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17 Jun 2013 20:58:35
Krtsavonic to sign In next 48hrs, if he gets work permit. tv

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According to radio sheff its all nonsense

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Hes got permit now

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Probably waiting for croatia to enter the EU (think this is quite soon), save the hassle of getting a work permit.

expect an influx of players at S6 with 'vic' on the end of their name :)

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Not sure our serbian chairman will be in a rush to bring over a load of croatians.

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17 Jun 2013 12:28:59
Sorry folks but I am told unlikley any signings this week but next week 1 or 2 possible and we will have 3 in come end of first week of July for definite.
Apparently we have 3 deals done apart from dotting of i's and crossing of t's. Not certain who they are. Would like them to be Alex Pearce, Chris McCann, and James Vaughan (we have enquired about all 3).
Stuart Gray will extend his stay in next week and possible 3 of those offered contracts will declare by net Monday in addition to Buxton and JJ.

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Told by "people in the know" I suppose?

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An SWFC office girl actually. She is quite reliable.

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Krtanovic is a good player
we need a striker to hold the ball up and keep it to play it out to wings/other striker krranovic got hiegt and strength to battle and hold ball up and can finish

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Ivan Krstanovic let's face it know one knew the name before he was linked with us, we won't know if he is good unless we sign him and watch could be another pecnik? tv have said he isn't a prolific striker his goal ratio is 34 games 16 goals however I think I would bag some goals in the croatian league don't want to be negative though hope he comes good if we sign him, however looking at the players who are out of contracts atm in the english leagues I can think of several players / strikers I would rather have! eg vaughan, jackson, davies, etc

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That's what O'Grady does ^^

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Office girls, cleaners, turnstile workers an programme sellers all "reliable sources". Wow that's unreal!

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17 Jun 2013 19:10:22
just looked at that dale jennings looks a good player how is it that barnsley are signing him and were not? Mr. C

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Croatian league tougher than you think. Will be a good addition, worry is who we sign to play along side him. Lita would be an ideal partnership but where does that leave Madine.

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^^ because you have no money

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Madine not a recognised championship player, end off, if he's not given the run to adjust will never no.

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A goal just about every other game isn't prolific?

Who are you waiting for, Ronaldo?

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Played in the champions league last season and got himself a goal. well a penalty if you can count them

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Even madine can score penalties

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According to paul walker of radio sheffield, krstanovic could be moving to nottingham forest. Says on his twitter account.

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Don't you mean can't score penalties?!

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Right Milan, yes dave, that's transfers sorted out then, yes better let the office girl know so she can go and let every tom dick and harry know who we are going for.

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We could not match barnsleys wage offer to jennings.

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What a friendly club we are. where the managing director discusses transfers with the tea lady. and the girl in the ticket office is consulted on major transfer targets. we must be massive!

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She is not in ticket office but does see correspondence and if you note (or even try and read it says not certain who are joining but we have spoken to 3 mentioned. She is very good at knowing when things occur, she often knows who but will not say. Folks ask for info you tell them what you heard and because they think someone may have found out something they have not throw toys out of pram.
Thats it I will not post anything else I hear as the bunch who write on these pages are just too miseable for words.

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Hey watch what you say the tea lady is a board member.

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Come on, don't be like that. its all banter.

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17 Jun 2013 10:30:32
Also O'Grady's departure to Barnsley will be done tomorrow 300k with add Ons.

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Rotherham in cup, nice

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Have we signed krstanovic because people saying we have but can't see anywhere that says its official, olny that we re linked with him

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Work permit issue

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Do coratia not join the EU on 1st July? Work permit would not be an issue, I think its the player and the agent trying to push a move through.

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Hes agreed everything just waiting for work permit if ya don't believe me read his interview in the star

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17 Jun 2013 10:27:28
Jamie vardy has signed on a season long loan 100% should be announced today.

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Lets wait and see lmfao

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Vardy?, lol I don't think so my brother was playing tennis with him friday and believe me he not comeing to us, I like ya stile with ya guessing tho,

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If he plays tennis don't want him what's up wi playing dominoes, a mans game.

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17 Jun 2013 09:30:43
David Bentley to begin trials with Wednesday; inside source

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Ha he's on more wage than Wednesday's starting 11 all put together

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I know him. And I just sent him a text and he said "Sorry but I am not, I've been in talks with arry and talks are going good "

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Arry who?

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Arry potter

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Thtas what I wo thinking? aryy?

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Why would bentley need a trial. Absolute bull s**t.

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