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17 Jan 2013 21:13:21
Madine to be loaned out with a view of being sold at end of the season after his court case has been sorted!

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We have the seasoned solicitor to provide the answers....

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Ive heard this rumour a deal is in place with a club for them to buy after his criminal chargers are settled he will go out on loan to this club until end of the season.

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Doubt it

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Yes heard this from madine last week he wants to stay but dj want him out so he can get earnshaw in.

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This is 100% true

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Great Madine out and earnshaw in, this could be another grant holt situation, short term solution, if anybody is to go I would lose ogrady rather than Madine

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O'grady is a much better striker in the championship than Madine. O'gradys work rate and passion is second to none were as Madine puts a shift in when he can be bothered. With a quality championship proven finisher/poacher playing off O'grady we cauld have a excellent strike force.

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Heard its wolves.

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We are not seliing him on loan or transfer after a decent performance against wovles. he will be based on as rotation.

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Madine is useless and is stealing a wage from our club!

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A decent performance against Wolves? Are you having a laugh did you even go to match today? Madine came on for 10 mins in that time he didn't even win a header he is a waste of space. How can you say he put a decent performance in he brought nothing into that game.

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17 Jan 2013 20:16:51
Ben Pringle to sign from Rotherham

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Heard Bothcrap on way back for rest of season. F.....kin hope not

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I see your back talking nonsense

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We need better players

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Ben pringle playing crap for rotherham
so why would we sign him

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Bothcrap got sent back by us so why would we sign him ?

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Think the above is a rumour. Odd that being on here !

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17 Jan 2013 19:57:07
well it looks within 20 mins daniel jones has already started talking to the pigs
source - pub

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Let them ****s have him.

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Eel be driveing coaches for them to exeter and yeovil lol

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Daniel jones signed for port vale until end of season source port vale web site

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I never rated him but when he had a run in team other month I thought he did well and was unlucky to get droped

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Dropped even

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Daniel Jones has signed for Port Vale until June 30th 2013. Vale website reports he will go straight into the squad for the game against Bradford. Shame we didn't offer him as a makeweight for Pope!

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Pope not good enough for this level.

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As to whether Jones was unlucky or not to be dropped : I don't think with our current manager it matters how good you are or how honest your commitment, what matters is if your face fits.

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Good luck daniel jones did not work out at owls

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I saw daniel jones in morrisons on wednesday.he ever said owt

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I mean never said owt!

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Gone to Port Vale !

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Jat seen it on pv website he signed till end of season

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17 Jan 2013 17:40:38
Jones has leftDaniel Jones that is left by mutual concent.

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True an good buy to him, 1 out 1 in ?

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Do you think they will notice if we swap Daniel for Dave

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17 Jan 2013 11:17:02
Schlomi Arbeitmann set to sign, he's a 27 year old Israelean striker

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At least he knows how to score...

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Were do people get all this imfo from whith out any links ?

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So did pecnik but will he be given a real stable long chance like bothroyd etc

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It's been all over twitter ^^

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Soccerbase site sez scored 6 in 12 since 2009...surely not {Ed001's Note - 2 in 10 this season: seems to be a sub for Gent in the main.}

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Show me the link on here please :) xx

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Kaa gent paid 880 000 for him only 2 years ago so we will but he has been out on loan so might get him a bit cheaper if they want to off load him. UTO

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Denied by the club. Agent put name forward but nothing in it.

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Arbeitmann is under contract with Gent so how are we supposed to sign him? He'll come at a cost and money is something that we don't have. He's a regular for Gent so they won't let him come on loan either. Realistic targets are championship players that don't get regular football that will be allowed out on loan to get games under their belt.

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We have money just mm doesn't want to spend it

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Usual piggy BS?

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17 Jan 2013 18:50:41
One out then. Daniel Jones left by mutual consent

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Daniel jones been released ! WOOOOOOOOOO!

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Some will say wrong jones as gone

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Wipeeeeeeeee we got 550 spare a week for a player

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Rob, Mike, and now Daniel gone. Dave next?

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