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17 Jun 2012 23:50:06
Wages of Norris a stumbling block for owls

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We are unfortunately getting known as a skinflint club in the transfer market and this will put a lot of players off wanting to play for us, but in milan we trust if the job is complete next may(promotion) then i for one dont mind if we carry that mantle.

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Norris WILL sign for swfc.wages not a problem

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We are not skinflints ... but your wages have to be covered by incoming money under new rules.
If an ex prem player now in D1 still thinks he can command a top salary .. he must be deluded.
If they want to play they will accept what they are offered

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As if we are getting a rep for being skintflints, don't talk nonesense. We are doing the opposite if anything, and beating other clubs to those available on free transfers by offering them higher wages....MM knows exactly what he is doing!

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We've signed mattock, kirkland and lee on free transfers, if you think we can do this by being skintflints you must be irretrievably stupid

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17 Jun 2012 20:17:13
Chris Maguire, Anthony Gardner and David Norris to have agreed deals by next week, Johnson and Beevers will also sign new contracts.

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Jj to leave for certain ! Bradford or blunts ! Source a family member who is best mates with Liam palmer !

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JJ and Beevers just signed new contracts so stop talking absolute rubbish.

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JJ & Beevers have both agreed new contracts according to Dave Jones. Source - Paul Walkers (Radio Sheffield) Twitter Feed.

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Both signed new contracts with us

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Announced on radio sheff this morning, Beevers and jj have agreed new deals, waiting for holidays to finish

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Paul Walker @Walkerpw
#SWFC manager Dave Jones tells me that Mark Beevers and Jermaine Johnson have agreed new contracts.


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Jj signed a new contract

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I posted otherday day 100% he wasnt leaving now confirmed by dj jj and beevers have agreed to new contracts.

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17 Jun 2012 10:03:41
Chris maguire to sign erly next week. Hes just come off holiday and a deal is to be finilised. Heard this all over and its even come out of derby themselves.

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Hope not, 16 goals in 131 spl games is a garbage return. lets admit it spl is league 2 standard at best

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We,ll see if people are still slagging maguire off half way through season! Iv got a feeling people will have changed there minds. Get him in the right system and he will score goals. Never got a proper chance at derby and the fall out with clough made it impossible. Did very well at pompey was just starting to settle.

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Yer really well at pompey, just remind me where they finished if thats what you want for wednesday then he is the right kind of signing

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Yeah, course he is to blame for Pompeys plight, those 11 games he played for them totally sealed their fate

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Although he doesnt score many, he is quite a talented lad, as his spell with Portsmouth proved last season.

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Hes more of a creative player but still should have more goals like i said other day we should go for a proven scorer at this level blackstock chopra or even try and get tudgay back who has struggled at forest

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To be fair pompey went down cos of administration they would have stayed if hadnt had points deducted barnsley would have gone down

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Get Tudgay back?! You Sir, are a loon!

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Some real dumplings on here, having a go at a young international striker! O dear are we getting a bit above our station boys?
I reckon he could be an inspired signing.

Tudgay - hardly prolific during his time here doh

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Anybody see the goal he scored for Scotland U21s from the half way line? He clearly has ability and is still young i think DJ recognises a player when he sees one so I am confident he can do the business. UTO

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Get Tudgay back. He is mardy and vastly over-rated. He strugglrd at Forest because he is not very good. Served us well when we needed him (ie. didn not have the cash for anyone better) but he is at best an average player who had one very good season

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Do we all not think that macguire is just another hopefull he might succeed at Wednesday ! Bout time we signed some named players ! Chopra, Antonio , wright Phillips even Roberts ! Tbh just keep the strikers we have ! Comments please !

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I think we should give the lad a chance. He's of a good age and I'm sure DJ knows what he's doing. UTO!

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Think we should try reda upfront 1 in 4 goal ratio with us better than the strikers were looking at at the moment, tudgay a non starter for a return

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The strikers we have were barely good enough in league one

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How long have we been waiting to sign a big name striker and now we've got the money it's still not going to happen, I just hope that Maguire isn't going to be our main attacking signing we need a proven out and out goal scorer who's proven at this level.

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I am against paying loads of money and high wages for players who would be ok at this level but failed hopelessly in Premiership. Chopra, an excellent example. Wright Phillips struggled at Championship level. Much rather invest in potential, they will not all come off but you do not need them too.

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Surprised we are going for a non goalscoring striker. I thought with DJ not playing COG he wanted to strikers with a genuine goal threat so Maguire is a surprise to me.

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Back from holiday tomorrow

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Everyone saying big named players but look at what happend at donny they had chimbonda, fortune, beye, coppinger (would be a good signing ), kirkland etc and they still went down

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What is it with people and spending other peoples money,mm is not going to throw money away on overated has beens we are picking the best of the free signings and will spend on others deemed good value 18 months ago we would have killed to be in this position so trust in mm & dj

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I posted the How long have we been waiting and I totally agree with you about wasting money but I think we should invest in 1 good quality striker who we know we can rely on to get us the goals at this level.

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Wright phillips wont leave charlton to go to sheffield wednesday. source: common sense

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