, it would be an excellent signing, as much as we need young talent we need some experience to hold the squad together and get us through the rear end of the season, in Milan we trust UTO

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Dave Jones just interviewed on Radio Sheffield showed almost contempt with the link to Fowler. The arguments on here about bringing experience and helping young talent want to take a look at character he is. No chance we will be interested.

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Jones rubbished this rumour after the game today on the official website saying he would 'contact him for a game of golf but that would be about it'

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