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17 Jul 2013 20:47:36
Heard we, v made an offer for cliftonville player Boyce.

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Who you heard that from yourself? uto xxx

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Bernie Cliftons wife Joyce?

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A lot of agents on these rumour sites isn't there

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He's been linked with a lot of clubs we are one.

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Seen Boyce on sky scored a lot of goals, but he looks like he would be at home at Concord Park on Sunday morning! UTO

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17 Jul 2013 18:55:17
Rob statton has confirmed on twitter that dave jones has told him we are in talks with swansea over the signing of leroy lita

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Lita is signing on the 24 july when the team is back

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Well we better sign some strikers soon because if we start with MaGuire and Madine against QPR we might as well presuppose a 0 after our name. Lita would be a good addition without a doubt after last season.

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Don't think we will get anything form QPR anyway.

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Madine has the potential to be a good striker, providing he applies himself and Jones gives him confidence by playing him regularly, I have not seen Maguire enough to judge but when I have seen him play he seems to be busy without a lot of end produce. But what any player needs is competition and at the moment there is none, even if we bring in two strikers it could still mean that all four strikers could be in the team either in the starting line up or on the bench.

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We can win qpr

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Connor wickham will be a wednesday player by the end of august on loan

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The best time to play qpr will be 1st game they ent a team just stupidly paid players who don't care about the club they play for most of them want out!

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Madine has to show promise in training and reserve games to warant a start. Also why did he refuse a period on loan if games is what he wants. You can not afford to play him 20 times if he is only going to come good in 21st match. His performances at beginning of last year were woeful although in couple of games towad end of season did show more promise. No manager is going to give a player more than half a dozen games to show their worth. Last year we signed a cntract with QPR where we were force to play Boothroyd and it was clear after 2 games he was a waste. This resulted in a lot of fans losing faith in management, to persist with a non scoring striker is not a good policy.

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Maguire gets way too much stick, and why? He hasn't been given a fair chance at all! Madine is one for the future and I'd rather see him develope with us than sell him on the cheap and he turns into a star somewhere else. Don't know why people are saying we can do better than Lita as I think Lita would score a lot of goals given a good run in the team. His record speaks for itself!

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Last post agreed couldn't of said it better myself uto xxx

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Why do people keep saying madine has the possibility and madine has the potential. He's old enough now to know where to be and what he's doing on the field. So its time to step up to the plate and prove his worth and let's hope he does and quick uto

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Agree with last post. Lita will easily grt double figures nxt season with us. 15-20goal striker. Its proven by his goal ratio and more importantly his goal ratio while playing for wednesday. Madine has potential even though I feel he sometime can be bit lazy if he starts bad. Maguire always works hard and has quality but hasn't been given the chance as the main man up front yet

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If Madine stopped drinking ale and concentrated on his career he would have the potential to reach the top level. until then I think he will be a bench player at best. Dave Jones isn't daft and won't put up with it.

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Shola Ameobi rumored to interest Jones. DJ has denied reports and cited wage structure.
A relief as I personally have never really rated him, better options available at those prices for sure.

Source:Newcastle united mad Webby via SWFC News now.

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17 Jul 2013 13:28:34
Huge rumours that we've agreed a deal with Aaron McLean, he believes he can fire us into the premiership and DJ thinks he can do a decent job for us

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Cant hit back of net in championship, ask hull city.

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Just another rumour we realy do need couple forwards

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Believe when I see it uto xxx

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I'd rather av him than lita without a doubt, hope its true

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Huge rumours? What does that mean?

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Lita massive better then mclean uto xxx

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He's on trial with us in Portugal.

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McClean is not on our radar and he is not on trial with us. Just a poor rumour.

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Who is? McLean?

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Die hard actor

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Lita over mclean anyday. mclean is raw, pace, powerful strike. lita is light years ahead in terms of footballing brain. lita needs to settle somewhere and then he can be a 20 goal a season man. mclean scored a lot of goals in league 1 with mckail smith and george boyd around him. when he stepped upto champ he hasn't been doing it.

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To be fair I think we could do better than lita? don't keep the ball well enough for us I think we need a big man because I reckon jones will play 4-5-1 with JJ maghoma helan antonio etc 3 of them going foward 2 sitting etc need a strong player who is good in the air I really believe ogrady would have had a season with us this year shame the k. jones rumors ent true.

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He did score a good goal against us at home last season

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17 Jul 2013 06:11:36
Kamil Zayatte ex hull city defender is on trial with us and will play against braga tonight at some point. played about 70 games for hull, has prem experience and was there when gardner was also at hull city could be a great pairing for the massive cost hull city 2. 5M to buy him in so a free transfer would be quality

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Having players on trial is great, but when they get offerd league 1 wages they run for the hills, we've offerd 4 players contracts and they all laughed and ran away, davies, gaz couliby, diaz, we got helan kos diaz turned down the offer, don't believe every thing jonesy says, Taylor fletcher got offerd contract and he wants 2 yr deal and we offerd 1 that's why he not in portugal, I just hope mm and dj stop offering crap wages to free agents or will sign no one in portugal, mjr

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We do not need any more midfielders please. If you want a creative midfielder I strongly believe McCabe is excellent and can fit that role perfectly BUT he needs to be developed further by keeping him in the first team DJ please. This young fellow has all the ingredients of high standard of creative midfielder BUT more games he plays the better he will become. We have enough quality and pacy midfielders now and we only need right footed CB and two strikers three of top quality where we may need to spend a bit of money to attract in order to compete successfully in coming times!

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Lets face I folks MM wil not pay the wages, so why have them training with us saying the all looking good and DJ then saying he wil talk to MM as these players could be snapped up by other clubs, talk about waste of time and building hopes up, its all down to money and i'm afraid they will not spend it, this team will go nowhere. Mr. C

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Oh boy negative experts are back wroting complete unfounded tosh as usual.
Diaz was back up to Halen. Halen was always first choice. Coulibay it was not wages it was the fee. They reportedly wanted 3 million euros (that is there figure not ours) he may be a reasonable player that sort of money is daft.
As for Taylor Fletcher he said in his own words not fit enough to play currently, refused game at Scunthorpe. If you have seen pictures of him in Blackpool shirt last season he looks overweight. He has put on a few pounds since then and if I tell you DJ looks more match fit than Taylor Fletcher think you get picture.
Thus if you are a fan which I doubt it is unbelievable how you can write such rediculous clap trap.

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Zayette looked poor against Braga, you have to ask why did Hull release him not what they paid for him.

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Agree we are awash with midfielders and yet we seek more. It is getting annoying now and we still haven't strengthened our strike force.

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I know we are paying 12k a week to some of the players at the club so that is not league 1 wages

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Spoke to a Hull fan
He says Zayatte is an awful player

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What a load of rubbish is posted on here by people who are just trying to wind true loyal supports up. Davis was never offered a contract, my son went to school with Kevin, he told my son that he was talking to us but he said he didn’t fancy to travelling and he wanted a two year deal which he said DJ didn't want to offer but he understood why it wasn't on offer at his age. He also said that he didn't fancy travelling over the Pennies every day and he didn’t want to disrupt his family by moving back here so he decided to stay in Lancashire. Although Kevin was a United supporter his dad is an Owls supporter and his dad wanted him to join us if he could. Diaz was not offered a contract, he came on trail in case the Helan deal fell through, when Helan signed there was no need to sign another left winger. Can’t be sure about Coulibay but I was told that it never got as far as discussing a deal because he was not what DJ was looking for.

Finally the people who say MM should spend money and sign this player or that player on big wages should remember where that got us last time. I for one don't want to go down that road again so get of MM's back and support the club or more likely go and post some of the tosh you post on here on your own clubs web sites.

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Not everyone will agree with me but I don't see why we need a 'right footed cb'? I play at centre back and am comfortable either side of the cb partnership. It's more important in the full back role, but not essential having one of each at cb.

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Don't have a go at the negsperts. I think we should be grateful to them for sharing the benefit of their top class commercial acumen! Something obviously that Milan lacks!

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Different in sunday league mate

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I agree that Sunday league is very different but bottom line is when playing in the centre of the pitch it should not matter if you are a righty or lefty.

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