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17 Dec 2012 19:02:35
Tomlin party animal Boyd only plays well wen he wants to so no there not the answer get some proper players in. Neymar would be great if we were real or Barcelona! Chris wood of millwall beckford or dj cambell
For striker crisis

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Dj cambell all the way

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Why do we always look to proven players why not scour the lower leagues, I think CCalvin Zola would do well at our level and score many goals also what about nahki wells

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Matt Ritchie of Swindon

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Tom pope port vale

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Yeah I agree there is loads of quality in the lower divisions praying for the chance at a club like ours

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Play Llera up front, already our top goalscorer ......from a defensive position. Just a thought.

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Llera is out best striker

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Matt Ritchie, Tom Pope, Lee Hughes, Stuart Beavon, Charlie Macdonald, Calvin Zola, Matt Derbyshire, Matt Tubbs, Phil Jevons. All marksmen that score week in week out in the lower leagues that know where the goal is and are financially within our reach. We should go out and grab a couple of the above names as it's obvious that any one of them would score more goals than the strikers that we've got. Mind you saying that, if we did and they proved to be capable no doubt Jones would drop them and stick by good old reliable Bothroyd. Simple answer is a manager that knows how to manage and strikers that know how to score goals. Or is that simply doing what they are meant to be doing and paid so handsomely for?

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A wonderful example of stating the bl**ding obvious, especially last bit, well done mate !
As you are in effect pointing out , its not rocket science is it?
Just some managers have the ability to make it look impossibly difficult. But what do you, me, and the other 25000 fans know?
Nice one!

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Billy Kee

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17 Dec 2012 17:53:39
Neymar to sign in January

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17 Dec 2012 11:51:35
As fans have been on DJ back Mm an him have been plotting moves for January rumour is Lee tomilin, George Boyd, jerome an Helen on permanent deals. There could be a few out as DJ already told Taylor, jones, bennet, jermaine, pecnick they are not in plans, if that is the case who will replace these as bringing only 3 will not be enough?

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Watch for Pecnic & Rodri to make big names when they move on to other clubs, and we scratchin around at bottom of league . MM must have gone mad.

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Last week it was "MM should go", this weeks it's "Pecnik & Rodri". Stuck record.

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Dont you think Pecnik n Rodri should play then?

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Niether pecnik nor rodri are we nead at the moment ! scrapers only ! so that puts these 2 bothroyd sidbie well out of the picture aswell !
for me taylor jj mattock djones and the above should get shown the door !!

Get rid of these players and buy 3 decent players cb cm & cf

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Yeah its a stuck record because we are frustrated with being crap.
We do want jones out but for the strangest reasons he is still in a job.
We also want rori and pecnic to have a game because we are sick of the same old strikers not scoring or even having any clear cut strikes on goal.
Its just the same thing every week and thats why we are saying the same things every week.

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Spot on all the way mate !
Think MM must be a big, big gambler, if nowt changes in New Year, crowds will fall thro floor.
If you payin out you want to think half a chance of a win , or havin a go at least, instead of watchin Bothcrap catch a cold.

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I think "stuck record" thinks theres only one bloke havin a go !!
Its you whats in minority mate, I reckon 3/4 of us want him out now.

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Well I am fairly certain that the 3/4 numpties on this RUMOURS page will not get MM the boot. If you want to prove your monotonous point, grow a set, get out there and do something about it.

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I meant 3/4 of the fans that actually attend the matches , you obviously don't or you would appreciate that point.
Great respect you show your fellow fans BTW.
Whether you agree with an opinion or not they have just as much right as you do to express it , and not seen too much name calling before yours , so another minority club you joined.

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I absolutely, likewise, want DJ out, but Rodri and Pecnik are not the answer to our problems, no matter how many times you go on and on about it.
We need fresh blood and although MM has made errors, lets give him chance to rectify it in January, before you continue to go on and on about him again.

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Always went to the matches before last year but I can't now because I live abroad. However, I feel that you are promoting negatively during an all time low and its just not achieving anything.

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Great respect you show to your club by the way.

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Sorry you cant get to matches, if you could you would appreciate how low things have become so quickly, I have not known anything like it since the dark days of the third division. We were all expecting to consolidate on promotion and not repeat the mistakes made in the past. Hence the frustration that fans are expressing.
As for doing something about it , thats not easy now we have an owner instead of a board.
However, the club will have an IT dept that constantly scan sites like this and it is one way of voicing dissatisfaction with what is happening.

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I do appreciate how low things are. But, I still try to stay upbeat.
It's just as painful for me, if not more so, not being able to go to matches anymore and just staying in the loop by updating BBC sheff wed every painful second on Saturday, reading reports and watching highlights.
However, despite the fact that we have vocal fans expressing deserved opinions it is somewhat annoying when supporters try to find every angle to push their negativity.

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17 Dec 2012 11:00:53
There was a time, not long ago, when I would enjoy reading the rumours page, but now it has become boring. What is now 'rumour', read 'banter'. Please, let's channel our thoughts under the correct heading.

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It's up to the Eds what page each post goes on. But I agree people post some right rubbish on here

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Don,t come on then boring person

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If it was rumours only it would be a very quiet place most of the season.
Maybe most posts arent rumours but i think there are some interesting and sensible comments
better than owlstalk.thats just where people go to argue.

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It used to be brief and interesting posts but there has been a few additions recently who harp on forever trying to prove a point and its become boring.

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I reckon bin some great stuff lately! if you think this is boring av a look on some of other sites, then moan

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But it's boring cos all you guys do is moan about trivial issues and make out you know how to fix these desperate times. It's sad.

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So 7 defeats on trot an bottom of league is trivial ?

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Nope, the triviality is the issues that you guys try to point out like you know how to solve the problem.

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We all know how to solve the biggest problem - sack him !

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Exactly, that is trivial, it is obvious, it is well known. Hi 5.

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If people don't want to hear what the fans of Sheffield Wednesday are thinking then don't come on this site. Yes, granted it is a rumour page but whilst the transfer window is shut there's not too many rumours to talk about. Except who might replace DJ if Milan gets his axe out again!!
WAWAW {Ed003's Note - the problem is sometimes what starts as a rumour gets replies that turn the thread into banter/discussion }

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Fair point Ed, I'll shut up {Ed003's Note - you don't have to shut up lol,anyway whilst I'm on here happy Christmas to all the Owls fans}

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