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17 Feb 2012 22:25:33
Swfc to take michail antonio on loan from reading.

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Any one know who caulker is? All i know bout os sighning not sure though think he a defender. We need a Kenwyne jones not defence! {Ed001's Note - the lad on loan from Spurs to Swansea? If so he is a defender on a season long loan and can't be recalled as a fee was paid for the loan.}

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Thank you ed. That put me at rest althhough i was hpoing he was a winger ohh had my hopes up. Any news on loans then ed? {Ed001's Note - only thing I have heard is that the club have done the usual thing of getting a list of players from the Prem that teams are willing to loan out to League 1. I would expect Megson to sift through it and approaches made either over the weekend or early next week. There is no reason to hang on now, if I am correct, a 93 day loan would take in the play offs if needed wouldn't they?}

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Are they aloud to play in play off finals or is that a form of cup tied? Not sure of rules on that ed? {Ed001's Note - they can play in the play offs, it is counted as league matches.}

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Thank you for that disscusion ed. Hopefully put a few minds at rest. As we both know megson s tacktics are perfect for playoffs if it comes to it!

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We need someone with quality. Someone who CAN fill ben10's boots, not someone like bostock or a lower league punt. A game winner. It's time we put wednesday back where we belong

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You still crying over a player that was never yours in the first place! SHAME

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I smell a piggy

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Don't like to admit it but the piggy is right.. Ben 10 was awesome but we need to move on n forget him..

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Still spunkin over that Marshall bloke ..I thought he was gash

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17 Feb 2012 08:58:25
Milan Mandaric has put the wheels in motion to launch a bid to save Rangers!

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Its true so rangers will be safe, and will be once again screwed? i thought he lost his motivation in football due to the trial case, maybe he meant just englsh football?
who will take over at swfc if mm goes?

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He can run both clubs if he wanted and if he has the funds to do so

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Probably cybil danning and hugh heffner.

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Walt Disney would be a good fit seen as your a Micky Mouse club!

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I wish Blunts would stick to their own page just because they have no news on their DULL club - Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Totally denied it . End of. Uto ftb.

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Mm is sticking and staying in s6! UTO

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No smoke without fire,dave allen coming back?

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75million owed to taxman I don't think So

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