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17 Jan 2014 20:31:22
Heard about a Canadian Billionaire willing to buy us over and Fryatt is our top transfer priority for this forthcoming week with Wickham being out long-term Priority

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"buy us over "

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{Ed003's Note - You know what he or she means}

It would be nice but can't see it.

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Looked into this and there is not much evidence in this. So I wouldn't wet your knickers over this

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18 Jan 2014 06:02:21
I'm hoping we can get Matty back and maybe just maybe keep hold of Connor till the end of the season and a couple of the other players chipping in with the goals and I think Wednesday will be fine. uto

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Mandaric was spotted in Toronto airport but doesn't mean anything

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I do hope mm sells club soon so that somebody else will invest properly and put us where we belong in the premiership

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Lawrence tanebaum is the man whos held talks with milan but its at early stages and like everything else probably won't come 2 anything. This is the main reason why milan won't appoint stuart gray as manager. If u don't believe me ask milan

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To the "ask Milan" poster above. Is that how you got to know this information or is it just an assumption you have made? Not having a go but would be interested in where your info has come from given that a number of other posters have said there is no truth in this rumour and it's simply regurgitation of a previous rumour from a couple of yeras ago. Cheers.

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17 Jan 2014 10:48:41
Stuart Gray said we missed out on a couple of targets I am told they were Nicky Maynard and John Guidetti. If we had signed either of those would have put a couple of quid on us getting in play offs. Delighted to see we are trying. Says Fryatt still on radar.

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Tying is no good! Clearly not hard enough

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Get real if you were Nicky Maynard and you had a choice of joining Wigan (just come down from the Premiership but still with prem players) or a struggling Wednesday side. No brainer unless you were a Wednesday supporter.

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Agree to above also guidetti has gone to stoke so we didn't stand a chance

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In reply to the above comments if you don't try then you don't get, so if we at least if we try we are in with a chance no matter how small.

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With regards to the signing of players, would it not be better for us if we actually had a full time manager in place. What does it look like to players coming to a club with a temporary manager who may be gone before them. S. G. appear to have built team spirit and effort from the lads, so would it be a sin to appoint him and give him his head to speak to and sign players, and convince them to come as he would be the manager during their time at the club. If there is no solidarity at the top of the tree the problems drift down to the bottom eventually.

Come on we are on the rise and things for the first time for nearly 18 months I am in a very positive mind and I think the players are too.

Come on lads to it for us the thousands of loyal WEDNESDAYITES.

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SG until the end of the season, nothing wrong with that, OGS is only on a rolling contract at Cardiff

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Ogs is on a 12 month rolling contract

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Yeah that's what I said, nothing wrong with that saves MM having to fork out for another Manager on garden leave

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Was it Wichams last game against Burnley, as we play Rochdale Sat in the FA Cup that takes us to the end of the month and Wickhams loan spell

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Wickham's last game is at Millwall

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