Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive September 16 2011


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16 Sep 2011 21:02:11
Clinton Morrison is set to join MK Dons on a short term loan deal after a disagreement with Gary Megson. David McGoldrick has arrived from Forest as his replacement.

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I wonder what sort of moral Megson is creating. Criticising the team generally is fine but attacking a player open (Reynolds) is wrong. I heard someone say before the players don't like or respect him and I thought it was rubbish. I'm not so sure. Now the Clinton Morrison episode.

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Great a striker with a record of 1 goal every 5.75 games . . . . Not holding out for much. Hope he proves me wrong

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16 Sep 2011 17:14:38
Morrison hasn.t gone anywhere. He,s been kicked out. Because he was one of the players laughing and joking on the coach on way back from stevenage. He wont be the only one as well. Lowe back in training. Just been told by someone at club.

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I am bemused. First GM tells us that there is a "culture of blame" running throughout the club ( which , if correct, means disunity from top to bottom ),then he adds to that disunity by hanging his head in public and effectively saying that the players are not trying for him away from home. Does it not occur to him to wonder why that may be if,indeed it is true? Knows his football all right, but does he know people ? Ironic that he tells the players that if they performed as badly in any other walk of life ,they would be sacked. True enough, but what about applying the same yardstick to himself and his public pronouncements ?
I am a very genuine supporter ( since 1944) so please do not confuse real concern with negativity. I have always and passionately wished the Owls every success possible but look on now with trepidation.
WTID {Ed001's Note - Gary Megson worries me, I remember when he took over at Stockport County from Dave Jones. The very first thing he did was call in a number of players (one being my cousin) to his office and offer them brand new contracts. He hadn't even watched them train at that point! I have yet to speak to a single person, within the game, who rates him as a coach or man-manager. It amazes me he is still getting work to be honest, especially as it was those lengthy contracts, to players he had never seen play, that originally put Stockie in financial difficulties.}

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16 Sep 2011 13:15:05
rumours on Twitter that Clinton Morrison has left? Nothing official yet though

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Rumoured that its MK Dons on loan?

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Heard MK Dons as well, but why them? Letting Beevers and Morrison go to a promotion rival? What is going on? and why the day before a big game that we need a big performance and 3 points from after tuesdays shambles?

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