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16 Nov 2012 17:36:48
i will be happy this saturday 442 formation and bywater in the net :) xxxxx

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Bywater and lines are still a few weeks short of a comeback ! and anyway djs love child is kirkland (doh) . and where is lee ? does he not exsist ?

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UTO we will win at Forest tomorrow and this will spark our season

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This semedo sounds good and i think not needed as yet due to poor results.
if we lose "the fans were magnificent for jose" smokescreen will be in dj comments after the game

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Today is make or break for Madine.

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I agree DJ probably sees it as make or break for Madine if he doesn't score at least two. There is of course a different rule for the chosen one Bothroyd why our Wednesday fans so unreasonable that we expect Bothroyd to score goals? - how stupid.

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Bothroyd day next week against leicester
bring pillows, sleeping bags, mobiles for twitter and all other things for our legend james billy bothroyd

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16 Nov 2012 16:04:32
As an Owls in exile in Manchester am becoming increasingly worried about the goings on at my club.
Can anyone shed any light? I know when Megson left he complained about MM and PA not signing the players he actually wanted but surely that hasnt carried on with DJ there now or has it?
I see people on here posted about DJ comments about Bothroyd, I agree he was a decent player at this level a couple of seasons ago but he hasnt set the word alight with us but he is playing out of position? Why spend money bringing in a striker on loan that has proved he is decent at this level to then play him on the wing? Surely it would be better use the money we paying Bothroyd to bring in a winger to play on the wing?
Just looking at the squad a few things dont add up as well.
Kirkland - Quality keeper and decent signing
Lee - Living in Manchester a few mates of mine are Oldham fans and absolutely raved about this kid and thought he would have gone to a higher rated Championship side than us? So what has happened since we signed him? DJ even played Mattock out of position rather than give him a game? Which brings me onto
Mattock - A young defender with potential, surely was signed as back up to Reda but what has happened to him? Surely giving him a run of games he would prove to be better than the awful Daniel Jones?
Jones - A player who couldnt get near our first team last season, we gone up a division and now DJ picks him regularly? What?
Taylor - Was he a panic buy or DJ actual first choice all summer?
Beevers - Was poor for us but again another that DJ liked to play out of position? Has gone to Millwall and been awesome, like he did for MK Dons last season, have said all along give him a decent run in the side with a fast paced CB alongside him and he will excel, surely a better long term propersition than Taylor?
Pecnic - Was he actually signed by DJ or just a cheap buy by the board but then again the same can be said about
Rodri - Why chase him all summer according to DJ and the fanfare DJ gave him when signed and then not play him? Dont think Barca will be too happy that he not playing?
McCabe & Corry - Great signings with great potential
Personally as good as O'Grady has been this season getting stuck in and putting himself about I think the fact that DJ is trying to fit Barkley into the team is why he has changed the formation? Maybe Moyles said he cant do a job in a 442 and wants us to play in similar formation to Everton so he can see how Barkley would fit back into their squad when he goes back and to make sure we got him DJ agreed to this? I believe the team was better earlier in season when playing 442, yeah we conceeded goals but we were winning games and we need to start picking up points asap and the current formation clearly isnt working at this level.
My other worry is stories that DJ doesnt do much time on training ground and leaves it all to his Assistant which was ok last season when we had Terry Burton but since he gone the team look like a bunch of individuals rather than a team!
Am not saying sack DJ now, I believe and still do he the best manager we had since Big Ron but something needs to change asap and if he was to go there isnt anyone out there who has as much experience at this level as him?

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Well said our Manny Owl !
I agree with every one of your observations and have posted some similar comments myself.
What really surprises me is how quiet MM has gone . I can't believe that his comms man isn't trawling all the blogs & banter sites such as this one daily and feeding info back to him.
If not, why not?
If so , I would have expected him to make a public statement asking for patience from the fans, or if not that take DJ on one side and give him a hard time? The last thing the Chairman would want to do is lose the fans and I think DJ is losing backing with every week that goes by.
Todays snipe at the fans in The Star is either stupidly thoughtless or a two fingered salute to them which can do nothing to help his or the clubs cause.

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The term square pegs in round holes seems to sum up DJ perfectly! Play players in their actually positions!

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Sack him he's useless

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Will never happen milan loves him

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He'll learn !!
We all love somebody that really hurts us at some point in our life and I think DJ is not many matches away from MM realising how he misjudged her, sorry him !

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Kirkland has been average at best, he is too quiet and doesn't organise his defence well enough, Bywater has been ill but is back now, not that Jones would drop Kirkland. None of us could understand not playing Lee, when he did play him he looked very good, and then he got injured and has only just come back. Mattock has been useless when he has played and has cost us goals. Taylor has been very poor, Gardner has looked reasonable. Nobody can understand why Beevers has gone out on loan, he is a real prospect. Corry, and McCabe are players for the future but we need experience in midfield now. Bothroyd has been the worst import of the lot, he played up front in the first games and he was worse than useless, against Wolves their defenders had the easiest day they have ever had. Jones is so blind where Bothroyd is concerned that he is now playing him on the wing to justify him being in the team and to do that he has to play 4-1-4-1. This disrupts the team but Bothroyd is bigger than the team as far as Jones is concerned. Very few fans want Bothroyd in the team but Jones has said that 25,000 loyal Wednesday fans are wrong about him and he is the only quality player in the squad. This is hard for an Owls fan to say but living in Manchester you have a wide choice of teams to support pick anyone of them and you won't be has disappointed as you will be has long as Jones is picking our beloved team.

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Totally agree about Kirkland. one clean sheet in 16 (and against a terrible Ipswich team) says it all really.

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16 Nov 2012 15:52:13
In 1947 I walked to Hillsborough from High Green and back again because I could not afford the match and the bus - every match, hail or shine.For the only time in all the years since then ,DJ had me ashamedly thinking the absolutely unthinkable : that we would lose, just so that MM would be forced to remove the cloud of despair that hangs over Hillsborough. Didn't happen.

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So you honestly believe the current situation at Hillsborough is the worst it has been since 1947? Talk about short memory!

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My memory,young man, is a very long one. I can remember other managers struggling, plenty of them,and in worse positions, but this manager is the ONLY one who has treated players and fans alike with disdain. That is the source of the despair.

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Well said memory man, I go back to Harry Catterick and I feel exactly the same.
This guy is behaving like a spoilt brat , and hes showing no respect for the fans or the club, hes just going to carry on carrying on .
The worst that can happen to him is he gets to go on long , well-paid gardening leave when he gets the sack, and hes enjoyed that twice before in recent years !
Its always the fans who are left to pick up the pieces.

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It is difficult to understand the connection between the original and the second post in this group. The original never said this is the worst position he has known - just that it was the first time that this feeling had occurred. Perhaps a more careful reading before words are put into other people's mouths.

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16 Nov 2012 15:05:53
so were now not getting wickham from sunderland then.. ogrady is injured so nobodys coming to replace him as standby? xxxxx

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16 Nov 2012 09:04:38
Just read in the paper that Wednesday want to sign Zou Bakayogo from us (Tranmere). You can have him he's shocking. Even our own fans boo when his name is called out before games. We got him about 2 years ago for free from Millwall and apparently he was just as bad there. He's clumsy and easily pushed off the ball. Doesn't win headers and is passing is woeful.

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Think this guy is trying to put os off him? haha

Get a life hes coming to the mighty owls.

And if you have seen our Reda you will know we will sign anyone and turn them into superstars

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Hell go perfect with Bothcrap, a matching pair.

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Who's the Reda poster trying to kid, DJ signed about 15 n we got about 2 thro up to now.
Irvine signed Reda n Megson moved him to LB n DJ been looking for reason to drop him ever since he come, like he's doing with Llera now.

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Forget signings, with Lines , Madine and Reda back in , and Bothroyd dropped we'd look a half decent side but DJ got other ideas.

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