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17 Aug 2012 20:50:13
just heard we are signing another 2 they are currently having medicals at thornbury

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Harry maguire and quinn

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Barkley - its on Mirror website now & Rodri, supposed to be in S6 at present.

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Maguire a possibility, but utd will not sell until after first home game. Quinn they are trying to give away and failing apparently his current wages are far in excess of what he is worth, hence why no club will take him off their hands.

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Don't want any garbage from S2 thanks.

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Rodri and barkley

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17 Aug 2012 19:21:57
heard that we may be after Ross Barkley from Everton has anyone else heard this?

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Yes, on mirror website tonight. Coming in on loan.

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17 Aug 2012 22:30:10
Ross Barkley to be loaned to Sheffield Wednesday

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Everton fan here, heard we're loaning you barkley and vellios for 3 months, two quality young players help you push for promotion this season

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Lets wait for comfirmation before we get excited and promotion i seriously doubt it

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Nice one Niall. :)

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17 Aug 2012 19:09:31
I seen on twitter that rodri has landed at Manchester airport and is coming for a medical

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Apparently he arrived at hillsborough at 7pm hope its true

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Rodri defo came 2 hillsborough 2day its true hope we can sort out a deal

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Wouldn't get too excited, he's essentially a Spanish 3rd division player - just because he wears a barcelona shirt doesn't mean he's any good...i've seen players from big clubs come on loan a million times before and they very rarely live up to the hype.

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Remember Blondeau?

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17 Aug 2012 17:56:48
Mayor signed 3 year deal on swfc website

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The Mayor?

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17 Aug 2012 13:42:02
Swfc had an undisclosed bid accepted for Danny maynor now dicussing personal terms source - BBC red button

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Swfc sign mayor! on swfc site!

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Signed for the Massive...!!!!

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He's now signed, new number 18

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Signed on a 3 year contract

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Mayor signed

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It's Danny mayor for a start and he's signed a 3 year deal got number 18 shirt and for an undisclosed fee

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He has now signed on official s.w.f.c. site

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17 aug 2012 12:55:17
both nicky weaver and daneil jones could be loaned out to get some 1st team football, eg julian bennett could be on is way out next week but nobody showing a interest him at min

from someone who works for sheff wed

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I dare say anyone with a passing knowledge of Wednesday could come up with this - it's hardly unlikely.

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17 Aug 2012 11:31:27
Danny Baath is in Hillsborough. This is a fact and was witnessed by several swfc fans including me who got him to sign my shirt. He was dressed in casual clothes with two other males both looked young. This doesnt mean we are signing him maybe he was up here for other reasons. But what a signing that would be. Also fits into owlstalk rumours which have been doing the rounds the last 48hrs. Fingers crossed

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Danny is training so he would not be wearing casual clothes at hillsborough. He said on his twitter earlier he's just pulled up to training with a coffee

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I saw him as well, was trying to get him to sign my shirt but couldnt

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Strange he tweeted 5 kind ago how he is loving the training at wolves person

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He said he was on his way into training with a coffee , 4 hours ago at wolves.

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Im a close friend of Baath and it is infact true he was in hillsborough. He is still here

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A close friend who cant spell his name? B A T T H!

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More tripe, MM made it clear we were not interested in him, in nicest possible way. He is an excellent L1 centre half but would be ordinary in Championship. Only geezers who think some who played in L1 are world beaters who never saw Premiership football. So lets have some sense.

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Totally agree with "tripe" poster.
Batth did a good job for us last season (in Lge1) but unless he improves significantly he will never be any better than a very average Champs. player, and we're looking to go further than that.

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But Batth's only about 20. He's probably average now but he'll build as a player and surely has the potential to be Premier League quality within the next six-years. He's building from one league to the next, and slowly getting better.

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After playing at a reasonable level when I was younger, and watching football for nearly 50yrs I like to think I can spot a player.
IMO ? - Yes, Batth will make a good living out of the game, but his physical build will always make him too slow for the very top level.

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17 Aug 2012 11:17:15
Danny Batth is currently at Hillsborough, read in to this what you will?

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Same guy who put rubbish on about Earnshaw last week, same style, same story, must be gormless and need a life.

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